Class 22 Gallery

The British Rail Class 22 was a class of Diesel Hydraulic Locomotives which were design for the Western Region of BR by the North British Locomotive Company. The Class was built and delivered between 1959 and 1962. They were short lived, they suffered from engine problems in the early years, although many were returned to NBL for contract repair their reliability improved over time with their L12V18/21A power units producing 1000 HP. By 1961 British Rail also had the more powerful Hymeks and Warships operational and the Class 22s were moved down the pecking order onto lighter duties and local branches. Their use in the Taunton area was mainline on light local passenger work such as trains to Barnstaple, or local pickup freights such as Milk Trains from Torrington and Hemyock. Their main downfall came with the collapse of the North British Locomotive Company in 1962. The Class survived until 1972. In a twist of fate one locomotive was saved and purchased for preservation (No.D6319) but was cut up at Swindon before the buyer could retrieve the locomotive. This gallery features Class 22 Locomotives taken in the Taunton Area

On an unknown date Class 52 Western No. D1039 'Western King' is seen stabled on Taunton Shed adjacent to Class 22 No.D6318
(Photo: Kevin Auger)

BR Class 22 No.D6313 is picutred stabled on Taunton Shed between duties in 1968.
(Photo: Kevin Auger)

An Unidentified Class 22 (displaying the headcode 2C77) stands at Taunton in the early 1960's. The canopy on the was in the process of being stripped in this image which shows the exposed Victorian steelwork frames.
(Photo: Taunton Trains Collection)

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