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Images taken of British Rail - BR Blue services operating Trains in the Taunton area.

16th September 2017
Saturday 16th September 2017 provided the return of two former British Rail Class 50’s to Somerset and Devon working Pathfinder Tours ‘The Torbay and Dart Explorer’ railtour from Worcester Shrub Hill through to Kingswear. The first leg of the charter from Burton on Trent to Wocester having been hauled by DB Cargo Class 66 No.66129. The Class 50’s returned to their former 1980’s stomping ground bringing the sound of two English Electric 16 CSVT engines working hard as they passed through the area. The pair were clocked running at over 100mph in several locations during their journey. The Fifty Fund which now cares for six of the Class at their Kidderminster base, provided No. 50007 'Hercules' ‘Hercules’ and No. 50049 'Defiance' ‘Defiance’ for day trip to the English Riviera. Exiting from Somerset into Devon the pair of English Electric locomotives haul the Torbay and Dart Explorer out of Whiteball Tunnel with their almost complete rake of British Rail Blue/Grey coaching stock.
(Photo: S A Ginn)

14th June 2017
BR Blue Class 50 No. 50007 'Hercules' 'Hurcules' and Large Logo No. 50049 'Defiance' 'Defiance' haul the pair of visiting Class 20's from the West Somerset Railway back to The Midland Railway centre. The group of colourful locomotives was captured passing Charlton Bridge near Cogload Junction on the 14th June 2017.
(Photo: Tony Christie)

12th March 2003
On the 12th March 2003 BR Blue Class 46 No.46035 rounds the bend at Creech St Michael hauling the 1Z66 Crewe - Newton Abbot. The loco was working a charter South to allow steam locomotive No. 5029 'Nunney Castle' Nunney Castle to then work north. 46035 was owned by Pete Waterman and often appeared on charters in the South West. Sadly this was one of the locomotives last operational runs before it was removed from mainline service pending a major overhaul.
(Photo: Brian Garrett)

29th March 1988
BR Blue Class 33 No.33029 is pictured at Taunton on the 29th March 1988. The loco was propelling coaches from 16:14 from Bristol Temple Meads. Having arrived into Platform 2 the loco then moved stock into Platform 5 before running around the stock to form the 17:40 stopper back to Bristol Temple Meads. Two resident Class 08s were also visible on the right of this image, No's.08576 & 08954.
(Photo: Guy Vincent)

1st December 1987
On an unspecified date, BR Blue Class 45 No. 45144 'Royal Signals' (D55) stands at Taunton having arrived with one of the many evening Bristol - Taunton stopping services. 45144 'Royal Signals' lasted in front line service until December 1987 when it was withdrawn, it was later cut up at Vic Berry in 1988.
(Photo: Jeff Treece)

11th October 1986
BR Blue Class 47 No.47284 stands in the centre road at Taunton ready to depart back to Bristol Temple Meads with RTC Test Car 6 and a rake of HAA coal hoppers in tow on the 11th October 1986.
(Photo: Dave Bower)

27th September 1986
BR Blue Class 47 No.47418 departs from Taunton on the 27th September 1986 passing 40 Steps. Situated around the departing train is the track rationalization and removal from 1986 period.
(Photo: Taunton Trains Collection)

26th July 1986
BR Blue Class 45 No.45139 departs from Taunton paasing 40 Steps on the 26th July 1986 hauling the 08:29 Nottingham - Paignton service.
(Photo: Jeff Treece)

27th April 1986
British Rail knew exactly how to execute engineering works. On the 27th April 1986 Driver Des Alderton shunts on 08839 while Guard Bill Longman (left) strolls up the platform to meet the train. Notice that there are even seacows located in the bay platform, and the Class 47 on the adjacent through road. Network Rail would never think of using a Class 08 for engineering works these days. But in the British Rail era it was quite common to utilise local small shunting locomotives!
(Photo: Steve Awford)

16th March 1986
Driver Lional Cox & Guard Fred Thresher are both photographed on BR Blue Class 47 No.47472 at Cogload Junction. The Class 47 had been working on a local engineering train during Sunday the 16th March 1986.
(Photo: Steve Awford)

17th November 1985
On the 17th November 1985 Class 47 No.47157 (which at the time had been transferred to Cardiff Canton from Eastfield Depot, in Scotland) is seen shunting with Driver Mike Stone stood in the door of the locomotive. Mike was a Taunton based driver until he transferred to Exeter when Taunton closed.
(Photo: Gary Stone)

7th November 1985
On the 7th November 1985 Driver Mac Troup is seen in Fairwater Yard on BR Blue Class 47 No.47323
(Photo: Steve Awford)

12th September 1985
12th September 1985 this chance meeting of three trains at Taunton East Junction provided a superb shot. BR Class 45 No.45070 enters Taunton with ballast empties for Meldon Quarry while 45033 exits with a mixed 'speedlink' freight service. Passing them both are 43177 and 43181 heading for London Paddington.
(Photo: Russell Elliot)

5th September 1985
BBR Blue Class 45 No. 45112 'Royal Army Ordnance Corps' passes through Taunton Station with a rake of chocolate and cream Mk1 coaches on what is thought to be stock positioning move between Bristol and Plymouth in preparation for a GWR150 charter from Plymouth to Penzance the next day using Steam Locomotive No.7029. Therefore we have currently dated this image as the 5th September 1985.
(Photo: David Tozer)

25th August 1985
Having arrived into Taunton with the 12:00 Bristol Temple Meads - Taunton stopping service on the 22nd August 1985, BR Blue Class 33 No.33061 runs back into Taunton Station ready to form the 14:35 service to Weston-super-Mare.
(Photo: Gavin Morrison)

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