11th September 2009
September 11th 2009 provided a chance to view the Royal Train passing Taunton with the Prince of Wales on board. The Royal Train worked South overnight before spending the early hours in Hackney Yard (Newton Abbot). During the morning it worked back to Exeter disembarking Prince Charles for his four royal appointments. Royal Locomotive No.67005 and is seen leading he 1Z27 Exeter St Davids to London at Norton Fitzwarren catching the evening glint as it passes with No.67006 on the rear of the train.
(Photo: Brian Garrett)

15th September 2004
An EWS liveried Class 67 had a very rare outing on the Royal Train on the 15th September 2004. No.67005 delivered HRH The Prince of Wales, to Cornwall where he opened phase one of the regeneration of Harvey's Foundry, Hayle. His Royal Highness later visited the Peninsular Medical School and met staff and student at the Royal Hospital, Cornwall. The Prince of Wales, and Duke of Cornwall, also visited the Newquay Development area. No.67002 is pictured returning the empty Royal Train to Wolverton.
(Photo: Eddy)

13th November 2015
Royal Locomotives No.67006 and No,67005 top & tail the Royal Train running as 1Z50 12:30 Plymouth - Wolverton. The train was running emty when pictured passing Creech St Michael on Friday 13th November 2015. The consist had transported the 94 year old Duke of Edinburgh to Plymouth where he made a rare official vivit to the Royal Marines at Devonport to officially open a new stores complex.
(Photo: S A Ginn)

20th March 2015
HRH Queen Elizabeth II passed through Taunton during the early hours of the 20th March 2015 heading to Plymouth where she rededicated HMS Ocean at the Royal Navy Dockyard after a £65m refit. The train operated overnight from London Euston to Plymouth recessing on the Heathfield Branch (Newton Abbot) until it was time for the train depart for Plymouth. The empty set is pictured passing 40 Steps, working between Plymouth and Wolverton Works formed of top and tail Class 67's. No.67005 and No.67026. The Silver Class 67 was painted by DB Schenker in a special livery to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee.
(Photo: Chay Farzenah)

1st November 2002
Royal Class 47 No.47798 made a rare solo outing to Minehead on the West Somerset Railway on the 1st November 2002. The train conveyed HRH The Duke of Edinburgh to Minehead for onward engagements by car. Having run round the stock at Minehead the Locomotive is pictured passing Taunton returning to Wolverton Works.
(Photo: Chris Perkins)

1st November 2002
Royal Class 47 No.47798 'Prince William' conveyed HRH The Duke of Edinburgh to Minehead on the 1st November 2002. The Royal locomotive is pictured paused at Dunster before making the last leg through to Minehead. The train was conducted over the route by WSR volunteer Trevor Barnett.
(Photo: Brian Garrett)

20th April 1988
Brunswick Green Class 47 No.47500 passes between Cogload Junction and Durston on the 20th April 1988 hauling the Royal Train. The locomotive was conveying Prince Charles back from Penzance after a visit to the Scilly Isles and unusually had used the Royal Train in both directions.
(Photo: Brian Dean)

10th May 2018
Having carried out a snow plough test for Network Rail the previous day the pair of Direct Rail Services Class 37s stabled in the sidings behind Platform 1 at Taunton. No.37218 and No.37259 are pictured during the early morning sunlight on the 10th May 2018 before departing from Taunton later in the day to return to Crewe. The latest reincarnation of DRS livery seen on No.37218 really suits the class. comported to the older generation livery carried by No.37259
(Photo: Thomas Courtney)

9th May 2018
Too late the snow was in March! Thursday 9th May 2018 was full of excitement when a pair of Direct Rail Services Class 37's operated light engine overnight from their base at Crewe Gresty Bridge to Fairwater Yard. No.37218 and No.37259 arrived at 06:11 before collecting both of the Network Rail Snow Ploughs from Fairwater Yard (ZZA ADB 965231 & ZZA ADB 965209). The two veteran locomotives then formed the 7Z15 10:15 Fairwater Yard - Fairwater Yard via Highbridge Loop with the drift ploughs formed at either end of the locomotives. The annual snow plough test certainly raised a few eyebrows passing through the platforms at Taunton Station. The pair are pictured here passing Cogload Junction while working outbound to Highbridge in search of snow!
(Photo: Sclub)

5th May 2018
DEPG Class 33 No.D6566 (33048) made its return to passenger traffic sooner than advertised on Saturday 5th May. The locomotive had originally been booked to be operating trains the Diesel Diagram on May 5th however an want to re-launch the locomotive into passenger traffic at the 2018 Diesel Gala weekend in June saw it swapped for Class 35 Hymek No.D7017. D7017 operated the 11:15 Bishops Lydeard - Minehead and 13:15 return from Minehead but ran into trouble at Blue Anchor unable to take power. The locomotive managed to get back to Williton where the Class 33 had been prepped ready to work the remaining service to Bishops Lydeard. Making a welcome and impromptu return to passenger service No.D6566 is pictured here passing Woolsten Moor while working the late running 14:15 Bishops Lydeard - Minehead service.
(Photo: Thomas Courtney)

29th April 2018
Sunday 29th April 2018 saw Colas Rail Freight return a long welded rail train back from an overnight rail drop on the Barnstaple Branch. Class 70/8 No.70807 leads the 6C97 09:00 Crediton - Westbury up Whiteball with Class 66/8 No.66846 trailing on the rear of the set.
(Photo: Simon Harling)

28th April 2018
DB Cargo Belmond Pullman liveried Class 67s No.67024 and No.67021 haul the British Belmond Pullman up Whiteball Bank towards Whiteball Tunnel on Saturday 28th April 2018. The pair hauled the 1Z79 08:44 Penzance - Bishops Lydeard to Taunton where No.67024 ran round the train before hauling the train onto the West Somerset Railway.
(Photo: Brian Garrett)

26th April 2018
The Network Rail Class 150/1 converted Sprinter numbered No.950001 was in the West Country for a series of track recording trips on the week commencing 23rd April. The specially converted unit which was built in 1987 is one of the most advanced track recording units in the United Kingdom and travels to far flung parts of the UK rail network each week. The unit is pictured passing Norton Fitzwarren working the 2Q08 04:16 Truro Yard - Derby RTC diagram on Thursday 26th April 2018.
(Photo: Sclub)

25th February 2001
EWS Class 37/4s No. 37415 and No. 37419 makes a rare appearance in Creech St Michael on the 25th February 2001 working the 7W15 Exeter - Westbury loaded ballast.
(Photo: Brian Garrett)

21st April 2018
Direct Rail Services Class 57/3 No. 57306 'Her Majesty's Railway ' provides a tow for the failed No. 57605 'Totnes Castle' following the cancellation of the previous nights sleeper service at Newton Abbot. The 5A40 07:10 Newton Abbot - Reading Traincare Depot was captured passing Cogload at 08:07 on the 21st April 2018.
(Photo: Adam Snow)

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