The Rail Operations Group (ROG) Gallery

Images of Rail Operations Group (ROG) which have been photographed in the Taunton Area.

19th December 2018
On their second diagram of the week, ROG Class 47s No. 47815 'Lost Boys 68 - 88' and No.47812 haul the second rake of coaches for storage. The 5L46 09:35 Laira - Ely Papworth Sidings passes Broomhay Crossing on Wednesday 20th December 2018 conveying 6344 42513 42070 44037 42289 42287 41140 44023 42118 42069 41004 6340 for storage.
(Photo: Ashley Harris)

19th December 2018
ROG (Rail Operations Group) has been contracted to convey off-lease HST stock away from the southwest for storage pending their future. Working the second set in as many days, Class 47/8 No. 47815 'Lost Boys 68 - 88' and No.47812 approach Cogload Junction running as the 5L46 09:30 Laira - Ely Papworth Sidings on Wednesday 19th December 2018.
(Photo: S A Ginn)

17th December 2018
Rail Operations Group Class 47 No. 47815 'Lost Boys 68 - 88' and No.47812 pass Broomhay Crossing on Monday 17th December while hauling 5L46 09:00 Laria - Ely Paperworth Sidings. The train was conveying redundant HST stock (6344 42507 42099 41128 42272 42060 42573 42197 42061 44020 6340) which is being placed into store pending future use.
(Photo: Shaun Mockridge)

17th December 2018
Rail Operations Group (ROG) No. 47815 'Lost Boys 68 - 88' and No.47812 double-head the 5L46 09:00 Laira to Ely Papworth Sidings through Norton Fiztwarren on Monday 17th December 2018. The Empty Coaching Stock move was to transfer off-lease GWR HST coaching stock for storage, the 47s and two barrier vehicles having travelled down from Leicester L.I.P the previous day.
(Photo: S A Ginn)

16th December 2018
Rail Operations Group (ROG) moved two barrier vehicles from Leicester Depot to Laira on Sunday 16th December in preparation for another transfer of HST stock to Scotland. The 5V84 10:00 Leicester - Laira move was hauled by No.47812 and No. 47815 'Lost Boys 68 - 88' in 'top and tail' formation due to a required reversal. The train was routed via Severn Tunnel Junction where it reversed. In the pouring rain, No.47812 heads south at Banklands with Barriers 6340 and 6344 on tow.
(Photo: Brian Garrett)

5th November 2018
Rail Operations Group Class 47 No.47812 storms the grade towards Whiteball Summit on Monday 5th November 2018 working light engine as 0M59 09:00 Laira - Leicester. The Class 47 had delivered a pair of GWR Power Cars, No.43040 and No.43153 to Laira Depot from refurbishment at Doncaster along with two new sliding door coaches (48131 and 49112), the previous Saturday evening.
(Photo: S A Ginn)

2nd August 2018
Rail Operations Group provided an old stalwart to haul two GWR HST powercars back from overhaul at Doncaster Wabtec on the 2nd August 2018. The 0V84 10:00 Doncaster Works - Laira is pictured passing Banklands with Europhoenix Class 37/7 No.37800 leads powercars No.43170 and No.43189. The Class 37 is another locomotive which has escaped the executioner's torch having spent time in both France and Spain helping built various high-speed TGV routes, its repatriation to the UK has now seen a new lease of life hauling stock movements around the UK with UK Rail Operations (ROG).
(Photo: Paul Wilkins)

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