The 31st August 2016 once again saw DB Cargo unable to provide crew for the Riverside Stone contract. To cover the diagram a locomotive and crew were hired from Colas Rail Freight. Colas deployed its Turkish built Class 70 No.70801 (70099) to operate the service on behalf of DB Cargo. The flying Turkey is see passing through Taunton at 13:00 with a rake of new JNA's on 6C28 13:45 Riverside to Whatley. (Photo: Nathan Williasmon)


More Class 47 Sulzer action was on offer in the Taunton area on Sunday 28th August when the DEPG Class 47 No.D1661 (47840) was used on the Yellow Timetable Diesel Diagram on the West Somerset Railway. The two tone green Class 47 is now showing more hints of its BR Blue past livery with its current paintwork beginning to degrade. It's now been 9 years since the locomotive arrived on the line and entered the care of the DEPG at Williton. No.D1661 'North Star' arrives into Platform 1 at Bishops Lydeard ready to depart with the 11:45 to service to Minehead. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Recreating a 'what if' scene from the past, Class 47 No.1661 'North Star' passes through Williton Station while running round its train. The loco arrives at Williton working the 13:20 from Minehead before returning to Minehead with the 14:15 departure. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
The Duchess of Sutherland was back in action on her South West holiday during Sunday 28th August, the LMS Pacific worked 'The Royal Duchy' between Bristol Temple Meads and Plymouth. Although the locomotive was turned on the St Blazey turntable during it's last outing it's tolerances were a little on the snug side, so the supporting role of 47580 'County of Essex' was enlisted to work the Plymouth - Par - Plymouth leg of the trip. No.46233 'Duchess of Sutherland' is seen on the approach to Bathpool the 1Z37 08:48 from Bristol Temple Meads before its booked stop at Taunton. (Photo:Robert Latham)
Following closely behind was another south west holidaymaker in the shape of No.47580 'County of Essex'. The locomotive shadowed the train from Bristol before taking over the haulage duties at Plymouth. The 0Z37 09:39 Bristol Temple Meads to Plymouth is seen on the approach to Bathpool. (Photo: Robert Latham)
Having passed through Taunton and made the climb to Whiteball Tunnel, LMS Coronation Class 8P No.46233 exits the tunnel at Whiteball between the showers entering Devon with 'The Royal Duchy'. (Photo: S A Ginn)


On Tuesday 23rd August 'The Cathedrals Express' was hauled by LMSR No.6201 'Princess Elizabeth'. The locomotive is pictured crossing the Somerset Levels at speed with 1Z46 London Victoria to Bishops Lydeard & Minehead. West Coast Railways Class 47 No.47580, attached to the rear of the train later worked the charter whilst it is on WSR metals. (Photo: S A Ginn)
Tuesday 23rd August provided more LMS traction in the South West. LMS Pacific 4-6-0 No.6201 'Princess Elizabeth' powered the 1Z46 08:42 London Victoria to Minehead charter for Steam Dreams 'The Cathedrals Express'. The locomotive only operated the train to Norton Fitzwarren where the locomotive was removed for servicing. Riding on the rear of the train was popular Class 47 No.47580 which was then added to the front for the run to Minehead and back to Bishops Lydeard. No.6201 is pictured passing the former Taunton Cider works at Norton Fitzwarren. (Photo: Chay Farzanah)
'The Cathedrals Express' passes along the coastline between Blue Anchor and Dunster at Kerr Moor. The previous week Class 47 No.47580 'County of Essex' made it's first visit to Bishops Lydeard, the 23rd August saw the locomotive make it all the way to Minehead. (Photo: Shaun Mockridge)
The return tour to London Victoria saw LMS Steam Locomotive back in charge of the train, with Class 47 No.47580 'County of Essex' riding on the back of the 1Z48 16:15 Minehead to Clapham Junction. The original destination was to be London Victoria but a fault with the train saw the tour terminated at Clapham Junction. During the brief stop at Taunton the locomotive is pictured with the Churches of St James and St Mary Magdalene in the background. (Photo: Martin Duff)


The veteran Class 47's still do sterling work on the UK national network, and although most are not in frontline service, many are still used on stock moves, and day charters. Saturday 20th August returned for former Cross Country Class 47's back to their former South West stomping ground. Nenta Railtours operated 'The Plymouth Invader' charter from Norwich to Plymouth. Sadly Class 47 No.47851 failed shortly after leaving Norwich, so classmate No.47854 'Diamond Jubilee' was sent to the front of the train. The pair are seen passing Creech St Michael hauling the 1Z68 04:50 Norwich to Plymouth (Photo: Shaun Mockridge)
Having invaded Plymouth, Class 47/8 No.47854 lead the train with failed No.47815 remaining on the rear of the set. No.47854 is seen at Taunton arriving with the 1Z70 17:07 Plymouth to Norwich charter. (Photo: Paul Clarke)


GWR Green Class 43 powercar No.43187 once again escaped it's normal GWR Green Set LA15 on the 15th August. The powercar was to be found with a FGW Blue HST partnering No.43131 on the rear. No.43187 was leading 1A08 05:09 Plymouth to Paddington which was captured calling at Taunton for it's booked 14 minute stop 06:40 - 06:54 to allow a Voyager to overtake.(Photo: Nathan Williamson)


The Wiveliscombe Model Railway will be commemorating 50 yrs since Wiveliscombe Station, (and the Taunton to Barnstaple Railway Line Closed in 1966), during the Wiveliscombe Horticultural Society Flower Show on Saturday 20th August. The event is held at Kingsmead School, Wiveliscombe. Doors open at 14:00 and in addition to our Model Railway, this year with help from we have put together a large display of Old Photo's, Stories, and information relating to Wiveliscombe, Taunton and other stations on the line, before and after it closed. The Flower Show also hosts lots of other attractions for all the family including the Classis Cars, Bouncy Castle, Refreshments and other competitions.


With passengers having enjoyed a trip to the Somerset coastline, they were propelled back to London Paddington by Class 47 No.47580 'County of Essex'. The locomotive (complete with classic Class 47 exhaust) passes along the Somerset Levels at Oath working the 1Z48 17:15 Minehead - Paddington service passing a Plymouth bound HST. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Having been serviced at Bishops Lydeard and turned on the Norton Fitzwarren Triangle, the LMS Jubilee made a return to Southall with its support coach in tow. No.45699 'Galatea' is pictured passing Bathpool with the return 5Z69 from Bishops Lydeard. (Photo: Lee Robins)
Saturday 13th August provided the first ever visit of LMS Jubilee No.45699 'Galatea' to Taunton. The locomotive was used by The Railway Touring Company on their 'West Somerset Express' charter to Minehead from London Paddington. The locomotive arrived onto the West Somerset Railway at Norton Fitzwarren at 12:40 with the 1Z46 08:08 from London Paddington. Once on the WSR the locomotive was removed for servicing (as it would later return to Southall on it's own), and the train was taken forward by BR 7F No.53808. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
An alternative view of The West Somerset Railway Express crossing onto the West Somerset Railway at Norton Fitzwarren is also featured here. Ex-LMSR 'Jubilee' Class 4-6-0 No.46599 'Galatea' with West Coast 47580 'County of Essex' trailing at the rear crosses both the 'Down' & Up' mains from the 'Down Relief' to gain access to the West Somerset Railway. (Photo: S A Ginn)
Riding on the back of the charter was popular heritage Class 47 No.47580 'County of Essex'. This was also the first visit of the locomotive to the West Somerset Railway. 47580 was also removed from the train at Bishops Lydeard but later operated the tour back to London from Bishops Lydeard. (Photo: Brian Garrett)


Ex-LMS Coronation Class No.46233 'Duchess of Sutherland' passes Cogload Junction on Monday August 8th 2016 whilst working 5Z46 10:10 Bishops Lydeard to Southall WCR light engine move having worked the 'ROYAL DUCHY' tour from Taunton to Par the previous day. The substantial church and village of North Curry can be clearly seen in the distant background of the Somerset Levels (Photo: S A Ginn)
Saturday 6th August provided a glorious weekend of colourful workings. First to arrive in the Summer sunshine was GWR powercar No.43172 'Harry Patch' decorated in the stunning remembrance scheme. The powercar is pictured passing Creech St Michael leading the 1C83 12:35 Paddington - Paignton service. Not far behind was LMS Pacific No.46233 'Duchess of Sutherland'. The locomotive operated the 5Z46 09:23 Southall to Bishops Lydeard in preparation for The Royal Duchy charter on the Sunday. The loco also recessed in the sidings behind Taunton Station until the early evening when it was able to gain access to the West Somerset Railway. The loco is pictured passing Creech St Michael on route to Taunton. (Photos: Brian Garrett)
Sunday 7th August saw British Rail liveried powercar No.43002 'Sir Kenneth Grange' lead the 1A77 08:39 Exeter - Paddington service through Taunton. The powercar is seen passing the village of Creech St Michael heading for London Paddington. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
The Royal Duchy provided a mixed of traction for enthusiasts on Sunday 7th August. The leg between Bristol Temple Meads and Taunton was handled by West Coast Railways Class 57/3 No.57316, the tour is seen passing Creech St Michael operating as the 1Z37 08:48 Bristol Temple Meads to Par. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Having attached the LMS Pacific at Taunton, No.46233 'Duchess of Sutherland' gathers pace as it leaves Taunton passing Fairwater Yard with a nine coach consist hauling the 1Z37 08:48 Bristol Temple Meads to Par. (Photo: S A Ginn)
Once at Taunton the Class 57/3 was removed and stabled in the sidings behind Taunton Station. The LMS Pacific No.46233 'Duchess of Sutherland' was then added to the front of the train, having been serviced on the West Somerset Railway overnight. The rare visit of an LMS locomotive of this size and stature to the south west (combined with the use of 60163 'Tornado on the Torbay Express') sent many enthusiasts to the line side to view both steam locomotives passing through the Taunton area. The Duchess of Sutherland is seen making the climb to Whiteball. (Photo: Dave Elliot)
Not content with providing cover for absent DB Schenker locomotives, Colas Rail Freight also scooped a brand new rake of wagons for the Exeter Riverside stone flow on the 4th August. Here Class 70/8 No.70808 powers past Fairwater Yard with the return 7C28 Exeter Riverside - Westbury stone empties with the brand new rake of JNA 705500's in tow. The new wagons only arrived in the UK on the 13th July 2016 and were built in Romania by Astra Rail (Photo: Chay Farzenah)


2016 WSR Diesel Haulage

After a feast of Diesel Haulage between the 10th and 12th June on the West Somerset Railway there is still the chance to catch a ride behind classic British Railways traction before the end of the year. The 2016 season still features some Diesel operation over the length of the West Somerset Railway. The DEPG home fleet (based at Williton) are booked to operate various services throughout the summer. A one Day Rover ticket on the West Somerset Railway for the 2015 season costs £19.00 but if you book in advance you can get this ticket for £17.10.

The 2016 Diesel Diagram has been altered which means you must now check the 'Yellow' or 'Green' timetable for your day of travel,

Class 47 D1661 (47840) "North Star"
Saturday 10th September 2016
Class 33 D6575 (33057)
Sunday 11th September 2016
Class 35 'Hymek' D7017
Saturdday 12th September 2016
Class 52 D1010 'Western Campaigner'
Sunday 17th September 2016
Class 35 'Hymek' D7017
Saturday 24th September 2016



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