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Images of Class 33 Locomotives taken in the Taunton Area. The Class 33's were built at the Birmingham Railway and Carriage & Wagon works as a Type 3 (mid power range) locomotive. They have become one of the most popular modern traction classes. The class was originally built as a direct replacement for steam on the Southern Region. They were confined to the Southern Region for most of their working life until the 1980's when the Class was given a new lease of life working further afield on the Western Region. The Class was unique in many ways, they were one of the first classes to be built with electric train heating (ETH), they had dual driving controls so the locomotive could be driven from the second man side of the cab. The last 12 of the fleet were also built with a narrower body for use on the Hastings route. Some of the class were also modified to allow 'push pull' mode to be used, modifications included the relocation of multiple working pipes under the cab windows. The Class 33's gained several nicknames which have become common terms when referring to the locomotive type. The Class were built with Crompton & Parkinson electrical equipment so the nickname 'Cromptons' soon stuck. 'Shredders' was also another popular term, so called because of the classic shredding noise made when under power. 'Bagpipes' was applied to the Class 33/1 which was fitted for push pull working, with air pipes located under the cab windows, resembling a set of bagpipes hanging from the locomotive front. 'Slim Jims' was a term given to the 33/2's which were built with the narrower bodies for use on the Hastings route. Taunton saw the majority of the class members pass through its platforms during their operation on the Western Region, their use in pairs on the Meldon stone traffic is perhaps their most memorable accolade. 2010 marks the 50th Birthday of the introduction of the Class 33 having been built in 1960. We have assembled a selection of images which we hope illustrates how versatile the locomotive has been.

6th August 2017
West Coast Railways Class 33 No. 33207 'Jim Martin' made a second appearance at Taunton in a week, by operating the same charter diagram it performed during the last week of July. On the 6th August 2017 the locomotive hauled the 1Z37 08:52 Bristol Temple Meads - Taunton leg of the 'Royal Duchy' charter. At Taunton the Class 33 was removed from the train and replaced by LMS Steam Locomotive No. 46100 'Royal Scot' 'Royal Scot' for the run to Par. Later the Class 33 was called upon to work down to Exeter St Davids as Royal Scot was running low on coal for the return trip. So passengers treated to a mainline run from Exeter with the veteran locomotive. The Class 33 is pictured storming through Creech St Michael on the morning run to Taunton.
(Photo: Brian Garrett)

6th August 2017
The newly opened Taunton NIDR road can afford views into the stabling sidings behind Taunton Station. Sadly the unkept vegetation growth which has infested the site has already started to remove any chance of this angle being used in the near future. Having been removed from the Royal Duchy charter Class 33 No. 33207 'Jim Martin' 'Jim Martin' is pictured stabled for the day at Taunton on the 6th August.
(Photo: Brian Garrett)

30th July 2017
West Coast Railways operated ‘The Royal Duchy' charter from Bristol Temple Meads to Par on Sunday 30th July. In an incredible turn of events the Bristol to Taunton leg was diesel hauled by a single Class 33 locomotive. No. 33207 'Jim Martin' is pictured here passing Cogload Junction before handing over to steam locomotive ‘Royal Scot' at Taunton. The Class 33 spent the day stabled behind Taunton Station before taking over the tour back to Bristol in the evening.
(Photo: Brian Garrett)

24th June 2017
You could be forgiven for thinking your seeing double at Williton Shed on the West Somerset Railway, as the DEPG locomotive overhauls near completion there will soon be two operational Class 33's and two operations Class 35's on the line, all wearing the same locomotive liveries. On the 24th June 2017 Class 33 No.6575 (33057) is seen at Williton on a driver training experience, passing sister locomotive No.6566 (33048) which is due to have its fuel tanks refitted this coming week. Very soon the Crompton Twins will be reunited and could provide some interesting pairings in the future.
(Photo: Thomas Courtney)

24th April 2017
The ensemble of former British Rail 'classics' heads north through Norton Fitzwarren on the 24th April 2017 working the 0Z47 14:00 Okehampton to Kidderminster convoy, with just 47828 slightly out of sync still wearing it's former DRS Blue. The Class 47 was booked to attend the Severn Valley Railway Diesel Gala on the 17th-20th May where it was repainted int Intercity Swallow livery in time for the event.
(Photo: Chay Farzenah)

18th July 1984
BR Blue Class 33 No.33060 passes Taunton on the evening on the 18th July 1984 while working a loaded ballast train. The working most probably originated from Meldon Quarry and was heading for Westbury.
(Photo: Paul Clarke)

18th July 1984
BR Blue Class 33 No.33010 departs from Taunton passing Taunton East Junction (Obridge) with a four coach evening stopping service on the 18th July 1984
(Photo: Paul Clarke)

Having arrvived with a passenger service from Bristol Temple Meads, BR Blue Class 33 No.33008 runs round its train at the east end of Taunton Station preparing to return to Bristol.
(Photo: Malcon S Trigg)

BR Blue Class 33 No.33008 arrives into Taunton on a sunny afternoon in 1986 operating a Cardiff to Taunton stopping service.
(Photo: Malcom S Trigg)

BR Blue Class 33 No.33203 passe Staplegrove Road while working a south bound petroleum service on an unknown date.
(Photo: Taunton Trains Collection)

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