As Autumn marches on so do the relentless program of Rail Head Treatment Trains which operate all over the UK. While other parts of the UK have been treated to Class 20's, Class 37s and Class 67's the South West has again used pairs of DB Schenker Class 66's. 66199 and 006 are based at St Blazey and pass Taunton twice daily Monday - Saturday. On the 29th October 66199 passes Creech St Michael on route to St Blazey from Westbury. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Sadly there was no sun for the Double Steam event at Taunton on Saturday 22nd October. 6024 'King Edward I' teamed up with 70013 'Oliver Cromwell' for a turbo charged run between Bristol Temple Meads and Plymouth. 'The Devonian' originated from Pool but was hauled by West Coast Railways Class 47 No.47760 as far as Bristol. From here the pair of steam locomotives took over for the out and back run to Plymouth. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Autumn is most defiantly here with leaves now falling and changing colour. On Saturday 22nd October 66598 exits Fairwater Yard in fantastic Autumnal lighting, with a rare Saturday daylight appearance. The loco was working the 6Z86 09:50 Fairwater - Fairwater via Westbury and Bristol in order to turn the assortment equipment in tow. (Photo: Brian Garrett)


By popular demand we wind the block back 23 years to the 10th December 1988 and the visit of a Welsh interloper on a Bristol - Taunton stopping service. 37430 'Cwmbran' is seen here reversing stock back into the 'UP' platform having arrived on the downside (then Platform 1). 37430 then detached from the train and ran around the stock in preparation to head back to Bristol. Ironically the loco actually lasted until 2008 when it was scrapped at EMR at Kingsbury. (Photo: Jeff Treece)


Exactly 7 years ago the traction scene at Taunton was very different to the modern diet of Voyagers and Class 66's! On the 17th Ocotber 2004 the RHTT circuit was in the hands of Class 37's!! 37675 and 37896 prepare to depart Taunton with the RHTT on the 6Z21 Bristol Barton Hill - Bristol Barton Hill via Taunton. Both locos subsequently went into sotre but met their maker and were scrapped at the end of 2010. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
The very next weekend an additional 'celebrity' Class 37 dropped onto the Sunday night RHTT turn from Barton Hill. 37174 teamed up with 37896 to work the 6Z21 Bristol Barton Hill - Bristol Barton Hill via Taunton. It's seen here ready to depart back to Bristol having arrived only minutes before hand. (Photo: Brian Garrett)



We have recently been contacted by Adrian Vaughan who thought Taunton Trains viewers may be able to help with this image. Little is known about it. It's thought the location my be near Wellington, where clearly a Class 35 'Hymek' had derailed. Some interesting questions and been raised which we hope those viewing the image may be able to help with. This unique image also captures a period on the railways which would make most modern health and safety officials cringe. An open running line next to a derailed train and no hi vis vests being two immediate observations!

Can you answer these queries regarding the above image:

1) Who are the officials stood on the line side in front of the locomotive?

2) What is the train passing the Hymek, with lots of heads out the windows could it be a special of some sort? Certainly 'wrong line' running had been employed in order to pass the stricken loco.

3) Does anyone have records of the event, loco ID, date or the incident?

If you can help Adrian with his query, please contact TAUNTONTRAINS direct.



West Somerset Railway: Autumn Steam Gala

The West Somerset Railway's Autumn Steam Gala turned into a bit of a Summer Extravaganza between the 29th September and 3rd October, with rare mini Autumn heat wave gripping the UK, the line enjoyed souring temperatures and clear blue skies. The unprecedented heat provided the chance for families to head out and enjoy the superb weather, while the West Somerset Railways basked in the weather which should have been present during some of the previous galas from earlier in the year. Sadly Nunney Castle had to be removed from the event after a failed lubricator was found on the loco, diagrams had to be quickly adjusted to ensure the loco could be written out of the timetables.

With an impressive sky above, a small group of photographers recorded 3850 in BR Black passing along Ker Moor at Blue Anchor on Saturday 1st October. The loco was hauling a mixed rake of stock on the 11:00 from Bishops Lydeard to Minehead. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Also bathed in sunshine was this rather quirky combination, Southern Region 4-6-2 'Manston' (from the Swanage Railway) and Great North Railway N2 No.1744 (from the Great Central and known as 'Chuffley') accelerate away from Blue Anchor hauling the 12:00 from Bishops Lydeard to Minehead. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
BR (Southern Region) rebuilt bullied pacific No.34046 'Braunton' was on display at the S&D Museum at Washford for people to visit. It also made an interesting addition for photos of passing trains. The loco is still currently undergoing work to prepare the loco for future mainline running and continues to appear on WSR service trains. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Another dashed hope to have Great Western Hall No.6960 'Ravingham Hall' ready for the Autumn Gala. The loco was at least semi complete and able to be displayed to the public at Williton, rather than being hidden within the West Somerset Restoration Shed. It will certainly be nice to see a Hall working back on the line, after an extensive overhaul at Williton. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
In stunning clear afternoon light recently overhauled Manor No.7828 'Odney Manor' gently passes Woolsten Moor with the 15:00 from Bishops Lydeard to Minehead. The Autumn colours clearly evident on the Quantock Hills beyond. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
In a timeless scene, GWR Prairie Tank No.5542 quietly passes Longlands Farm with the 15:50 Norton Fitzwarren to Bishops Lydeard. This was the final run of the Autocoach for the Saturday, and provided an authentic branch line scene as the train passes the Autumn Trees of 40 Commando at Norton Fitzwarren Camp. (Photo: Alexander Martin-Brown)
Southern Region 4-6-2 No.34070 'Manston' takes the down grade at Watersmeet as the loco approaches Bishops Lydeard with the 15:00 from Minehead. (Photo: Alexander Martin-Brown)
The Dinmore Manor Locomotive groups 2-8-0 No.3850 looked superb in BR Black and ran several service trains along the length of the WSR over the gala weekend. 3850 climbs the grade at Nornvis Bridge hauling the 17:00 from Bishops Lydeard to Minehead in the last of the low Autumnal sun. (Photo: Alexander Martin-Brown).
The WSR's own 2-6-0 creation was also hauling trains along the line and is seen at Nornvis Bridge having just departed from Crowcombe Heathfield with the 16:00 from Minehead to Bishops Lydeard. (Photo: Alexander Martin-Brown)
Don't forget our Weebly Website has also been updated with more photos from the West Somerset Railway and other Railway events from Taunton and around the UK. Why not also have a look at 83B Photographic.



Spitfire Railtours have announced their annual charter from Taunton which will run on November 5th. 'The Jorvic Growler III' continues to build on the success of previous charters starting from Taunton, we are pleased to see that Spitfire see Taunton as a good base to start tours from. This year the current destination is York only which gives a four hour break to view the city or explore at your own leisure. Traction is booked for two Class 37's from Direct Rail Services which will depart Taunton around 05:45 on Saturday November 5th, and if booked in advance will be as little as £59.50. Further details can be found on the Spitfire Railtours Website, and a booking form can be downloaded via this link (Booking Form).

(UPDATE) 21-09-11

Spitfire Railtours have revised parts to The Jorvic Growler III charter which are as follows:

Friday 14th October

The Positioning Growler

Preston - Taunton (arr 16:15)
Saturday 15th October The Jorvic Growler III Taunton (05:45)- York (11:15)
Saturday 15th October (Mini Tour) York (11:30) - TBC - York (15:30)
Saturday 15th October The Jorvic Grolwer III York (16:15) - Taunton (22:40)

Further details can be found on the Spitfire Railtours Website, and a booking form can be downloaded via this link (Booking Form).


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