Class 70 Gallery

Images of Class 70 Locomotives taken in the Taunton Area

14th January 2018
Weekend engineering work in Devon saw a selection of engineers trains returning to Westbury on Sunday 14th January. Class 70 No.70814 leads the 6C31 07:40 Hemerdon - Westbury east bound through Oath with classmate No.70809 trailing on the rear.
(Photo: Sclub)

5th January 2018
Colas Rail Freight Class 70 No.70816 leads class mate No.70813 in top and tail formation through Cogload Junction on Friday 5th January 2018. The mixed load of NLU/JNA's, MLA's, YWA's, IEA's were running as the 6Z29 10:30 Westbury - St Blazey ready for weekend engineering work. However upon arrival at Exeter Riverside Yard the load was split to form two trains. 20 wagons remained in Exeter Riverside Yard with No.70813 while the remaining 11 continued to St.Blazey hauled by No.70816.
(Photo: Adam Snow)

2nd November 2017
Colas Rail Freight Class 70 No.70816 passes 40 Steps, Taunton with 6C36 10:00 Moorswater to Aberthaw cement Thursday 2nd November 2017.
(Photo: S A Ginn)

21st October 2017
Engineering work in the Somerton area on the 21st/22nd October 2017 provided several engineering workings to the Taunton area. On the 21st October 2017, Colas Rail Freight Class 70 No.70808 exits from Fairwater Yard having run round its train. The 6C22 11:18 Fairwater to Westbury via Bristol passes 40 Steps.
(Photo: Phil Izzard)

7th September 2017
Colas Rail Freight Class 70/8 No.70807 operated the weekly cement flow to Moorswater on Wednesday 6th September. The loco is seen here on Thursday 7th September returning to Aberthaw hauling the 6C36 11:38 from Moorswater having been unloaded the previous day.
(Photo: Paul Clarke)

3rd August 2017
Colas Rail Freight Class 70/8 No.70813 operated the Colas Cement flow to Moorswater on the 2nd / 3rd August. The locomotive is seen hauling the 6C36 11:38 Moorswater - Aberthaw passing Bathpool.
(Photo: Tony Christie)

30th July 2017
Colas Rail Freight operated an overnight engineers train into Devon during Saturday 29th July to perform a rail drop on the Dawlish Sea Wall section. Class 70 No.70812 is pictured passing Cogload Junction on Sunday 30th July returning the 6C98 to Westbury from Dawlish Warren.
(Photo: Brian Garrett)

24th May 2017
The 24th May 2017 provided a rare double headed Colas Class 70 working in the South West all be it a rescue mission with Class 70 No.70809 leading brand new Class 70/8 No.70814. The locomotive failed at Exeter Riverside on the 23rd May with an air compressor fault. With the locomotive unable to build air to release the brakes the train was cancelled. The next day Colas sent No.70809 to Exeter to tow the 7C28 Exeter Riverside - Westbury stone empties back to Wiltshire. The pair are seen rolling through the Somerset Levels, with Colas Rail Freight continuing to provide cover for non available crew at DB Cargo.
(Photo: Paul Wilkins)

21st May 2017
Sunday 21st May 2017 provided one of Colas Rail Freights ever increasingly popular Class 70's return from an overnight rail drop in Cornwall. Colas Rail Class 70/8 No.70801 is seen heading towards Ash Bridge at Nynehead, hauling the 6C97 08:50 Par to Westbury CWR train.
(Photo: Simon Harling)

9th April 2017
Sunday 9th April 2017 provided a day of summer sunshine and temperatures providing ideal conditions to record engineers trains returning to Westbury from Bath. This image captured Class 70 No.70806 working the 6C23 15:12 Bristol East Junction to Westbury via Taunton, while Great Western HST No.43168 rounds the curve from London Paddington.
(Photo: Wayne Potter)

9th April 2017
Having just run round in Fairwater Yard at Taunton on the 9th April 2017, Colas Rail Freight Class 70/8 No.70810 hauls a rake of Network Rail Autoballasters north passing Cogload Junction working the 6C27 08:55 Bristol East Junction to Westbury.
(Photo: Darren Harris)

9th April 2017
Newly delivered to Colas Rail Freight, Class 70 No.70811 with load 15 passes West Lyng with 6C25 11:18 Bristol East Junction to Westbury via reversal at Taunton on the 9th April 2017.
(Photo: S A Ginn)

8th April 2017
Looking resplendent in their fresh paint Class 70's No.70811 and No.70813 arrive into Taunton on the 8th April 2017 with the 6C26 11:23 Hinksey Yard to Bristol East Junction via Fairwater Yard. The train conveyed new sleepers to be laid at the worksite near Bath.Just several weeks earlier the two locomotives were on the GE test track in America being prepared after being built. 70817 has been the most recent locomotive to have been seen operating in the USA.
(Photo: Thomas Courtney)

8th April 2017
Saturday 8th April 2017 provided stunning spring day and a procession of trains heading to a weekend blockade between Bristol and Bath. Colas Rail Freight rolled out their newly delivered locos into service. Having been in the country for less than a month Class 70/8 No.70812 passes Bathpool hauling the 6C25 12:27 Westbury - Bristol East Junction running around 20 minutes behind schedule. The train set off a hot axle box detector (which turned out to be hot brakes) at Bruton and was delayed while the train was inspected.
(Photo: Lee Robbins)

8th April 2017
Having been in the country for less than a week. On the 8th April 2017 Colas 'newbies' Class 70 No.70811 and No.70813 teamed up to operate the 6C26 11:23 Hinksey Yard to Bristol East Junction via Taunton loaded with new sleepers. The pair round the classic bend at Cogload Junction nearing Taunton.
(Photo: Brian Garrett)

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