The Taunton Shed Gallery

Images taken at Taunton Shed

24th April 1988
Two British Rail Class 08's are pictured stabled on shed at Taunton on the 24th April 1988. No.08576 is seen neared the camera.
(Photo: Taunton Trains Collection)

24th November 1984
The Class 46 was a variation of the Class 45. Structurally they were the same as a Class 44 & 45, but they were fitted with different alternators and traction motors which resulted in a change of Class. BR Blue Class 45 No.46045 is pictured on Taunton Shed on the 24th November 1984. A rare photo indeed, as it's reported by the end of 1984 all of the class had been withdrawn from frontline service. Stephen Cole was able to confirm that the loco was withdrawn a few days later as were the last handful of 46's. It's believed that 46045 had blown up on the 1C09 0635 Bristol - Plymouth making it the last Class 46 passenger working. The loco was the pilot loco on the train (as was common practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays) it should have come off at Exeter to work a ballast from Riverside back to Bristol. This was still a regular duty for Peaks right into 1987. 45 066 working it as late as March 1987.
(Photo: Garry Parsons)

3rd January 1981
BG Blue Class 08 No.08479 is pictured stabled on Taunton Shed on the 3rd January 1981.
(Photo: Paul Clarke)

1st September 1979
BR Blue Class 08's No.08800 and No.08668 stand at Taunton Shed on the 1st September 1979
(Photo: Paul Clarke)

6th May 1978
On the 6th May 1978 workstained BR Blue Class 50 No. 50013 'Agincourt' is seen dumped behind Taunton Station. Clearly the locomotive had suffered a major mechanical failure and was probably waiting for a tow to either Bristol or Plymouth for repair. No.31158 and No.31154 are also pictured in the background.
(Photo: Alan Randle)

11th December 1976
Taken on the 11th December 1976 British Rail Western No. D1071 'Western Renown' is pictured stabled on Taunton Depot. The locomotives cardan shaft snapped 4 days previously whilst working a postal train. She was dumped at Taunton and nameplates were removed.
(Photo: Stephen Burdett)

11th September 1976
Taken on the 11th September 1976 BR Blue Western No. D1022 'Western Sentinel' is pictured stabled on Taunton Shed. This loco had only four months left in traffic before its impending withdrawal at this point.
(Photo: Stephen Burdett)

28th August 1974
BR Blue Class 08 No.08402 is pictured on the 28th August 1974 stabled on Taunton Shed with an unknown Class 25.
(Photo: Paul Clarke)

24th August 1974
BR Blue Western No. D1067 'Western Druid' is seen stabled in Taunton Shed on the 24th August 1974. Two Class 08 shunter's and a Class 25 are also visible. Note also the Class 47 in the Southbound Platform waiting to depart.
(Photo: Paul Clarke)

3rd August 1974
3rd August 1974, BR Blue Western No. D1063 'Western Monitor' stands on Taunton Shed between duties with a pair of Class 08's for company. Western Monitor came into being during May 1963 and operated until April 1976 before being scrapped.
(Photo: Paul Clarke)

27th July 1974
Grubby BR Blue Class 08 No.08668 is pictured standing outside Taunton Shed on the 27th July 1974 inbetween duties.
(Photo: Paul Clarke)

17th July 1974
British Rail Class 08 No.08668 is picturred stabled on Taunton Shed on the 17th July 1974.
(Photo: Paul Clarke)

20th April 1974
BR Blue Class 08 No.08029 (3041) is pictured stabled on Taunton Shed on the 20th April 1974.
(Photo: Paul Clarke)

20th April 1974
On the 20th April 1974, D1061 can be seen stabled in Taunton Shed between duties with an unidentified Class 45 stabled behind. Large amounts of locomotives could often gather at Taunton for servicing and out of course repairs. Western Envoy was released into traffic in April 1963, but was withdrawn in October 1974, just 6 months after this image was recorded.
(Photo: Paul Clarke)

30th September 1972
BR Class 25 No.5202 (renumbered to 25072 in February 1972) is seen stabled at Taunton on the 30th September 1972. The loco remained in Traffic until October 1980 when it was withdrawn from service at Swindon. It was then cut up by November of the same year.
(Photo: Modern Image Slides)

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