Still wearing her mainline dress from her south coast seaside outing 5029 'Nunney Castle' was put to good work on the West Somerset Railway on Tuesday 31st August. The loco is seen climbing the grade at Nethercott working from Bishops Lydeard to the north coast at Minehead. (Photo: Peter Slater)
During late afternoon on Monday 30th August, DB Schenker provided the second sight of a Class 59/2 working a HOBC set. 59209 (with 'bell end' leading) is seen passing Bathpool with the 6Z95 from Westbury. This loco was used to deliver the remaining brand new 2009 built HOBC set to Fairwater Yard. Currently Fairwater Yard is now home to the 2000 and 2009 built sets while it appears the 2005 set will reside at Acton Yard near London (Photo: Cameron Walker)
Right behind 66599 following down the Berks and Hants was 66610. The loco had been to West Ealing Plasseur works to collect a new HOBC control vehicle. The small convoy was also captured passing Creech St Michael nearing Taunton. (Photo: Cameron Walker)
Having spent the morning 50 miles to the east of Taunton at Westbury, 66599 returned to Fairwater Yard with the loaded 6C73 Westbury - Fairwater Yard replenishment trip. The train conveyed both a portion of the new HOBC set and a rake of 5 Autoballasters. More recently the Autoballasters have been operating with the HOBC and TRT sets as required. (Photo: Cameron Walker)
Monday 30th August proved to be very productive, a series of movements operated by DB Schenker swapped HOBC sets from Fairwater Yard. 59205 worked light engine from Westbury to Taunton in order to collect a portion of the 2005 built HOBC set, and transport it to Acton Yard. The opportunity to photograph the 'red and gold' team at the helm of the HOBC set was taken by those who could get to the lineside in time. 59205 is seen passing Hyde Lane Crossing working the 6Z95 Fairwater - Acton (Photo: Peter Slater)
Having worked 'The Weymouth Seaside Express' on the 29th August, 5029 'Nunney Castle' made the short trip back to the West Somerset Railway on Monday 30th. The loco and support coach at seen cantering through Charlton near Taunton nearing journeys end. (Photo: Steve Yarde)
DB Schenker have quietly been getting on with their two daily 'loco hauled' diagrams between Cardiff, Taunton and Paignton. Since the removal of the Class 57/3's from the route service reliability has settled down. On the 30th August 67019 can be seen racing through Creech St Michael with the 2U14 11:16 Taunton - Cardiff, complete with a mixed rake of BR Blue/Grey and Anglia Mk2 coaches! (Photo: Cameron Walker)
While one portion of the HOBC set is at Westbury behind loaded with ballast, the previous night's spent ballast is unloaded at Norton Fitzwarren. This short trip working often goes unnoticed by many due to the short journey time from Fairwater Yard. On the 30th August 66618 can be seen heading the empty 6C76 12:30 Bishops Lydeard - Fairwater Yard. It's worth noting the HOBC set has only once visited Bishops Lydeard, Norton Fitzwarren is normally the unusual destination. (Photo: Steve Yarde)
66599 has spent some time in the Taunton area, as one of the newest members of the Freightliner Fleet, the loco looked well placed to be hauling part of Network Rails brand new HOBC set. The loco is seen passing Charlton with the daily 6C72 08:15 Fairwater Yard - Westbury ballast replenishment trip. (Photo: Steve Yarde)
Bank Holiday Monday 30th August proved to be exceptionally busy in the Taunton area. For those who were up at the crack of dawn, 67005 could be captured working its second charter in three days through Taunton. Having worked to Exeter overnight from Eastleigh, 67005 hauled 'The Towy Tornado III' from Exeter to Bristol before Steam Traction took over for the run into Wales and on to Camarthen. 67005 is seen passing Charlton on route to Bristol (Photo: Steve Yarde)
In superb lighting, 5029 is seen passing 40 Steps, Taunton with the 5Z46 Bishops Lydeard - Bristol Barton Hill move, complete with another headboard fitted for the occasion. The loco would haul 'The Weymouth Seaside Express' from Bristol on Sunday 29th August before returning to Bishops Lydeard on Monday 30th. (Photo: Cameron Walker)
5029 'Nunney Castle' was in use on the West Somerset Railway and Mainline Network on Saturday 29th August. The loco was sent to Minehead double headed from Bishops Lydeard with SDJR 88. At Minehead 5029 was turned in preperation for her to leave the line later in the day. The loco later worked from Bishops Lydeard to Bristol Barton Hill complete with support coach in preperation for a weekend charter to Weymouth. (Photo: Phil Izzard)
Compass Tours were the next charter company to grace the South West on Saturday 29th August. They employed two DRS Class 47's (47501 and 47712) in top and tail formation. The 1Z46 charter from Preston to Paignton conveyed Virgin Mk2 coaching stock for a day out in the English Riviera. 47501 'Craftsman' is seen passing the curve at Longforth Farm, Wellington on route to Paignton with 47712 on the rear of the train. (Photo: John White)


It's not often we capture all of Taunton's Platforms in use at the same time, let alone mainly filled with locomotives! Friday 27th August provided 5 Locos and Two Voyagers for this photo. Viewed from left to right: 67023+67003 1Z22 Totnes - Birmingham International (VSOE), 31285 3Q76 Exeter Riverside - Derby (Test Train), 67016+67027 2M68 19:18 Taunton - Bristol TM, and Two Cross Country Voyagers. It's worth noting that all three loco hauled services had yellow lights to proceed as this photo was taken! (Photo: Brian Garrett)
After Class 47's on the 26th August, is was the turn of Class 67's o the 27th August. Two tours passed through Taunton on the last day of the week. 67005 headed Pathfinder Railtours 'Torbay Flyer' from Eastleigh while 67003 and 67023 teamed up on the Northern VSOE trip from Birmingham International to Totnes. The later is seen passing Taunton catching the evening glint at 40 Steps with 67023 leading the 1Z22 from Totnes back to Birmingham International (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Pathfinder Tours used Royal Locomotive 67005 'Queens Messenger' to haul 'The Torbay Flyer' from the rare location of Eastleigh to Kingswear via Bristol. 67005 is seen passing Fordgate (near Bridgwater) with the morning southbound trip to Kingswear. The tour later returned North through Taunton just after 21:00. (Photo: Cameron Walker)
Looking slightly out of place in the South West, West Coast Railways 47826 carries 'Scarborough Spa Express' branding North through Taunton! 47826 and 47580 were used to haul a special Sheffield - Paignton excursion for Statesman Rail. 47826 is seen hauling the return leg of the "The English Riviera Statesman" through Taunton on a very dark summer evening. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Statesman Rail operated their 'English Riviera Statesman' charter on August 26th. The tour utilized Stratford Class 47 No. 47580 'County of Essex' and West Coast Railways 47826 for a top and tailed trip into the rather soggy English Riviera. The tour originated in Sheffield and was formed of a mixed rake of stock. 47580 is seen passing 40 Steps, Taunton on route South. (Photo: Steve Yarde)
'THE JORVIC GROWLER 2' - Spitfire Railtours have announced 'The Jorvic Growler 2' charter which was due to operate from Taunton has been re-dated from October 2nd to October 30th due to stock and staffing issues. Tickets in Standard Class (if booked in advance) are £55 to York and £5 for the Mini Tour. Further details can be found on the Spitfire Railtours Website
Longforth Farm near Wellington may soon have 900 new homes built on the site, together with a relief road and possibly a station. The site between Taunton and Whiteball has been earmarked for development for some time, and a new proposed railway station for the town of Wellington has gained momentum with backing for local carbon friendly transport links to Taunton and Exeter. The scene of 67018 passing Longforth Farm could look very different in the years to come if the development gains approval. (Photo: John White)
Diesel Enthusiasts were treated to two locomotives on the West Somerset Railway during Saturday 21st August. Class 33, D6566 was added to the front of the 15:05 from Bishops Lydeard to Minehead as far as Williton, to save a light engine move. D1661 'North Star' was the booked traction for the day. The pair are seen nearing Crowcombe on route to Minehead. (Photo: Steve Yarde)
Throughout August GWR King Class Loco No.6024 'King Edward I' has continued to operate 'The Torbay Express' charters from Bristol Temple Meads through to Kingswear each Sunday. On the 22nd August the popular steam locomotive is seen passing Creech St Michael with the 1Z27 from Bristol Temple Meads. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
August has been a comparitvly quiet month in terms of 'odd ball' workings through Taunton, however DBS continue their good work for FGW on the Taunton - Cardiff - Paignton services, and Freightliner have continued their sterling work for Network Rail hauling the TRT and HOBC sets to far flung parts of the Great Western Network.On the 18th August 66618 brings up the rear of the 6Y11 from Fairwater with 66599 leading (out of sight at the front) heading for another overnight ballast cleaning site. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
DB Schenker provided 67018 to haul 'Der Torbay Express' from Bristol Temple Meads to Kingswear today after flat spots were found on 71000 'Duke of Gloucester' the novel use of the Class 67 still meant the tour could operate, although passengers who had paid to travel behind a steam train were left disappointed. 67018 'Keith Heller' is seen departing from Taunton with the 1Z27 to Kingswear on Sunday 8th August. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
'THE JORVIC GROWLER 2' - Spitfire Railtours have announced 'The Jorvic Growler 2' charter which will run from Taunton to York on October 2nd 2010. The charter is likely to leave early (around 05:45) and will use a pair of DRS Class 37's for the trip. There will also be an add on 'mini tour' from York to Saltburn by the Sea. Tickets in Standard Class (if booked in advance) are £55 to York and £5 for the Mini Tour. Further details can be found on the Spitfire Railtours Website
The DEPG provided D6566 (33048) for a weekend of haulage on the West Somerset Railway. Starting on Saturday 7th August, D6566 worked two return diagrams from Bishops Lydeard to Minehead. Sun greeted passengers as their 4 coach mixed liveried set arrived into Minehead at 16:40. The Class 33 will also work a second round of diagrams on the line on Sunday 8th August. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Perhaps the best 'lash up' ever recorded on the West Somerset Railway, D3462 hauls the WSR Goods Rake, Clerestory Coach 9038, 7821 'Ditcheat Manor' and D9526 to Norton Fitzwarren Steam Farye site. The amazing selection of stock is seen passing Longlands Farm shortly after leaving Bishops Lydeard. (Photo: Cameron Walker)
August 6th saw the West Somerset Railway embark on a mass stock move to Norton Fitzwarren in preparation for the annual Steam Rally. In previous years the line has provided all sorts for a prominent display at the Norton Fitzwarren site. 2010 would see the largest gathering of stock ever witnessed at the site. On the 6th August Class 08 D3462 hauls Clerestory Coach 9038 out of the Bishops Lydeard Gauge Museum for a rare daylight appearance. (Photo: Cameron Walker)
August 19th is likely to see both DB Schenker loco hauled sets transferred to the 'Sea Wall' at Dawlish for duties associated with the Dawlish Air Show. Their additional capacity will greatly help transport the 60,000 + crowds which frequent the Devon town each year for the annual event. It's likely that at least one of the Class 67 diagrams will be covered by a South West Trains Class 159 on the Taunton - Cardiff shuttles during this period. (Although this is unconfirmed as yet).


Although this is a local railway based website, we like to help out where we can. The 2010 Dawlish Air Day nearly didn't happen this year due to lack of sponsorship and lack of donations from last year. Although some aircraft have been booked for 2010, there are plenty more which 'could' appear if the funds permitted. Despite crowds of over 60,000 people attending the 2009 air day, on the day donations reached a pitifully £1600! (That's just 0.02p per person!). If each person gave just £1 each then the 2010 event could have been even better. The Dawlish Air Show is a spectacular event set in the bay at Dawlish amongst a stunning backdrop of cliffs, railway and town scenes. It's a truly unique location.

Dawlish Air Show takes place on the 19th August at Marine Parade (Dawlish Seafront) at around 12pm. The event now has it's own website (Dawlish Air Show). The show attracts visitors of around 60,000 - 100,000 each year, and packs in some superb aircraft flying displays for the crowds to enjoy. There are also plenty of 'static' aircraft for families to visit, located at The Smugglers Inn (On the Teignmouth Road from Dawlish) and at Dawlish Warren. To help fund the event the event organizers are giving people the chance to become 'A Friend of the Dawlish Air Show'. For a £10 donation you will recieve your own certificate, enamel badge (depicting last years Vulcan & Red Arrows formation) along with advance information about the air show, and a chance to win four VIP tickets to the VIP area at the event. The future of the 2011 event entirely depends on the donations and sponsorship which is received during 2010. It's perhaps a tad ironic that every year First Great Western provide additional train services to cater for passengers traveling to and from the event, but have never sponsored an event which provides them with plenty of revenue, yet a well known supermarket which is not even located in the town provides a generous amount of sponsorship each year! Every penny donated goes directly into funding the air show for next year, so dig deep to keep the only 'free' airshow in the South West operating. Further news updates and and interview with the show organizer can be found here: NEWS

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