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GWR operated a 'West Somerset Awayday' charter on the 19th June, GWR liveried Class 150/2 No.150247 crossing over to the WSR working the 2Z19 11:17 Taunton to Bishops Lydeard and onwards to Minehead and is pictured passing Norton Fitzwarren. (PHoto: Chay Farzaneh)
Two former top link Class 47/8's revisited their old stomping ground on the 18th June, when Rail Operations Group (ROG) used Class 47/8's No.47848 'Titan Star' & No.47815 to haul a rake of refurbished Great Western Railway MK3 coaches working 5V47 05:05  Kilmarnock (Barclay Sidings) to Laira T&R.S.M.D. The pair are seen passing 40 Steps, Taunton. (Photo: Chay Farzaneh)

GBRf also visited the West Somerset Railway on the 18th, but only hauling an empty stock movement, GB Railfreight's newly re engineered Class 73/9's No.73961 'Alison' and No.73964 'Jeanette' led an empty coaching stock move from the 'GBRF Staff Special' tour which ran from Ashford International to Weston-Super-Mare. The 5Z62 12:30 Weston-super-Mare to Bishops Lydeard is seen passing Norton Fitzwarren onto the WSR. (Photo: Chay Farzaneh)

The 18th June saw two tours and a total of four Class 47's pass through Taunton in one day, BR Green Class 47/7 No.47773 and West Coast Railways No.47327 led 'The Whistling Ghost IV' rail tour working 1Z73 08:04 Tyseley Steam Trust to Bishops Lydeard, on the West Somerset Railway. The Class 47's were then swapped for 2 steam locos at Bishops Lydeard to continue the journey to Minehead. The colourful pair are seen passing through the ever changing scene at Norton Fitzwarren. (Photo: Chay Farzaneh)
Colas Rail Freight sent a light engine Class 60 into Devon on the 17th June. Colas liveried Class 60 No.60047 runs light engine through Taunton working 0Z76 Hinksey Sidings to Exeter Riverside, in order to take the RailVac to Devonport on the evening of the 18th. (Photo: Chay Farzaneh)
Despite having been operated by Freightliner Heavy Haul for some time now former DRS liveried Class 66/4 still carries its old operator livery. On the 17th June No.66419 passes through Taunton with a High Ballast Output Cleaning (HOBC) train approaching Fairwater Yard working 6C73 from Westbury Down T.C. via Bath Spa. (Photo: Chay Farzaneh)
The 13th June 2016 saw Network Rail MPV No.DR98958 & DR98908 head south into Cornwall to start the annual weed killing services. The MPV is seen on the approach to Taunton Station working the 6Z50 12:40 Reading Triangle Sidings to St Blazey.  (Photo: Chay Farzaneh)
West Coast Railways Class 47 No.47245 remained stabled in the tamper sidings behind Platform 1 on the 11th June, the locomotive is pictured on this date at Taunton. (Photo: Robert Latham)
To celebrate the 90th Birthday of HRH The Queen, GWR turned out a splendid vinyl wrap onto former 'Glorious Devon' powercar No.43027. The powercar was prepared at Laira depot and worked north on the 1A85 11:00 Penzance - Paddington service. Sporting the '90 Glorious Years' artwork, No.43027 is seen arriving into Taunton on the 11th June. (Photo: Chay Farzenah)


GWR have also released a Youtube Video showing how they wrapped the powercar at Laira depot in time for it to work the 11:00 service from Penzance on the 11th June.


'The Dartmouth Express' bought steam to Taunton on the 11th June, with SR Pacific No.34046 'Braunton' (Operating as No.34052 'Lord Dowding') operating the train. The steam locomotive arrived from Southall with its support coach to await the West Coast Railways diesel hauled leg of the tour to arrive from Woking. The locomotive is seen at Taunton shortly before departing to Kingswear with the 1Z82 06:35 from Woking. (Photo: Chay Farzenah)
West Coast Railways Class 47 No.47245 led the diesel leg of the charter from Woking and was supposed to have been detached and return to Westbury. However the locomotive suffered traction issues and was dragged off by Braunton and placed in Taunton Loco Sidings. (Photo: Chay Farzenah)
With its nameplate already in position, Colas Rail Freight Class 56 descends over Cogload Junction on Thursday 9th June working the 0V40 Washwood Heath - Minehead in preparation for its naming during the West Somerset Railway Mixed Traffic weekend. Upon arrival the loco was stabled on the turntable at Minehead and will remain in position until late Saturday afternoon when it works its first train of the weekend.Timetables and further details can also be found on the DEPG Website (Photo: Paul Wilkins)
Colas Rail Freight Class 56 No.56302 will be attending and will be named at this weekends West Somerset Railway 'Mixed Traffic Weekend' The Class 56 will be named at Minehead Station on Saturday 11 June as part of the 70th anniversary of of Peco Ltd. The Class 56 joins GBRF Class 66 No.66757 'West Somersert Railway' and the DEPG home fleet and various steam locmotives for the weekend. Further details of the event and free timetable downloads can be found on the WSR website.
Direct Rail services used a pair of Class 68's to operate the Northern Belle into Cornwall on the 4th June, No.68016 'Fearless' and No.68017 'Hornet' are pictured passing 40 Steps, Taunton in top and tail formation while operating the 1Z31 Swindon - Par. The Pullman Style service featured a day out to the Eden Project in Cornwall. (Photo Chay Farzaneh)
Network Rail's Measurement Train visited Taunton three times in one day on the 3rd June. Powercars No.43013 & No.43014 operated from London Paddington to Paignton in the morning, before returning north with the 1Z18 Paignton to Taunton via Bristol Temple Meads arriving back at Taunton at 18:47 then departing at 18:57 to London Paddington. The set is see departing at Taunton East Junction from Obridge. (Photo: Chay Farzaneh)
The early bird always catch the worm, or in this case Colas Class 37's. At 07:02 on the 3rd June, Class 37 No.37116 passes Norton Fitzwarren with the over night Network Rail test train from Penzanze. The 3Z91 22:41 (Thurs) Penzance - Bristol Temple Meads (via St Ives) was hauled by former 'Sister Dora' heading north. (Photo: Phil Izzard)
Surprise visitor to the Taunton area on the 3rd June 2016 was DB Schenker liveried Class 60 No.60100. The locomotive operated the 6C28 loaded stone to Exeter Riverside Yard. This was the last train of the current contract and the locomotive is seen passing Broomhay Crossing near Bathpool with the 7C28 return empties from Exeter Riverside Yard. (Photo: Lee Robbins)
Please do not adjust your router, this is still TauntonTrains. We start June with this image of the former Taunton 'avoider' bridge chained down to a trailer, while parked on the former Taunton avoider track bed, parked under 40 Steps! On the 2nd June the two side sections from the previously dismantled railway bridge were being prepared for road transport ready for refurbishment. The sides will then rejoin a new bridge frame once complete. Former cattle haulage Scania R480, AY09CWG is pictured ready to leave 40 Steps. (Photo: Phil Izzard)
Colas Rail Freight operated the Long Welded Rail Train into Cornwall on the evening of the 1st June. Class 66/8 No.66848 powers through Norton Fitzwarren with the 6C97 17:31 Westbury - Burngullow (via Penzance). (Photo: Phil Izzard)



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