JUNE 2010 NEWS : 

Tuesday saw another bizarre set of movements surrounding the Class 57 diagram. Having worked to Bristol and back in the morning, 66402 was removed to stable at Taunton, 57308 would continue on it's booked diagram to Cardiff where 57309 would join the train. It would appear 57309 later failed before being added to the set at Cardiff. 57308 was forced to change ends and return to Taunton. However the passenger diagram was cancelled at Bristol and replaced by a FGW Class 150 No.150127. In an odd move 57308 still continued back to Taunton but as an empty coaching stock move only. (Photo: Cameron Walker)
There is lots of speculation surrounding the current GBRF franchise, but no one seems to have the definitive answers! GBRF continue their run of poor Class 57 availability by using former DRS Class 66 No.66402 on the Taunton - Cardiff diagram. On the 28th June 66402 is seen passing Banklands (shortly after the line side fire), with the late running 14:00 Cardiff - Taunton service. 57308 was located on the Cardiff end providing ETS (Photo: Cameron Walker)


The excitement of Double Headed steam in the South West was repeated on Monday 29th June, when 5029 'Nunney Castle' and 6024 'King Edward 1st' returned north from Penzance with Steam Dreams 'Cornish Riviera' charter to London Paddington. The pair were formed up with 5029 leading for the return trip. Here they are seen passing Banklands near Cogload Jn (Photo: Bob Tucker)
Steam Locomotives and spells of per longed hot weather have never been the best of friends. Sadly both 'Cornish Riviera' charters have been responsible for several line side fires. Shortly after passing Banklands this fire was alerted to local Taunton Fire Crews, while another was sparked off near Brent Knoll shortly after the steam charter has passed through the area. Both fires caused significant delays to normal passenger services, while they were extinguished. With the continued hot weather it remains to be seen if Network Rail impose a steam ban. (Photo: Cameron Walker)
The fire attracted a lot of attention to the usual quiet location of Banklands, a total of 3 Fire Engines, 1 Police Car and 1 Network Rail van were required to respond to the freak event. One of Tauntons appliances can be seen arriving on scene at Banklands where Firemen then had to take the appliance 'off road' to reach the scene of the blaze! (Photo: Cameron Walker)

Two line side fires sparked by the passing 'Cornish Riviera' Steam Charter on Monday 28th June caused delays to many mainline services during the evening peak. Banklands (near Cogload Jn) and Brent Knoll (near Weston Super Mare) were both set alight by the passing steam charter. At Banklands both up and down train services were severely cautioned past the fire location while fire personnel extinguished the flames. (Photo: Cameron Walker)


As the sun sets in the sky at 21:26 Taunton was roused by the sound of 56312 racing back North to Tame Bridge Parkway. It was quite an eventful day for the passengers of all four charter trains. The lineside fire, and derailment at Long Rock (of a FGW HST) earlier in the day did not help proceedings, however the railways always win through in the end, thanks to the hard work of people who never get seen or get any recognition for their efforts! (Photo: Cameron Walker)
After limping to Taunton, D1015 'Western Champion' was added to help the train to Exeter. After a period of servicing at Exeter 6024 was able to join forces with 5029 'Nunney Castle' for a double headed run into Cornwall. D1015 is seen departing Taunton in fine style , with 6024 tucked inside obscured by the smoke from the Western! (Photo: Steve Yarde)
The fourth charter of the day 'The Cornish Riviera Express' ran into problems near Bedwyn. The London Paddington - Penzance Steam Dreams charter was hauled by 6024 'King Edward I'. The loco was steaming badly and had an incident with it's generator car on route. 6024 is seen passing Oath on the Somerset Levels with the late running charter, cantering to Taunton. D1015 'Western Champion' was sent light engine from Exeter Depot to Taunton in order to assist the train forward to Exeter, where the loco could be serviced. (Photo: Cameron Walker)
UK Railtours came a close third with their use of two Class 67 Locomotives. Unfortunately 67016 was ripped straight from the FGW Loco Hauled set in Bristol on Friday night and sent to Wembley to join 67024 (also a former FGW Loco Hauled veteran) for the charter. The 1Z84 from London Paddington to Penzance provided a third pair of matching locomotives for the day. This charter also got caught up in the Cornish lineside fire, and passed Taunton at 22:08 around 70 minutes late. 67016 & 024 are seen in the morning at Beambridge climbing to Whiteball (Photo: Steve Yarde)
Pathfinder Railtours were second into the Taunton area with their charter 'The Cornishman'. Pathfinder presented a pair of Colas Rail Class 56 Locomotives. 56311 (56057) lead 56312 (56003) for the 1Z80 charter from Tame Bridge Parkway (Birmingham) to Penzance. The same lineside fire in Cornwall also affected the return of this charter, although the 56's were already on the move at the time, they faired a little better on the return run, passing Taunton at 21:25 (approx 100 late). The pair are seen passing Creech St Michael on route to Penzance (Photo: Gary Parsons)
First charter of the day was Spitfire Railtours 'The Kernow Growler' this tour featured two DRS Class 37 Locomotives. 37218 and 37259 were chosen for the trip into Cornwall. Their downward trip went without incident, sadly a large lineside vegetation fire in Cornwall (unconnected with any trains) closed the mainline for a long period. The return charter finally passed Taunton at 23:01 some 85 minutes late. The pair are seen passing Westford Crossing near Wellington with the Southbound charter from Gloucester to Penzance. (Photo: John White)


DB Schenker ran another loaded stone train from Exeter Riverside Yard to West Drayton on Friday 25th June. The flow utilises the existing temporary path 7C28 05:15 Westbury - Exeter Riverside and 7C28 11:28 Exeter Riverside - Westbury. Except the train runs empty to Exeter and loaded back to Westbury, where it then continues to West Drayton. 66047 is seen passing 40 Steps, Taunton with the 7C28 loaded train. (Photo: Jeff Treece)
66402 continued it's impromptu passenger debut on the 25th June, partnering 57309 on the GBRF operated loco hauled diagram. The Ex DRS Class 66/4 is now operated by GBRF but currently wears the de branded colours of its previous operator. On the 25th June 2010, 66402 passes Creech St Michael with the 2U14 11:02 Taunton - Cardiff service. (Photo: Rob Sherwood)
The Empty Coaching Stock move from Bishops Lydeard often arrives into Taunton's Platform 2 about 30 minutes before the first scheduled departure of the day. at 7am 66402 is pictured with the stock being prepared for the daily diagram to Cardiff. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
The 24th June saw another wacky working on the GBRF operated loco hauled passenger diagram. Having already had 66721 hauling the loco hauled service last week, Ex DRS example 66402 was swapped into the set on Thursday replacing 57303. 66402 had reached Taunton via GBRF's overnight 4V11 concrete sleeper trip with 66727.Having just replaced 57303, 66402 is seen hauling the 2U14 11:02 from Taunton at Bathpool, with 57309 on the rear of the train. (Photo: Paul Finnimore)
GBRF used one of their ex DRS Class 66 locomotives on the overnight 4V11 & 4E31 trips to Fairwater Yard on the 22nd of June. The return train was delayed in leaving in what seemed to be confusion as to which locomotive (66721 or 66402) was going to work the used sleeper trip back to Peterborugh. In the end 66402 was kept on the diagram and is seen here moving out of Fairwater Yard, Taunton. The 4E31 finally left Taunton at 08:30. (Photo: Steve Yarde)
Having double headed with D1015 'Western Champion' from Minehead to Norton Fitzwarren, the Western was removed, to allow 6024 'King Edward I' to proceed to London Paddington alone on the mainline. The evening weather broke just in time to provide a stunning image at Cogload Jn. Local cows career across the field as 6024 takes the Berks and Hants towards Westbury and London Paddington. D1015 shadowed the train to London Paddington where it would shunt the stock back to Old Oak Common after the tour. (Photo: Steve Yarde)
The 19th June saw the focus back on the West Somerset Railway with two railtours visiting the line during the day. The first from D1015 'Western Champion' and 6024 'King Edward I' but far more significant was the visit of Hastings Unit No.1001. The unit last visited the Taunton area in 2004 some 6 years ago. The unique unit is operated by Hastings Diesels Ltd, as was formed as a 6 car set for the visit to Minehead from Hastings. 'The Great Western Limited' is seen waiting to depart from Bishops Lydeard for Minehead. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
UK Railtours also operated their 'Great Western 175' charter to Minehead from London Paddington on the 19th June. The charter used heritage diesel hydraulic D1015 'Western Champion' from Paddington to Bishops Lydeard. At Bishops Lydeard steam locomotive No.6024 'King Edward I' was added for the trip to Minehead and back. The return to London Paddington would be steam hauled throughout, with D1015 shadowing the train from Bishops Lydeard. The morning charter is seen passing Helwell Bay near Watchet on route to Minehead (Photo: Brian Garrett)


GB Railfreight have certainly had an eventful week with their loco hauled diagram. Having finally got 57304 working for the final Friday diagram, the service was again disrupted after a slipped tyre was found on coach No.9520. The 16:16 service from Taunton was cancelled and passengers transferred onto a later service. The set was moved to Platform 6 pending inspection. Meanwhile 66721 did not return to Peterbrough on the 4E31, after being removed from the loco hauled set late on Thursday, the loco was re coupled and taken to the West Somerset Railway. Later in the day the 66721 returned to stabled in Platform 1 as the official 'Thunderbird' for the loco hauled diagram.
GBRF were back in the news on Thursday 17th June, when 57304 continued it's spell of unreliability on the Taunton - Cardiff Class 57 diagram. Having been fixed on Wednesday 16th June at Cardiff, 57304 and 57305 returned to Bishops Lydeard the same night. However problems with the loco persisted on the 17th with the early morning 07:28 to Bristol being cancelled. GBRF used 66721 'Harry Beck' (from the previous nights 4V11) to work the train with 57305 resulting in the first ever Metronet liveried Class 66/7 working a booked passenger diagram. 66721 is one of four loco motives painted in the special colour scheme and is seen on the rear of the passenger set at Taunton after working the last passenger diagram of the day (Top Left Photo: Brian Garrett). Earlier in the day 66721 was located on the Taunton end of the loco hauled set, until the 16:13 from Taunton ran via the triangle at Bristol Parkway which resulted in 66721 ending up on the rear of the train. 66721 is seen arriving into Taunton with the 2C79 14:00 from Cardiff in time to form the 2U24 return at 16:16. (Bottom Left Photo: Jeff Treece)


6024 'King Edward I' is located at the south end of Platform 2, stabled at the end of bay Platform 1. The loco was unable to progress any further into the station due to fears of clearance between the locos cylinder boxes and the platform. The 6024 Locomotive Group, West Somerset Railway and Great Western Society have all set up information and sales stands on the station platform. Visitors have been encouraged to take photos of the locomotive have has allowed for some unique views to be captured. (Photo with permission: Jeff Treece)
The King Class Locomotive has been adorned with the number 175 to celebrate the GWR 175, and finished with 'The Exmoor Express' headboard. A close up shot of the smoke box can be seen while stabled at Taunton. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
The GWR175 celebrations have already bought many unique workings into the Great Western network, between the 15th and 18th June it was time for Taunton to take centre stage. GWR King Class No. 6024 'King Edward 1st' has been stabled in Platform 1 for the week for the general public to come and visit. The loco has had plenty of interest from passing passengers, enthusiasts and school children during the week. On the 16th June, 6024 is seen basking in the stunning evening light as the sun sets beyond. (Photo: Brian Garrett)


D444 from The Fifty Fund returned to Taunton on Monday 14th June to collect D821 and D1062 from their exploits on the West Somerset Railway. Following on from D444's workings last week, the loco had 50031 'Hood' in tow from Cardiff Canton to Bishops Lydeard. The return 0M50 (with the correct head code on the locomotive) is seen passing 40 Steps at 09:10, with 50031 'Hood, D821 'Greyhound' and D1062 'Western Courier' on tow for the trip back to the Severn Valley Railway at Kidderminster. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
6024 'King Edward I' returned to Bishops Lydeard on Monday 14th June, having completed the first batch of 'Torbay Express' charters, the loco returned to the West Somerset Railway. It wont be there for long, as tomorrow the locomotive will be stabled in Platform 1 at Taunton for the rest of the week, in connection with the GWR 175 celebrations. 6024 is seen passing Creech St Michael with the 0Z70 from Bristol Barton Hill. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Freightliner Heavy Haul operated a lengthy rake of cement wagons to Hackney Yard during Monday morning, the rare mid morning appearance of the train, is seen passing Creech St Michael with the 6Z20 to Hackney Yard, the loco was hauling a total of 36 PCA wagons for onward transit to Moorswater later in the week. (Photo: Brian Garrett)


The West Somerset Railway 'Mixed Traction Weekend' themed as 'GWR175 Diesels in the West' was held on the 11th, 12th and 13th June 2010. The three day event featured a good selection of hydraulic traction for enthusiasts to enjoy. Despite a slightly overcast start on Friday morning, the first two days of the gala were blessed with brilliant sunshine, and good passenger loadings. Sunday proved to be a little more overcast but still provided plenty of interest for those traveling on the gala trains. All of the advertised locomotives operated at the gala, along with two additional 'standby' locomotives also made an appearance covering for mis-positioned locos and/ or minor locomotive faults. The use of two Warships and two Westerns was certainly a draw for many wishing to travel and photograph these unique locomotives. We have put together a selection of images below which best capture the event over the Friday and Saturday.
The first double headed train of the gala weekend was on Friday 11th June when WSR resident 'Warship' D832 'Onslaught' teamed up with visiting sister locomotive D821 'Greyhound' to work the 13:00 from Bishops lydeard to Minehead. The train was very busy as this would be the only 'warship' pairing of the day. D832 is seen leading D821 at Blue Anchor as the pair pull away from their booked stop, heading for Minehead. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
The DEPG operate one Class 14 (D9526) often another Class 14 will join it for gala events. This year D9520 from the Nene Valley Railway made a return visit to partner D9526. The pair of locomotives spent most of the weekend working together, either double headed or working the popular Norton Fitzwarren shuttle services. On Friday 11th June D9520 leads D9526 towards Minehead at Blue Anchor with the 12:00 from Bishops Lydeard. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
The Minehead turntable is a brilliant (and well positioned) attraction for visitors to the railway. Normally used to keep steam locomotives pointing boiler first, the use of a turntable for a diesel is a little pointless other than to keep wheel flange wear and paintwork wear at an event keel. As an attraction between trains, the process of turning a locomotive is a brilliant way for people to get up close to the workings of the railway. D832 is seen exiting the turntable on Friday 11th June, with D1661 'North Star' awaiting its turn for a spin. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Hymek D7017 failed during Friday which resulted in a locomotive cascade and one double headed movement curtailed to a single loco in order to keep diagrams running correctly. D1661 'North Star' covered the remaining Hymek duties for the day. While working the 17:00 from Minehead standby locomotive D6566 (33048) was added to the train at Williton. The Class 33 was to be marshaled inside D7017 on Saturday morning as insurance. D6566 is seen slogging through Leigh Woods with the 17:00 from Minehead, load 6 and a switched off Class 47 in tow (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Due to D1661 'North Star' being out of position (from it's Hymek duties on Friday), Class 25 D7523 'John F Kennedy' was pressed into action on Saturday 12th by working the 08:00 from Minehead to Bishops Lydeard. The popular sulzer locomotive is seen passing Combe Flory on the downward grade to Bishops Lydeard from Crowcombe. The loco later worked back to Williton piloting another service. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
D7017 gained a superb two tone green repaint for the 2010 gala, and although the locomotive had problems on Friday 11th, it was working well again by the same evening. Saturday 12th saw the loco diagrammed to work an authentic 'Diesel / Steam' combination along the length of the line in both directions. D7017 is seen passing Yard Farm near Stogumber double heading with steam locomotive No.4160. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
D1010 'Western Campaigner' made a welcome return to the West Somerset Railway after many months of our traffic with ongoing repairs. The locomotive looked superb when operating with visiting D1062 'Western Courier'. On Saturday 12th June, D1010 is seen double heading with D832 working the 15:00 from Minehead to Bishops Lydeard passing Bicknoller. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
D1062 'Western Courier' visited the WSR during the 2009 Mixed Traffic Weekend, the locomotive returned again for the 2010 event. It worked several double headed turns as well as many single diagrams. The addition of several more maroon liveried coaches to the WSR fleet made them look even more at home in the Somerset countryside. The Class 52 'Western' passes through Turks Cutting on route to Williton with the 16:00 from Bishops Lydeard to Minehead in good evening light on Saturday 12th June, (Photo: Brian Garrett)
D821 'Greyhound' was another popular locomotive at the Mixed Traffic event, the loco is currently fitted with new 'Chris Broadhurst' nameplates. The loco will be wearing these plates for the whole of the 2010 running season in memory of DTG member Chris Broadhurst who sadly passed away in 2008. As two horses graze in an adjacent field D821 is seen passing Bicknoller on Saturday 12th June with the 16:00 from Minehead. (Photo: Brian Garrett)


Further to a posting made earlier this month with regards to the GBRF operated 4V11 & 4E31 trains to and from Fairwater Yard, we now understand their their operation may not be halting as previously advised. Further information leads us to believe that this flow may continue to operate as booked and as required. When we have more information regarding flows from Washwood Heath we will advise on the news pages of Taunton Trains. (Photo: Phil Izzard)
Crowds began to gather for the West Somerset Railway 'Mixed Traffic Weekend' starting on Friday 11th June. The line is featuring a heavy 'hydraulic' theme for the 2010 Gala Weekend. On the 11th June visiting loco D1062 'Western Courier' from the Severn Valley Railway arrives into Blue Anchor on route to Bishops Lydeard while crowds of enthusiasts all jostle for their shot of the locomotive. We will have a full pictorial report of the gala weekend online soon, but it may take some time to sort through the images (Photo: Brian Garrett)
The 'as required' path for stone to Exeter Riverside was used as part of a trial flow on Friday 11th June. 59201 worked an empty rake of Hanson JHA wagons from Westbury to Exeter Riverside using the normal 7C27 early morning path. 66069 later worked South light engine (it's unclear if 59201had failed). The train was rather oddly loaded at Exeter before setting off to Westbury using the normal 7C28 path, for onward transit to West Drayton (near London). On the 11th both 66069 and 59201 are seen passing Bathpool with the 7C28 from Exeter Riverside. (Photo: Peter Slater)
DB Schenker hastily moved a rail recovery train from Bescot Yard to St Blazey on Thursday 10th June. The previous day saw a DB Schenker china clay freight derail in the St Blazey Yard complex which blocked the mainline to Newquay. The line needs to be cleared quickly to enable repairs to take place and the main passenger line to Newquay to reopen. 66141 is seen passing Taunton at 9am on the 10th June with the 1Z99 03:30 Bescot - St Blazey with departmental coaches & crane in tow (ADRC 96710 QVA ADB975611 QPA ADB975574 QVA ADB975613) (Photo: Steve Yarde)


To mark the 175th Anniversary of the formation of the Great Western Railway the 6024 Preservation Society limited, West Somerset Railway Association and West Somerset Railway plc have arranged to take the former Great Western Railway, King class locomotive No. 6024 'King Edward I', to Taunton station one of the busiest stations on the former Great Western Network from the 15th to the 18th June. The locomotive was built in 1930 and cost the princely sum of £7,500 and completed 237,871 miles before its first overhaul in January 1935. During its operational mainline career the locomotive would have often been seen at Taunton on its way to and from the West. The locomotive is a regular visitor to Taunton during the summer months hauling 'The Torbay Express' from Bristol to Paignton as well as the West Somerset Railway and it can often be seen hauling the popular trains to the seaside at Minehead. However while the locomotive is in Taunton station visitors will have the unique opportunity to view the cab of the ‘King' and talk to former staff who worked on the Great Western Railway as well as the locomotives current custodians. We have pictured two images of 6024 working on the West Somerset Railway and departing Taunton. (Photos: Brian Garrett)
The use of 6024 to visit Taunton during the GWR 175 celebrations repeats a similar move in during the Taunton/ Great Western 150 Celebrations. 0-6-0 'Collet' No.3205 from the West Somerset Railway spent a period of time stabled in Platform 1 with coaching stock to publicise the WSR and Great Western Celebrations. The locomotive is seen opposite, and we hope to be able to bring you a comparison photo at the end of June. (Photo: David Jones)


The 8th June saw the arrival of diesels aplenty on the West Somerset Railway, in preparation for this weekends 'Mixed Traffic Gala'. 50044 and 50026 hauled D821 and D1062 from the Severn Valley Railway to Bishops Lydeard before the two 50's are booked to depart for Eastleigh tomorrow. These scene at Bishops Lydeard shows D1010, D444, 50026, D3562, and D1062 with the steam locomotives shunted out of the way. (Photo: Jeff Treece)
D444 'Exeter' was used to haul 3 locomotives from Kidderminster to Bishops Lydeard on the 8th June. Although only 2 would be staying for the weekend gala. 50026 'Indomitable' was in transit to Eastleigh for further work to take place on its engine, the 0V44 movement provided a good way to get it half way there. A timeline of modern and old locomotives is see at 40 Steps as D444 passes with 50026, D821 and D1062, while 67016 and 67017 head North with the 2U20 passenger service from Paignton. (Photo: Rob Sherwood)
50026 'Indomitable' is at the end of an extensive restoration project, which will hopefully see the locomotive returned to mainline use shortly. The pristine rebuild of the locomotive has been slowly overhauled by many volunteers since being saved from Booths of Rotherham in 1992. 2012 will mark 20 years since behind saved from the cutters torch! The loco traveled to Bishops Lydeard as part of a convoy move to Eastleigh where 50026 will be given more attention. D444 meanwhile would then move 37308 (also under restoration) back to Kidderminster from Eastleigh. (Photo: Phil Izzard)
D821 'Greyhound' has not visited the West Somerset Railway for some time, the 2010 'Mixed Traffic Weekend' will provide the WSR with a chance to double head the two remaining Class 42 'Warships' for the first time in many years. Pairs of the Class were a common sight in the South West. The lineup will also feature double headed Westerns and Steam/ Diesel combinations. By all acounts the 2010 Gala lineup is certainly providing some interest. (Photo: Phil Izzard)
The West Somerset Railway has released the working timetable for this weekends 'Mixed Traffic Event' in advance. Working timetables for Friday, Saturday and Sunday can be downloaded from our own website, and from www.wsr.org.uk. Click on the Hyperlinks for the specific day you wish to download.

Friday 11th June , Saturday 12th June, Sunday 13th June


Both 66718 and 66730 were used on the overnight 4V11 from Peterborough to Fairwater Yard. After their arrival with their train of new concrete sleepers, the pair made a brief visit to Platform 1 during the early hours of the morning, for the usual booked driver change. 66718 carries the name of the former Labour MP 'Gwyneth Dunwoody' she named the locomotive herself on the 26th January commenting 'it's a shame it's not British made'. She had considerable expertise on transport related matter, and chaired of the House of Commons Transport Commitee from 1997 to 2008. She sadley passed away in 2008. (Photo: 50006 Neptune)


Taunton Trains has always tried to being interesting stories and photographs from the past into the present day. Recording the past for future generations to enjoy has always been a long term aim of this website, our large archival data and photographic sections have certainly been expanded over the years. We will continue to add more material to them, as and when time permits. One well known local photographer has recently informed Taunton Trains of his amazing photographic collection which now spans seven decades! Mike Pollard or 'Tall Mike' has been photographing trains passing through Taunton for the past 52 years he first started capturing images of locomotives as a young lad in the late 1950's and has continued through to the current day. Mike has also helped us out on many occasions answering many of the questions posted on our 'Memories' pages. To celebrate this amazing photographic achievement Mike has supplied us with one image from each decade to display on Taunton Trains. They really do show how the railway scene has changed over the years! We would like to thank Mike for taking the time to dig into his archive to provide this very interesting look back in time. At the end of this month we will move this article into our 'Memories' section of the website. If you also have an interesting story to tell, then please do not hesitate to contact us at the usual Taunton Trains address: Email
In the late 1958 British Railways 2-6-2 Prairie Tank No.5543 is seen at Taunton working as station pilot. (Photo: Mike Pollard)
On the 24th February 1962 BR Warship Class 42 No.D859 'Vanquisher' is seen at Taunton with down 'Torbay Express'. The Locomotive had only been released into traffic less than a month before this image was taken at Taunton. Less than 10 years late the locomotive would meet its demise when it was withdrawn and cut up in June of 1972. (Photo: Mike Pollard)
This is an exceptionally rare image taken in the Taunton area, it's dated 2nd November 1975, and featured a range of former industrial steam engines. The locomotives were stored at the time in sidings at Silk Mills for the Radstock Railway Circle, which later became the Somerset and Dorset Railway Trust. Steve Martin (WSR) has also added: Probably from memory the locos were there after closure of the Radstock project prior to movement to Washford. Portbury? Henbury? Isobel? Fonmon? are names that ring a bell as locos of that period. (Photo: Mike Pollard)
The Great Western 150 Celebrations were met with great excitement from the enthusiasts and general public, with many steam charters operating for the event. On the 14th July 1985 (in typical summer weather), 5051 'Drysllwyn Castle' and 4930 'Hagley Hall' approach Taunton with a charter from Plymouth passing a British Rail HST of the period. (Photo: Mike Pollard)
On the 10th April 1997, double headed Rail Express Systems (RES) Class 47's (one of which is 47750) passes a Regional Railways Class 150 No. 150233 at 40 Steps. The double headed RES working was an empty coaching stock move to position two Class 47's and mail vans at Plymouth in preparation to run 1E43 and 1E41 North during the evening. The Class 150 often moved out to 40 Steps in order to keep the through lines clear before returning to Bristol. (Photo: Mike Pollard)
In more typical summer weather before the world was worried about 'Carbon Footprints' 2-6-0 No.6024 'King Edward 1st' makes a stunning departure from Taunton with 'The Torbay Express' on the 22nd July 2007. We believe at the time the locomotive was trailing Russian Coal which certainly provided some amazing line side photos! (Photo: Mike Pollard)
To the present day on the 20th April 2010 Mike presents us with this 'artistic' image at 40 Steps, Taunton. 57302 and 57309 are seen changing direction. Having arrived with an ECS from Weston Super Mare the set was routed onto the relief line at 40 Steps to keep the mainline clear. Once other passenger trains had passed the set was routed back onto the station in time to form the 11:03 to Cardiff. (Photo: Mike Pollard)


We begin June with exciting news of a project which has been in the making since February. Two years ago we produced a trial book of 40 pages entitled 'Taunton Trains'. We used software from Blurb.com in order to produce a photographic book detailing Taunton current railway scene. Following many requests we are now pleased to announce the launch of 'Taunton Trains 2'. The new release has taken 70 hours to piece together over several months, and is 80 pages (double the previous book). It includes superb print quality and is available in hardback or soft back options. A preview of 15 pages from this new title can be found on the Blurb.com website, along with details of all of our other previous publications.
Have you got a copy of our previous 40 Page Book 'Taunton Trains' which we printed in 2008? Why not have a look look at this prublication at the same time?


It's all change on both FGW loco hauled diagrams for the coming week. The Class 57/3 diagram will have 57305 (Taunton End) and 57304 (Cardiff End), while both 67018 and 67003 have been swapped for 67016 & 67017. On the 6th June the 5C04 Cardiff Canton - Taunton empty stock move is seen passing Cogload Jn with 57305 'John Tracy' leading new addition 57304 'Gordon Tracy'. (Photo: Brian Garrett)

Included for it's rarity value, this C130 C4 Hercules was on low level flying duties over Somerset. ZH879 arrived at Cogload Junction from the north shortly after 19:20 following the late running 2C85 17:00 from Cardiff. The stretched Hercules (flown by the RAF's 24 Squadron based at RAF Lynham) took a southerly bearing from Charlton heading over the Blackdown Hills. While Hercules are a common sight in the rural Taunton setting, it's been some time since we witnessed one this low to the ground!! (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Having passed the DB Schenker management train just a couple of miles north of Cogload Junction, 67018 is pictured in this novel shot attached to the rear of the late running 2C85 17:00 Cardiff - Taunton. The set ran via Bristol Parkway from Cardiff meaning 67018 and the BSO are now on the Cardiff end of the set. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
DB Schenker returned their company business train to Toton on Friday evening. The set visited the Fowey Branch during Friday and returned to Toton during the evening sunlight. Running slightly ahead of schedule this time with 67029 leading the 1Z08 Exeter St Davids - Toton through Cogload Jn. The working narrowly missed a passing shot with the late running 2C85 17:00 Cardiff - Taunton (hauled by 67003). (Photo: Brian Garrett)
The DB Schenker Business Train made a rare visit to the South West on Thursday 3rd June. The 5Z05 from Toton to Exeter Riverside was formed of the usual DVT (82146), Mk3 coaches 11039, 10211, 10546, and Silver 67029 on the rear. The Class 67 had only recently been working FGW passenger services through Taunton. The 5Z05 from Toton is seen passing Banklands on route to Exeter. During Friday the set will continue into Cornwall visiting the Fowey branch before returning to Toton later in the day. (Photo: Cameron Walker)
Mendip Rail have been operating the 'as required' stone flow to Exeter Riverside Yard during the past week. Various Class 59 locomotives have been employed on the duty. Generally the loaded train will be in Exeter before 7am, however the emptied wagons return north through Taunton around lunch time. On the 3rd June 2010, 59201 descends from Whiteball Tunnel at Marlands with the 7C28 from Exeter to Westbury. (Photo: Paul Finnimore)
A rare early morning shot of two trains passing at Taunton can be hard to get, on the 3rd June, 66709 (right) departs from Taunton with the 4E31 from Fairwater Yard to Peterborough while 59201 passes 66709 heading South with the 7C27 loaded mendip stone from Westbury to Exeter Riverside yard. (Photo: Cameron Walker)
Early morning risers in the Taunton area are able to witness the unique 'GBRF' freight flow from Fairwater Yard.On the 3rd June 2010, 66709 'Joseph Arnold Davies' (painted in Medite Shipping Company colours) exits Fairwater Yard with the 4E31 to Peterborough. In the coming weeks this train will cease to operate, and will run via Washwood Heath Yard with Freightliner Heavy Haul providing the traction. (Photo: Phil Izzard)

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