Class 166 Gallery

Images of Class 166 Diesel Multiple Units taken in the Taunton Area

8th April 2018
The driver gives a friendly wave and toot to local children on the bridge at Creech St Michael on Sunday 8th April 2018 as it passes through the village. The GWR Class 166 No.166206 was nearing the end of its journey while working the 2C71 09:46 Severn Beach - Taunton stopping service.
(Photo: Brian Garrett)

8th April 2018
GWR Class 166 No.166206 passes through Creech St Michael on Sunday 8th March 2018 passing the Spring daffodils which appear to be holding the rampant un-kept undergrowth at bay. It would be wonderful to see the clean 1960's style grass embankments back in the village but brambles and buddleia seem to be the only two horticultural items which Network Rail are able to grow on the modern network. The Class 166 was operating the 2M38 11:36 Taunton - Bristol Temple Meads stopping service.
(Photo: Brian Garrett)

25th February 2018
While many of the Class 166's which have migrated to the South West are in GWR Green a couple still remain in First Great Western blue with pink doors. One such memeber of the Class is No.166202 which is pictured here on the 25th February 2018 passing Bathpool while arriving with the 2T33 10:04 Cheltenham Spa - Taunton stopping service.
(Photo: Sclub)

11th February 2018
GWR Class 166 Turbo No.166216 passes Creech St Michael on Sunday 11th February 2018 operating the 2C71 10:24 Bristol Temple Meads - Taunton stopping service.
(Photo: Brian Garrett)

6th February 2018
Having arrived with the 18:00 service from Cardiff Central GWR Class 166 No.166219 stands at Platfrom 2 at Taunton ready to depart with the 2E30 20:35 Taunton to Gloucester stopping service.
(Photo: Nathan Williamson)

23rd January 2018
Wearing former Firstgroup colours Class 166 No.166207 passes Durston near Cogload Junction on the 17th February 2018 while working the 9U22 14:57 Taunton - Newport stopping service. Even with Winter vegetation the extent of tree growth in the background completely obscures Cogload Junction from view.
(Photo: Simon Harling)

5th January 2018
With GWR Turbo units now well established on the Cardiff to Taunton services Class 166 No.166208 is pictured shortly after departure from Taunton whilst working the 9U16 12:04 Taunton - Cardiff Central on Friday 5th January 2018.
(Photo: Stephen A.Ginn)

5th January 2018
Former Thames Turbo Class 166 No.166208 is pictured at Cogload Junction on Friday 5th January while working the 9C71 10:00 Cardiff Central - Taunton stopping diagram. The introduction of the three car sets on this route has provided a welcome capacity increase on the route. While some services were previously strengthened from two car sets to three and four cars, the constant fixed three car formation of the Class 166 provides a good capacity increase for passengers using the regular services between Taunton, Bristol and Cardiff.
(Photo: Adam Snow)

2nd December 2017
GWR Class 166 No.166208 passes Creech St Michael working the 9U16 12:07 Taunton - Cardiff Central stopping service on the 2nd December 2017.
(Photo: Brian Garrett)

25th November 2017
GWR Class 166 No.166210 stands at Taunton Station on the 25th November 2017 having arrived as the 9C89 19:00 Cardiff Central - Taunton service. Having closed its doors to the last exiting passengers the unit then changed platforms ready to return to Cardiff.
(Photo: Nathan Williamson)

19th November 2017
GWR Class 166 No.166210 passes Cogload Junction on Sunday 19th November 2017 while working the 2M57 13:34 Taunton - Bristol Temple Meads stopping service.
(Photo: Simon Harling)

2nd November 2017
Class 166 former 'Thames Turbos' are now in public service and a regular service between Taunton and Cardiff. On the 2nd November after early moring fog had lifted GWR Class 166 No.166216 arrives into Taunton having crossed over under 40 steps arriving into Platform 4 ready to work the 2D06 08:36 Taunton to Bristol Parkway stopping service.
(Photo: Nathan Williamson)

13th September 2017
Former Thames Turbos are continuing their occasional training runs to Taunton ahead of their full deployment on the Taunton - Cardiff corridor. On Wednesday 13th September 2017 Class 166 No.166205 stands at Taunton having arrived into Platform 2 as the 5Z60 09:00 from St Philips Marsh depot. The unit later performed another return trip to Taunton.
(Photo: Mark Fishlock)

14th August 2017
Driver and crew training continued using Class 166's cascaded from the Thames Valley Routes ahead of their introudction onto locol passenger diagrams in the Taunton area. On Monday 14th August 2017 Class 166 No. 166204 'Norman Topsom MBE' operated the 5Z60 09:11 St Philips Marsh to Taunton diagram, it's pictured here passing Creech St Michael running 49 minutes behind booked schedule. The unit later returned with the 10:38 departure back to Bristol Temple Meads.
(Photo: Brian Garrett)

11th August 2017
GWR Green liveried Class 166 No.166214 took part in more GWR training runs between Bristol and Taunton ahead of their introduction on stopping services between Taunton and Cardiff. The unit is pictured in Platform 3 at Taunton prior to departing with the 5Z61 10:38 to Bristol Temple Meads.
(Photo: Paul Clarke)

31st July 2017
Monday 31st July 2017 saw the arrival of cascaded Class 166 Turbo's from the Thames Valley Route on test. The three car sets are due to be deployed on Cardiff -Taunton stopping diagrams. The Class 166 Turbo's were built at ABB York between 1992 and 1993 and are 25 years old. They are also fitted with high density 3+2 seating on account of their work on the Thames Valley commuter belt into London. These units will soon start to replace the current fleet of Class 150's and 158's (themselves 30 years old). Four return test runs were carried out between Bristol and Taunton during the day. Class 166 No.166205 is seen paused at Taunton after the arrival of the 5Z60 09:11 from St Philips Marsh Depot.
(Photo: 50009 Neptune)

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