The Rail Head Treatment Train Gallery

Images of the annual Rail Head Treatment Trains (RHTT) which have been photographed in the Taunton Area.

2nd December 2017
DB Cargo Class 66's No.66127 and No.66027 smoke and spray their way through the village of Creech St Michael on the approaches to Taunton on Saturday 2nd December 2017 working the 3J13 09:07 Westbury - St Blazey via Salisbury.
(Photo: Brian Garrett)

11th November 2017
DB Cargo Class 66's No.66127 and No.66027 pass Norton Fitzwarren on Satruday 11th November workng the Network Rail - Rail Head Treatment Trains (RHTT) as the 3J13 09:07 Westbury - St Blazey.
(Photo: Brian Garrett)

2nd November 2017
EWS liveried Class 66 No.66027 leads classmate No.66074 either end of RHTT wagons 642035 642020. The Rail Head Treatment Train set passed Taunton on the 2nd November 2017 working the daily 3J12 01:21 Par to Westbury.
(Photo: Nathan Williamson)

27th October 2017
As the annual leaf fall season comes towards its conclusion the filthy job of keeping the rail heads clear of leaf mulch will soon come to and end as well. On the 27th October 2017 Class 66 No.66074 leads classmate No.66027 through Allerford working the 3J13 08:50 Westbury - St Blazey RHTT circuit.
(Photo: Thomas Courtney)

25th October 2017
DB Cargo Class 66's No.66027 and No.66074 spent a short period stabled in Platform 1 at Taunton on the 25th October 2017. Having been callled upon to push a stalled heavy freight train up Whiteball Bank the locomotives 3J12 run to Westbury with the Rail Head Treatment Train was cancelled. The pair spent a period in Platform 1 at Taunton prior to dropping back onto their booked return diagram to Par.
(Photo: Paul Clarke)

21st October 2017
DB Cargo Class 66's No.66074 and No.66027 are pictured passing Norton Fitzwarren on the 21st October 2017 working the 3J13 09:51 Westbury to St Blazey via Salisbury daily Rail Head Treatment Train.
(Photo: Phil Izzard)

4th October 2017
A series of driver training runs took place during October to train Colas Tamper Drivers on Class 66's ahead of the RHTT season. These crews will suppliment DB Cargo's own drivers. In a stange turn of events a Freigthliner Class 66 was used for the training trips, providing the rare sight of a single locomotive hauling the Rail Head Treatment Train. On the 4th October 2017 Class 66/9 No. 66957 'Stephenson Locomotive Society 1909-2009' 'Stephenson Locomotive Society' passes Norton Fitzwarren working the 6Z77 09:11 Exeter Riverside to Exeter Riverside via Fairwater Yard and Par.
(Photo: Sclub)

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