The Light Engine Gallery

Images of Light Engine movements which have been photographed in the Taunton Area.

28th May 2018
Colas Rail Freight Class 70 No.70813 passes Norton Fitzwarren light engine working the 0F77 09:52 Westbury - Tavistock Junction.
(Photo: Sclub)

23rd May 2018
Saphos Trains Class 7 No.47501 was employed on route learning duties to Taunton over two days in May ahead of the companies first steam charters. The two-tone green Class 47 is pictured passing Creech St Michael on the 23rd May 2018 working the 0Z47 10:05 Bristol Barton Hill - Taunton light engine move.
(Photo: Simon Harling)

22nd May 2018
Now operated by Saphos Trains, this ex-DRS Type 4 was engaged on route leaning duties on Tuesday 22nd May 2018, in connection with the first charter services to be operated by the company this summer. The Locomotive was built in July 1966 and now carries a version of its original BR Two Tone Green livery. This summer will see the locomotive tune 51 years old. Class 47 No.47501 (D1944) is pictured passing Creech St Michael working the return 0Z48 12:20 Taunton Goods Reception to Bristol Barton Hill operating via Westbury and Bath Spa on the first of two such runs planned for the 22nd & 23rd May 2018.
(Photo: S A Ginn)

26th April 2018
Mass locomotive swaps from those based in Fairwater Yard were once quite commonplace, however these days it's rare to see a locomotive convoy such as this in the Taunton area. On the 26th April 2018 Freightliner Class 66/5 No. 66526 'Driver Steve Dunn (George)' leads classmates No.6656 and No. 66534 'OOCL Express' through Broomhay Crossing (Bathpool) working the 0C84 11:25 Westbury - Fairwater Yard convoy.
(Photo: Simon Harling)

28th February 2018
Freightliner Class 66/5 No.66555 passes Cogload Junction light engine on Wednesday 28th February 2018 while working the 0C17 08:02 Westbury - Fairwater Yard light engine movement. Once at Taunton the locomotive return to Westbury with an empty HOBC ballast portion for loading from the virtual quarry at Westbury.
(Photo: Simon Harling)

15th January 2018
Direct Rail Services sent a silver Chiltern liveried Class 68 No.68011 to Plymouth on the 15th January 2018. The silver light engine passed Taunton at 14:10 working the 0Z63 Crewe Gresty Bridge - Plymouth. The locomotive is booked to collect the second portion of stored Mk3 coaching stock from Laira on the 16th to return it to Crewe.
(Photo: Jeff Treece)

28th December 2017
Direct Rail Services operated a light engine movement between their base at Crewe Gresty Bridge Depot and Plymouth on the 28th December 2017. No. 57303 'Pride of Carlisle' is seen leading No.37059 while working the 0Z63 09:35 Crewe Gresty Bridge - Plymouth diagram. The pair were being positioned in readiness to return a rake of stored Mk3 coaching stock from Laira Depot to Northern Trains on the 29th December. The rake of coaching stock was formerly operated by Virgin Trains (West Coast), painted in similar colours to their Pendolino EMU's. After use with Virgin the stock then found a new home with Anglia Railways until it was surplus to requirements and stored at Laira Depot pending a new operator. The stock will now be used as part of the new loco hauled diagrams with Northern Trains. The locomotives and stock are expected to return north on the 29th December 2017.
(Photo: Brian Garrett)

13th September 2017
Freightliner often provide locomotives for shunting duties at Fairwater Yard for Network Rail as there is no dedicated shunter outbased at the yard. On Wednesday 13th September Frightliner Class 66 No.66560 arrives into Taunton having run light engine from Westbury as 0C66. The locmotive shunted some wagons within the yard before returning at 14:37 to Westbury running light engine once again.
(Photo: Mark Fishlock)

2nd August 2017
Europhoenix Class 37/8 No.37800 made a very rare appearance in Taunton on the 2nd August 2017. The locomotive was used by Rail Operations Group (ROG) for Lorum Route Learning to Plymouth. The locomotive worked from Derby to Taunton (but continued to Plymouth without taking recess at Taunton as timings suggested). Having visited Plymouth the locomotive returned light engine to stable at Taunton overnight before returning to Derby on the 3rd August. 37800 is probably one of the most well traveled Class 37's currently operating on the UK rail network, it has spent time both in France and Spain on contract hire helping to construct various TGV routes in either country. The locomotive was repatriated in 2015 where it was restored and return to traffic for Europhoenix. 37800 is pictured here passing 40 Steps, Taunton.
(Photo: Jeff Treece)

11th July 2017
After its rather damp naming ceremony the Royal Naval Dockyard in Plymouth GBRf Class 66/7 No. 66775 'HMS Argyll F231' returned through Taunton on the 12th July 2017 with it's newly decorated body side including a white ensign and cast ships crest alongside it's new name 'HMS Argyll'. The with pigeons diving for cover the locomotive works light engine through Taunton operating as the 0Z32 15:52 Saltash to Westbury.
(Photo: Nathan Williamson)

10th July 2017
GB Railfreight (GBRf) named one of their Class 66/7 locomotives at HMS Drake in Plymouth's Royal Naval Dockyard on the 11th July. The locomotive No. 66775 'HMS Argyll F231' worked south through Taunton on Monday 10th July having been specially prepared for the event. In pouring rain on Tuesday 11th July the locomotive was named 'HMS Argyll' after the same Frigate which was in dock at the time. The locomotive side number was also changed to read F231 carry the same number as HMS Argyll also carries a White Ensign on both cab sides and a cast ships crest on both sides of cab. Class 66/7 No. 66775 'HMS Argyll F231' is seen passing Cogload Junction on Monday 10th July heading for south towards Plymouth.
(Photo: Robert Latham)

12th June 2017
Freightliner have a limited amount of their Class 66's painted in 'powerhaul' livery. The revised freightliner branding was meant to be a bit of change for the company but it has been very slow in applying it fleet wide. Many of the former Direct Rail Services Class 66/4's do carry the livery. On Monday 12th June 2017 Class 66/4 No.66420 returns light engine (0C73) to Fairwater Yard from Westbury, see passing through Taunton Station
(Photo: Paul Clarke)

29th April 2017
GWR have been transferring powercars between Plymouth and South Wales with some regularity of late. During Saturday 29th April No.43036 returned 'Building a Greater West' liveried powercar No.43146 back to Laira. 43146 being the powercar featured earlier this month on this page with some serious exhaust issues. The 0Z77 09:35 Landore - Laira movement is pictured passing Creech St Michael on the approach to Taunton.
(Photo: Brian Garrett)

24th April 2017
You would probably be correct in thinking anyone wanting to put money on a pair of BR Blue Class 20's passing Taunton during April 2017 could be classed as mad, but where the UK railway scene is concerned then it's probably a fair bet. Monday 24th April 2017 provided the incredible sight of BR Blue Class 20's No.20205 & No.20189 working light engine through Taunton. The 0Z20 09:20 Kidderminster - Okehamtpon operated in order to collect three locomotives from the Dartmoor Railway. The pair are seen passing 40 Steps, Taunton on route south.
(Photo: Chay Farzenah)

8th March 2017
Having only been delivered into Liverpool's Seaforth Docks on the 24th February 2017 from the General Electric works at Eire, Pennsylvania. Class 70/8 No.70812 wasted no time in visiting Taunton. The locomotive operated light engine from Westbury to Tavistock Junction on the 8th March 2017 and is seen here passing through Taunton in pristine condition (with exception to the inevitable paint removal on the buffers!).
(Photo: Paul Clarke)

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