Missed by many, but one of the final notable workings of September was DB Schenkers only liveried Class 59/2. Having been away on trials and out of service for some time, 59206 is now back operating from Merehead where it belongs. The loco worked the 7C27 & 7C28 trips to Exeter Riverside Yard on the 28th March. The brightly coloured loco is seen passing a rare photographic location at Oath on the return 7C28 empties. (Photo: Darren Harris)
After completing it's Cornish holiday, West Coast Railways 37685 returned to Solihull on Monday 27th September hauling 'The Up Devonian' for diesel enthusiasts. The popular Class 37/6 paused at Taunton for a pathing stop, before departing. 37685 is captured shortly after leaving Taunton at West Lyng on the edge of the Somerset Levels on route to Solihull. (Photo: Paul Finnimore)
It's not often we get to admire the Class 37 sat idling at Taunton Station these days. The Class were once a common sight on passenger and freight trains in the South West. Sadly their demise now restricts them to fleeting visits into the South West. On the 27th September 37685 stands at Taunton with the 1Z58 from Plymouth to Solihull. (Photo: Sam Felce)
Having arrived on the West Somerset Railway last week, LMS Black 5 44767 'George Stephenson' has been put straight into revenue earning service on the West Somerset Railway. The loco will be appearing in the forthcoming Autumn Steam Gala. The Black 5 is captured at Castle Hill on the 29th September heading for Bishops Lydeard. (Photo: Jon Gill)
60163 'Tornado' bought 'The Torbay Express' 2010 season to a close on Sunday 26th September, it's been an interesting and testing year for the Torbay Trains. Its pleasing to see many of the advertised charters have operated, and that some additional steam locomotives have been bought in to provide varied traction for those traveling on board. With economic times still uncertain it will be interesting to see how the Torbay Express trains can adapt to attract other steam locomotives and customers onto the trains. (Photo: Bob Tucker)


Have you lost something?

We've used Taunton Trains to reunite several items of photography equipment over the years, and we have been contacted to try and reunite yet another item. Doug Nibbs contacted us after photographing 'The Tamar Devonian' near Wellington on Saturday 25th September. On the same bridge well was a chap from Plymouth (Videoing). When he departed he left a camera case on the bridge. (it didn't look cheap). He was described as elderly and drove a 57 reg red sports car. If you have any way of helping to identify this keen south west enthusiast please contact Taunton Trains and we will put you in contact with Doug Nibbs who will be able to return this item to you.


Saturday 25th September saw another unorthodox pairing of Great Western Steam, and New Built Steam locomotive 60163 'Tornado'. Pathfinder Tours 'Tamer Devonian' operated from Eastleigh to Bristol where 6024 'King Edward I' replaced the diesel locomotive. 6024 hauled the train to Taunton from Bristol Temple Meads, and is seen here at Charlton having just passed Cogload Jn, with a fine head of steam. (Photo: Cameron Walker)
At Taunton 6024 'King Edward I' was removed from the front of the train, to perform a shunt with 60163 'Tornado' (Which had arrived from the West Somerset Railway). The service was slightly delayed due to a late arrival, and waiting for a path from Taunton. The pair are seen making history as they depart Taunton heading for Plymouth. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Less than 30 minutes behind 'The Tamar Devonian' was UK Railtours 'Dartmouth Explorer' the charter utilised a DB Schenker Class 67 No.67026 to haul the tour from Kettering to Kingswear and back. The charter was booked to stop at Taunton, however it would appear the 67 was having such a nice time heading South it forgot!. 67026 is seen rolling on through Taunton at 40 Steps heading for Exeter. (Photo: Brian Garrett)


Taunton witnessed another miracle working for the Class 60 fleet on the 22nd September when 60071 'Ribblehead Viaduct' hauled the 7C27 05:15 Westbury - Exeter Riverside, and 7C28 12:28 Exeter Riverside - Westbury stone trains for DB Schenker. Several photographers managed to get to the line side in time to record the event. 60071 is seen here passing Norton Fitzwarren on the approach to Taunton. (Photo: Paul Finnimore)
Given the rare value of the Class 60, we felt several photos at different locations would be a good way to record the loco's visit to the area. It's been a year and a half since the last two locos (60011 and 60049) visited the area. 60071 is seen passing 40 Steps, Taunton on route back to Westbury. (Photo: Stuart Graham)
Having been held in the Taunton area, 60071 makes progress towards Westbury at Charlton hauling the empty wagons from Exeter. With 20 of the original 100 class members now up for sale, it remains to be seen how long this British built locomotive will last under German rule. (Photo: Mike Rowland)
Colas Rail provided a colourful addition the railway scene at Taunton during Tuesday 21st September. 47749 'Damelza' had worked to Totnes the previous day to collect South Devon D6737 (37037). The South Devon Class 37 will be visiting the Mid Norfolk Class 37 Golden Jubilee Gala this weekend, and will be staying on the line into 2011. It was first hauled from Totnes to Kidderminster where it will be forwarded to the North Norfolk in due course.The colourful paring are seen passing 40 Steps, Taunton. (Photo: Steve Yarde)


Rail Head Treatment season is nearly upon us again. From the begining of October Network Rail will be embarking on thier annual battle of the leaf mulch on the rails of the UK. DB Schenker will be operating the South West based RHTT sets at St Blazey and Barton Hill. The St Blazey set RHTT wagons are already in Cornwall having been tripped there on 6C99 several weeks ago. With thanks to 'The Lizard' we have provided a breakdown of the timings for the Taunton area below.
Monday, Wednesday, Thrusday Friday from 27th September - 10th December:
3S12 01:21 Par - Westbury (Taunton 07:35)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday from 26th September - 6th December
3S13 08:45 Westbury - St Blazey (Taunton 11:41)
Tuesdays from 28th September - 7th December
3S12 01:21 Par - Westbury (Taunton 06:26)
Saturdays 2nd October - 11th December
3S12 00:24 Par - Westbury (Taunton 07:22)
Saturdays 2nd October - 11th December
3S13 08:45 Westbury - St Blazey (Taunton 12:22)


LNER A4 Pacific 'Bittern' was back in the South West on Sunday 19th September leading the first of two steam hauled charters. 'The Cornishman' was operated by West Coast Railways and departed Bristol Temple Meads early with 'Bittern' arriving into Taunton at 9am. The locomotive is seen getting up to speed at Norton Fitzwarren after a brief stop at Taunton Station heading for Par (Cornwall). (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Just over an hour after 'Bittern' had passed through Taunton, the mighty 71000 'Duke of Gloucester' was hot on her heals hauling the penultimate 'Torbay Express' of the season. The loco was still powering well through Creech St Michael with the 1Z27 from Bristol Temple Meads to Kingswear. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
We don't often feature 'loco only' photos on Taunton Trains, we prefer to feature the whole landscape. However we felt this photo of 71000 'Duke of Gloucester' was worth including, captured as the 1Z27 departed from Taunton heading for Kingswear. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Sunday mornings are often a good time to view the large Network Rail HOBC and TRT sets returning to Fairwater Yard. Both sets spent Saturday night in Charfield (Bristol) and Bridgwater relaying and re ballasting track in the area. 66610 is seen passing Creech St Michael returning the 6Y11 HOBC set from Bridgwater to Fairwater Yard. (Photo: Brian Garrett)


In preparation for the start of the GWR175 'Looe Branch Explorer' trains, Vintage Trains operated an enthusiast tour (one way) from Solihull to Plymouth using West Coast Railways former Intercity liveried 37685. The loco will be working in top and tail formation with Pannier Tank 9466 on the Looe Branch over the next week. After suffering an engine shut down at the Creech distant signal, 37685 passes through Creech St Michael on route South from Solihull. (Photo: Brian Garrett)

Once on the West Somerset Railway is was possible to view 'new and old' Great Western passenger trains operating side by side. Castle Class No.5029 'Nunney Castle' arrives into Crowcombe with a service train to Bishops Lydeard while 43191 waits for the token to Williton. It's probably a tad ironic that this very HST set has most probably passed 5029 on the mainline going a little faster that 25mph. (Photo: Brian Garrett)

The Cotswold Rail Users Group hired a First Great Western HST for an outing from Worcester to Minehead on Saturday 18th September. It's been quite some time since an HST ventured onto the WSR so we felt it was worth recording on the 'wrong' track at Norton Fitzwarren. 43191 and 43149 were used for the 1Z30 to Minehead. (Photo: Brian Garrett)


The plucky little Class 33 is currently celebrating it's 50th Birthday, with only two members of the class remaining operational on the national network we felt it was time to record the various workings these sturdy workhorses have operated through Taunton since the 1980's. The 'Crompton' page continues our expansion of the PICTORIAL section of Taunton Trains. Many thanks to all those who've sent photos over the years, we hope your will enjoy this look back in time.


Saturday September 11th saw an outlandish steam pairing enter the South West. LNER A4 Pacific 60019 'Bittern' hauled 'The Mayflower' charter from London Euston to Taunton. During the break at Taunton Great Western Castle No.5029 'Nunney Castle' was added for the trip to Plymouth.The odd ball LNER/ GWR pairing are seen making the climb to Whiteball at Beambridge on route South. (Photo: Phil Izzard)
Before arriving into Taunton 'The Mayflower' was hauled by LNER A4 60019 'Bittern' from London Euston to Taunton. The loco now uses an authentic second tender which carries additional water to give the loco a greater range on the mainline. The loco coasts through Cogload Jn on route to Taunton in fine style while the driver is clearly at ease with the first leg of the tour nearly complete. (Photo: Cameron Walker)


Direct Rail Services operated two empty Nuclear Flask Carriers to Devonport Dockyard on Friday 10th September. This rare and sporadic working can throw up any traction type operated by DRS. Previously we've witnessed Class's 47, 57 and 66 on this diagram. However on this occasion a single Class 37/0 was provided for the trip. 37059 worked the 6Z71 Crewe - Devonport, passing Taunton during the late morning. It was captured here passing 40 Steps. (Photo: Steve Yarde)
Having stabled at Plymouth during Friday, 37059 was booked to return light engine from Plymouth to Crewe during daylight hours. The rare appearance of a Class 37/0 in the South West was not to be missed, and even a light engine shot was certainly worth making the effort to record. 37059 is seen passing Bradford on Tone on route North. (Photo: Phil Izzard)


The 5U32 19:09 Exeter to Bristol Temple Meads stock positioning move has been christened "The Ghost Train" by the locals on the Taunton platforms, as in the winter months, the train creeps through the station in the dark with no passenger lighting, and it's hard to make out the driver. On Friday 3rd September, 143618 was allocated to the 5U32 empty stock movement or 'The Ghost Train', and is seen arriving into Taunton at sunset. As the Winter months progress the train will really live up to its nick name once more! (Photo: Nathan Williamson)


The West Somerset Railway held their 'Late Summer Weekend' Gala on the 4th & 5th September, the event provided another mixed traction event ahead of the Autumn Steam Gala. Steam Locomotives from the Great Western, Southern, LNER and S&D could be sampled, while the DEPG provided 1960's Diesels for enthusiasts to enjoy. Sadly the weather was not shining on the event, but it's hoped the passenger numbers were encouraging enough to stage the event next year. We've included a few images taken over the two days on along the length of the WSR.
D1010 'Western Campaigner' provided Hydraulic enthusiasts with some noise to rival the steam locomotives. Sadly Hymek D7017 was not able to operate during this gala having been withdrawn from service pending results of oil tests. D1010 is seen on Saturday 4th September departing from Minehead with the 11:00 to Bishops Lydeard (Photo: Cameron Walker)
D1661 'North Star' is always a popular performer, her former high profile mainline career made the loco an ideal choice to preserve. D1661 is pictured on Saturday 4th September departing from Watchet with the 09:00 from Minehead to Bishops Lydeard. Sadly the locomotive failed on Sunday morning with low oil pressure, resulting the replacement traction from D6566 (33048) for the rest of the day. (Photo: Cameron Walker)
Saturday evening saw D1661 and D1010 pair up to work between Minehead and Bishops Lydeard, but the pair also conveyed the WSR's own DMU within the consist. The DMU would spend Sunday working shuttles between Bishops Lydeard and Norton Fitzwarren. North Star and Western Campaigner are seen passing Leigh Woods (Photo: Phil Izzard)
D1661 'North Star' started Sunday in poor weather, but only managed half the length of the line before being failed with low oil pressure. Thankfully D6566 (33048) was on hand at Williton to cover the locos diagram for the day. D1661 is seen at Watersmeet hauling the 11:00 from Bishops Lydeard to Minehead, on the climb to Crowcombe. (Photo: Alexander Martin-Brown)
Celebrity Steam Locomotive 60163 'Tornado' is currently residing on the West Somerset Railway, and took part in the 'Late Summer Weekend' Gala. In less than pleasing conditions, the LNER Locomotive departs from Crowcombe Heathfield with the 12:00 from Bishops Lydeard (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Ex Southern Region Steam was represented by 34046 'Braunton'. The use of Southern Steam have a good comparison between the GWR, SR and LNER over the course of the weekend. 34046 is pictured passing Woolsten Moor on Sunday 5th September on route to Bishops Lydeard with the 12:00 from Minehead. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
D1010 'Western Campaigner' worked well all weekend, and looked superb coupled to the three ex mainline maroon liveried coaches. The loco is captured passing the grazing sheep at Woolsten Moor on Sunday 5th September hauling the 13:00 from Bishops Lydeard. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
GWR Castle No.5029 'Nunney Castle' is also currently housed on the West Somerset Railway. The loco looked and sounded superb over the course of the weekend, The loco is seen departing from Watchet on Sunday 5th September with the 14:00 from Minehead. Oddly the locomotive only worked one return diagram along the length of the line during Sunday, facing tender first in both directions! (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Class 25 D7523 is looking very tired with many rust pockets, holes and paintwork issues, however it remains a rare passenger locomotive, and very popular with enthusiasts. The loco worked several turns over the course of the weekend. The Class 25 is seen shaking it's way along Woolsten Moor during Sunday 5th September with the 15:00 from Bishops Lydeard. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Owing to the failure of D1661 (47840) on Sunday 5th September, D6566 (33048) was dispatched to work the remaining of its diagrams. D6566 promptly changed it's head code to 'AA' (Automobile Association) and carried the 'DEPG Thunderbirds are Go!!!' headboard for the remainder of the weekend. A very nice touch to inject a little humor into a quickly executed locomotive change! D6566 is seen substituting for D1661 at Woolsten Moor with the 15:00 from Minehead to Bishops Lydeard. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Sunday 5th September saw a rare Class 52/ Class 25 pairing on the West Somerset Railway. The odd ball combination are seen passing Castle Hill while working the 17:00 from Minehead to Bishops Lydeard. (Photo: Alexander Martin-Brown)


Inclement weather conditions greeted passengers and onlookers for 'The Torbay Express' on Sunday 5th September. The locomotive has performed well for the 2010 season. In pouring rain 6024 'King Edward 1st' storms through Norton Fitzwarren with the 1Z27 to Kingswear. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
New celebrity locomotive 57604 'Pendennis Castle' was conveyed on the rear of the 1C99 23:50 Paddington - Penzance sleeper on Friday 3rd / Saturday 4th September. The loco was to be used on the final 'loco hauled' Summer Saturdays Bristol - Weymouth diagram on Saturday 4th September. 57604 was detached from the rear of the train at Exeter before working light engine to Bristol in preparation for a rare daylight trip to Weymouth! 57604 was captured at Taunton on the rear of 1C99 at 02:20 on Saturday 4th September (Photo: Steve Yarde)
As the sun rose over Taunton on the 3rd September an unfamiliar shape was unveiled on the early morning 2D04 Taunton - Bristol Parkway service. For only the third time in DB Schenker operation, the company opted to use a Class 66 on the Taunton - Cardiff diagrams owing to the failure of 67019. 66135 was chosen for the days operation and was paired up with Spanish cousin 67028 to treat passengers to some rare freight haulage. 66135 is seen on the rear of 2D04 at Taunton shortly before departing for Bristol Parkway (Photo: Brian Garrett)
For some time now the popular second loco hauled diagram to Paignton and Taunton from Cardiff has enjoyed loco haulage, while we knew this would be a temporary operation many have enjoyed the trips into Devon along the picturesque Sea Wall section on comfortable Mk2 coaching stock. This service is now due to revert to Unit operation as of 1st October 2010. So there's less than one month left to photograph this unique loco hauled service operating to the south of Taunton (Photo: Brian Garrett)
D6566 (33048) has been enjoying a week long passenger diagram on the West Somerset Railway covering for the out of service DMU. The Two Tone Green loco has been coupled with three Ex Mainline Maroon liveried Mk1 coaches and one Chocolate & Cream. The set looks superb in the Somerset Countryside, and begs the question why this sort of working can't be seen on a more regular basis on the line! D6566 is seen passing Woolsten Moor with the 15:05 from Bishops Lydeard to Minehead. (Photo: Cameron Walker)


We begin September with news of another charting calling at Taunton. Although this one may require a lottery win to attend. Saturday 11th September passengers can enjoy opulent travel on the Northern VSOE to Par (Eden Project). The Northern VSOE departs at 09:05 and returns at 19:40. The ticket includes bus transfer to the Eden Project and entrance fee. Food is also included in the price. Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs in a Smoked Salmon Parcel, Served on a Warm Buttered Crumpet, Finished with Whitby Crab, Hollandaise, Tomato and Chives. Tea: New Forrest Mushroom Soup with a Foie Gras Crème Fraiche Autumn A Plate of Game (Seared Guinea Fowl, Roast Pheasant Breast, Confit of Rabbit and Potato Dauphinoise) accompanied by Cauliflower and Ribbons of Carrot with a Bramble Berry Sauce Great British Cheeseboard and Home-Made Chutney. The price for this trip o board the Northern VSOE set is a mere £285. For those wishing to splash out on that 'special day', we suggest further details are sought from the Orient Express website.

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