The Cogload Farm Gallery

Images taken at Cogload Farm

21st June 2018
Celebrity liveried powercar No. 43185 'Great Western' carries the Intercity Swallow livery rounding the tight bend at Cogload Farm. Having just passed under the Cogload Junction Flyover the powercar leads No.43029 (out of sight) working the 1A85 10:00 Penzance - London Paddington east along the Berks and Hants route on the 21st June 2018.
(Photo: Eddy)

27th May 2018
The Northern Belle dining train paid a brief visit to Taunton on the 27th May 2018. The train which was previously hauled by Direct Rail Services is now in the hands of West Coast Railways. Two Class 57 locomotives operated the train with No.57601 leading the 1Z30 11:05 Bromsgrove - Taunton running via Westbury. The train is pictured passing Cogload Farm on the approach to Cogload Junction.
(Photo: Simon Harling)

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