Earlier in the year we presented a set of images from the late Reg Jones which had been supplied to Taunton Trains, charting the early years of the West Somerset Railway. Since then we've been supplied with a further batch of superb images from the same period. These have now been added to our WSR Early Years page on in the Memories section of Taunton Trains. This should provide something to view in between the Christmas festivities.


Taunton is currently witnessing a colour explosion with the recent cascade of units from Cento/ London Midland. 150216 has recently been formed back into a two car unit following many years being part of a three car set. On the 20th December 150216 and 150104 (both in former Central Trains livery) are seen at Taunton ready to work the 2M76 22:45 Taunton - Bristol Temple Meads stopping service. (Photo: Alexander Martin-Brown)
Colas Railfreight started their new flow of timber traffic from the South West on Monday December 5th. The movement of logs from the former Heathfield Branch (Newton Abbot) has provided a new and viable contact flow of logs from Teigngrace Crossing. The empty wagons (from Gloucester) ran a day early (perhaps for loading trials at Teigngrace). The loaded train should then head north on Wednesday afternoon. 66847 is seen passing Bathpool in stunning light, with the 6Z50 from Gloucester to Heathfield. (Photo: Brian Pibworth)
A second image of the train passing Taunton was captured at 40 Steps. The striking and colourful Colas Railfreight locomotive looks brand new, but is in fact an Ex Freightliner Intermodal Locomotive! 66847 was formerly 66574 which was delivered to the UK in 2003. Its worth noting that while we have gained a new freight flow, which will pass through the Taunton area, it's thought the more recent GBRF Scrap flow from Exeter may now have been terminated, transfering to road haulage. (Photo: Dave Collett)


The Rail Head Treatment Train season will soon be coming to an end, with a mild Autumn period there appear to have been few issues regarding rail head adhesion on the UK Network this year. The South West based RHTT set has seen more loco changes recently, 66061 now replaces 66155 and 66139 remains on the set. On the 3rd December 66061 and 139 pass 43192 at 40 Steps, Taunton while returning to St Blazey. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
The unique 66522 made it's 7th appearance on the Moorswater Cement on December 2nd 2011. The unique Freightliner liveried locomotive lead into Cornwall with it's lime end leaving, passing Taunton around a 07:00. The returned empty train is seen at Taunton in Platform 4 at 18:30 taking it's booked crew change at Taunton. Freightliner Heavy Haul have been operating the Moorswater Cement from Earles Sidings since 2002. Next year will mark 10 years of the service operating with FLHH! (Photo: Brian Garrett)
We have recently updated our Archive Pages with all the latest information from the Taunton Area. Included in the update are the weekly logs (kindly provided by Mike Rowland), and all 6V62, Moorswater Cement and Bridgwater Flask logs.

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