The Cross Country Gallery

Images taken of Cross Country services operating Trains in the Taunton area.

2nd December 2017
Two Cross Country 'Voyagers' No.220022 & No.221141 are pictured passing Creech St Michael on the 2nd December 2017. The pair were operating the 1V48 06:45 Newcastle - Plymouth service for Cross Country.
(Photo: Brian Garrett)

1st December 2017
Cross Country HST set No.43378 and No.43304 pass Cogload Junction on the 1st December 2017 while working the 1S51 12:25 Plymouth - Glasgow service in the low winter sunlight.
(Photo: Brian Garrett)

11th November 2017
Cross Country Voyager No.221122 passes North Fitzwarren on Satruday 11th November 2017 working the 1V47 11:12 Bristol Temple Meads to Paignton service.
(Photo: Brian Garrett)

13th August 2017
Having hired an East Midlands Trains powercar on the 11th August, Cross Country were forced to hire a Virgin Trains powercar for the 12th August 2017 after No.43043 failed in Glasgow. In an ironic combination (Virgin being the former operator of Cross Country) No.43305 teamed up with No.43207 to operate the 1V58 09:00 Glasgow - Penzance diagram. Sunday 13th August saw the set return with the 1D51 12:25 Plymouth - Glasgow, pictured here passing Norton Fitzwarren on the approach to Taunton.
(Photo: Philip Izzard)

11th August 2017
Cross Country hired in a powercar from East Midlands Trains on Friday 11th August 2017 due to the non availability of one of their own powercars. No.43043 joined Cross Country powercar No.43207 to operate the 1V44 06:00 Leeds - Plymouth and 1S51 return to Glasgow. Due to late running the set only made it to Totnes before being terminated and reformed to return to Glasgow. With the colourful powercar leading No.43043 is pictured in Platform 5 at Taunton with the 1S51 to Glasgow.
(Photo: Paul Clarke)

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