While not strictly in the Taunton area Taunton Trains is pleased to be able to help David Williams advertise a offer a day of unique photography in the South West!.

David is well known for his Heritage Bus and Railway photographic charters and is able to offer a day at the picturesque Lynton & Barnstaple Railway using one of the locomotives currently based on the line, Maffei-built 0-4-0 Well Tank Sid , built in 1925, on a short goods train. The loco spent its working life in Germany until the mid-1960s, and was then purchased by an American enthusiast and spent two decades in the USA. It was purchased for use on the Risten-Lakviks Railway in Sweden and was eventually restored to working order at the Frovi Machine & Estate Light Railway Museum in Sweden. It arrived in England in 2006, working initially at Hollycombe, and was purchased by members of the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway in 2007; it is expected to leave the line for pastures new during 2012. We will start as early as we can, around 8 a.m. and run until around 3 p.m. as that is the optimum time for the light on the re-opened section; the café should also be open.

Interested parties should contact David direct on to enquire about the event.


The booked week of Network Rail test train movements in the South West was thrown into chaos on the 28th February with a rare double locomotive failure. The 1Q13 test train (using DRS Class 37's No.259 & 611) ran into problems at Tiverton Junction with 37611 expiring. The set was then taken back to Exeter by 37259 where the loco ran round to run the set through to Derby for a loco swap. However 37259 only managed it as far at Bristol before it also died and rolled into the centre road at Bristol. Rescue loco 37602 (at Derby) was also declared a failure, and Network Rail are now making arrangements for the set to be picked up from Bristol by one of their own Class 31's. 37259 and 611 are seen passing 40 Steps. (Photo: Jeff Treece)
Nocturnal activities are often not covered in the Winter months, however on the 22nd February Network Rail Class 31 No.31285 was recorded at Taunton while working the 1Q06 Radio Survey train from Kingsland Road (Bristol) to Laira. The loco is seen paused at Taunton before continuing South into Devon on it's late night duties. (Photo: Phil Izzard)
We turn the clock back even further tonight with a shot of Class 52 Western No.D1072 'Western Glory'. On a very wet 12th February 1976 the Western Class locomotive is seen at Taunton taking its booked stop while hauling the 14:40 from Penzance to Paddington. (Photo: Peter Townsend) (Flickr)
With Platform 2 closed this weekend to trains, we thought we would turn the clock back a little to the 18th January 1995. Here 43139 catches the low afternoon Winter sunlight at the South end of Taunton Station. 43025 was partnering 43139 on this occasion, the pair were working the 13:35 from London Paddington through to Penzance.(Photo: Bernard Mills)


Freightliner Heavy Haul's unique liveried 66522 is again operating from Fairwater Yard in Taunton. The locomotives paintwork is looking rather tired and weather worn, it's carried this livery for nearly 8 years. On the 15th February 2012, 66522 arrives back into Taunton at Bathpool with the 6C73 loaded HOBC ballast from Westbury. (Photo: Mike Rowland)
To say that 66522 is 'not very clean' is probably an understatement. The recent winter weather has clearly taken its toll on the colorful locomotive. While some wash facilities exist at Fairwater Yard, the chances of a full blown bubble bath are very much lacking for this loco. Hopefully crews may find the time at least remove the cosmetic grime which has clearly built up on the loco (Photo: Wayne Potter)
On Friday 10th February 43055 came back to the South West on the rear of the 1V50 from Edinburgh to Plymouth before leading it's final service train North with the 1E63 15:23 Plymouth - Leeds. It's seen here at Taunton with 1E63. (Photo: Phil Izzard). A video of 43055 at Plymouth and Taunton can be found here on Youtube. (Video: Nathan Williamson)
East Midlands Trains colours returned to the Taunton area on both the 9th and 10th of February covering for further Cross Country powercars which were out of service. On the 9th February 2012, 43055 approaches Taunton with the 1S55 12:51 Plymouth - Glasgow service, providing the rare site of a EMT Powercar in the South West. An equally rare site would have been an EMT powercar on the blocks at Glasgow when it arrived later that day. (Photo: Jeff Treece)
Members of staff from First Great Western visited the West Somerset Railway on Saturday 4th February hosted by the DEPG. Office and back -room staff of train managers, incident controllers, planners attended the day and were given a behind the scenes look at the railway. Two special trains operated by DEPG Diesels ran between Williton and Minehead. The Warship & Hymek together with a 20T Toad Brakevan gave staff the chance to enjoy the heritage diesels. In the afternoon rides in the Sentinel shunter were given in the south yard at Williton. At the end of the day the FGW staff all praised the DEPG and the WSR for organising the event and all went home chilly but contented! (Photo and Report: Jon Tooke)
Colas Rail Freight provided 66850 for their South West timer trip on the 31st Jan/ 1st Feb. Having loaded with logs at Teigngrace Crossing (near Newton Abbot) 66850 is seen climbing the grade to Whiteball Tunnel before passing into Somerset. The 6Z51 catches the evening glint on route to Chirk with the lengthy rake of converted wagons. (Photo: Wayne Potter)

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