Freightliner Heavy Haul currently have 66419 in hire from Direct Rail Services to cover a short fall in traction from it's own fleet....which is a tad ironic considering a healthy chunk of Freightliners UK fleet was exported for work in Poland!. Direct Rail Services 66419 makes a nice colour change at 40 Steps on the 30th November returning into Taunton with the loaded HOBC portion on the 6C73 from Westbury. (Photo: Alexander Martin-Brown)
After their a considerable period working in Devon and the South West, First Great Western finally returned their remaining Class 142 'Donkeys' back to Northern Rail on the 30th November. While the Class may have been seen as a step backwards when they first arrived in Exeter, they have served the traveling public well. FGW even organized a 'Farewell Railtour' for them on Sunday 27th November visiting branches in the Devon area. 142030 is seen leading 142001 working the 5Z42 Exeter Depot to Newton Heath passing 40 Steps. (Photo: Alexander Martin-Brown)
Nemesis Rail locomotives returned North of the 30th November to Burton on Trent. 47375 lead the consist with 56302 tucked inside, the pair hauled the 14 previously stored wagons out of Cornwall. It's thought they will be re commissioned at Burton on Trent perhaps in connections with increased china clay traffic from Europe. The colourful combination is seen passing 40 Steps on the approach to Taunton. (Photo: Alexander Martin-Brown)
Shortly after passing Taunton the former Tinsley Class 47 No.47375 and 56302 (originally 56124) pass Hyde Lane Crossing near Bathpool on route to Burton on Trent with Silver Bullets from storage in Burngullow (Photo: Mike Rowland)
We welcome Steve Yarde back to the front page with this photo of two rare visitors to the Taunton area. 47375 (Ex Advenza) and 56302 (Ex Fastline) now both operated by Nemesis Rail, operated a light engine move from Burton on Trent to Par on the 28th November. They are seen here passing Creech St Michael. The pair will to collect a rake of stored China Clay tanks at Burngullow on Wednesday and take them back to the Nemesis Depot at Burton on Trent. (Photo: Steve Yarde)
Taunton has seen two rare workings over two days this week. The first was the Bescot Breakdown Train heading to Exeter in order to rerail 66111. A photos of the derailment can be found here. The second rare working was the Bristol Barton Hill snow ploughs out on test!! In the small hours of the 22nd November ADB965209, 66088, 66008 and ADB965231are seen in Platform 3 at Taunton prearing to depart for Bristol. (Photo: Andy)
As the mild Autumn weather progresses slowly, so does the plastering of the South West Rail Heat Treatment Train. The set has had a loco change in recent weeks (not that we would notice as one Class 66 looks like any others) 66199 remains on the South end while 66006 has now been replaced with 66139. On the 19th November 2011, 66199 passes Norton Fitzwarren with the Saturdays 3S13 returning to St Blazey from Westbury. (Photo: Brian Garrett)


It's not often you can photograph at Crowcombe in the dead of night during November, but thanks to a joint EMPRS & David Williams photographic charter on the 12th November, Crowcombe Heathfield became the setting for the second diesel night shoot to be held on the line. The Station was specially lit for an evenings photography, and used the DEPG Class 52 Western No.D1010 'Western Campaigner' (currently running as D1035 'Western Yeoman') and a rake of heritage wagons. Photographers paid to attend the photographic evening which started at 18:00 end ended at 22:00. Various scenes were set up throughout the evening with refreshments provided from volunteers from Crowcombe Station. The evening went very well and was blessed by positively tropical weather for a November night, it was also somewhat different to arrive at the station to hear owls hooting and bats flying through the station area!

The DEPG Class 33 No. D6566 (33048) was also came to Crowcombe with the Western to assist with shunting as required. Although it was kept out of sight for most of the night, there was an opportunity to also capture this loco in one scene before the Western dropped back onto the front of the train to return to Minehead double headed. We would like to extend our thanks to the EMPRS, David Williams, WSR volunteers and DEPG for another unique event!

Part of the pleasure of attending a photogrphic charter is the ability to be creative, and improve your own photography. However while a camera (regardless of how good it is) will only let you do so much. To experiment further images need to be 'post processed' using editing software. Below are 4 such images created using various techniques to give a wholy different finished image.


As the leaf fall season progresses so does the relentless battle of leaf mulch by Network Rail. 66199 and 66006 are still gainfully employed on daily RHTT work in the South West, operating from St Blazey. The train passes Taunton around 07:00 heading North and 12:30 South each weekday with the exception of Sundays. The filthy pair of locomotives are seen passing Cogload Jn with the 3S13 to St Blazey on the 12th November. (Photo: Brian Garrett)


First Great Western and the West Somerset Railway are teaming up to offer a Pre Christmas shopping excursion from Minehead to Bristol and Cardiff on the 10th December. Using a Class 150 from the FGW fleet tickets will be limited to 100.

The special service is due to depart Minehead at 08:40 picking up at all principle WSR stations on route (with the exception of Doniford Halt) before heading onto the mainline arriving at Bristol 11:12, and Cardiff 12:16. The return charter will leave Cardiff at 16:00 and Bristol 16:43, before arriving back to Bishops Lydeard at 18:20 and Minehead 19:35.

Tickets are limited and can be booked by contacting the West Somerset Railway


On the 5th November 37685 leads 37676 away from Taunton with 'The Jorvic Growler III' having managed to arrive back 25 minutes ahead of schedule. (Video: Rob Sherwood) On the 6th November 37676 leads 37685 into Taunton with 'The Positioning Growler' returning to Preston from Exeter via Oxford. (Video: Brian Garrett)


Spitfire Railtours operated their 'Jorvic Growler III' charter on Saturday 5th November, Friday and Sunday were also used for positioning tours between Exeter and Preston. Having visited York the previous day on a 580 mile round trip, 37676 and 37685 hauled the final 'Positioning Growler' from Exeter to Preston on Sunday 6th November. The West Coast pairing are seen arriving into Taunton for their booked stop. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Having climbed Whiteball from Exeter, 37676 and 37685 speed through Longforth Farm near Wellington on route to their first stop at Taunton. The Jorvic Growler III had been subject to various changes to its route since it was first announced by Spitfire, however the final charters operated without incident or delay (in fact the return charter from York arrived into Taunton 25 minutes ahead of schedule). (Photo: John White)
Perhaps the last ever Class 142 which will enter Platform 1 at Taunton. With the recent cascade of London Midland Class 150's to First Great Western, very shortly these 'busses on wheels' will be returned from FGW to Northern Rail. 142063 was found stabled in Platform 1 on Saturday 5th November (presumably returning to Exeter from maintenance work at St Phillips Marsh). The Class 142's (Donkey's) popularity with staff and enthusiasts has lead to a 'Farewell Tour' being orgnaised for November 27th visiting various branches in Devon. (Photo: Brian Garrett)

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