47580 'County of Essex' made an on time departure from Paignton and provided a sterling performance hauling 13 coaches and two dead Class 47's. The loco is seen storming through Cogload Jn with the return 1Z11 Paignton - Leeds charter, although it has to be said the cows seemed less than impressed by it's performance. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
47580 'County of Essex' is a very rare visitor to the Taunton area. Owing to the failure of 47787 on the Southbound Green Express charter to Paignton, 47580 was sent light engine from Oxford to Goodrington Sidings in time to lead the return charter to Leeds. The locomotive has passed through Taunton on a couple of previous stock moves, however this would be the first time the loco would haul a charter through Taunton. County of Essex is seen speeding South through Allerford on route to Paignton (Photo: Brian Garrett)
The 24th of April was a day for Class 47's in the Taunton area. Green Express Railtours chartered a pair of West Coast Railways Class 47's to work between Leeds and Paignton. Owing to a problem with 47787, the train was delayed while 47786 was bought forward to work the train forward to Paignton. 47786 is seen making the climb to Whiteabll with a respectable 13 coaches and a dead 47787 on the rear! (Photo: Brian Garrett)


Freightliner Heavy Haul Class 66's have some large demands thrust upon them each day, hauling Network Rail's HOBC is one biggest. The HOBC is one of the longest and heaviest trains on the UK Network. On the 18th April 2010, a filthy 66610 passes Creech St Michael returning the 6Y11 HOBC set back to Fairwater Yard from an overnight blockade near Ashchurch. 66602 was also located on the rear of the HOBC set. (Photo: Brian Garrett)

Saturday 17th April saw Taunton blessed with not a cloud in the sky, (not even an plane for that matter!). UK Railtours had superb weather for their Okehampton excursion.The tour utilized a pair of DB Schenker Class 66's (66182 + 66002) in 'top and tail' formation. The charter worked to Okehampton via a reversal on the freight only branch at Exeter Alphington Road. The return 1Z54 charter to London Paddington is seen with 66002 catching the glint at Oath on the Somerset Levels. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
With a smart rake of stock in tow, UK Railtours charter to Okehampton from London Paddington is seen passing through Creech St Michael on route South to Exeter. DB Schenker Class 66 No. 66182 was on the south end of the train while 66002 was located on the opposite end, for the two reversal moves required. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Cogload Jn provides one of the longest viewpoints for trains in the Taunton area, and still we can't provide a view of the entire HOBC set in one photo! Week commencing 12th April saw 6Y11 timed to depart Fairwater Yard at 18:57 each weeknight. The early departure time has meant the train can at last be photographed in daylight hours (just!). On the 13th April 66612 storms North through Cogload Jn at full power while 66610 (out of sight) powers from the rear. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
The extended light of the early Spring is now drawing out on a daily basis. Sadly the first night of early 6Y11 departures from Fairwater Yard was less than impressive. On the 12th April 2010, 66612 passes Charlton working at full power, hauling the 6Y11 18:57 Fairwater Yard - Berkley Road Jn. Both 66612 and 66610 (located on the rear of the train) where under full power in order to keep the heavily laden train moving. 6Y11 has just 20 minutes to get out of the Taunton area before the Loco Hauled 2M68 departs Taunton at 19:17. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
After an extended stay on the West Somerset Railway 71000 'Duke of Gloucester' departed the preserved line on the 12th April heading for the East Lancs Railway. The the unique three-cylinder BR '8P' 4-6-2 was originally rebuilt from a former Barry scrap yard wreck. Thankfully the locomotive is still cared for today. On the 12th April 2010, 71000 rounds the bend at Staplegrove Road and approaches 40 Steps with the 5Z29 to Bury. (Photo: Jeff Treece)
Pathfinder Tours operated 'The Duchy Explorer' railtour on the 10th April passing Taunton at 10:55. DB Schenker provided 66101 and 67026 for the 1Z27 Whitchurch to Parkandillack charter. For those who were not fussed about ending up on a dead end Cornish Branchline, various off train options were offered by Pathfinder. The colorful set (covering many operating periods) is seen climbing to Whiteball Tunnel at Beambridge. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Thursday 8th April saw the first daylight appearance of DB Schenkers new scrap flow from Exeter, Alphington Road to Cardiff Tidal. The flow has been operating on an as required basis over the Winter months, but has now gained its own headcode (6B59). On the 8th April 66118 is seen at Cogload Jn with a lengthy rake of loaded wagons on route to Cardiff. (Photo: Cameron Walker)


After a short stop at Taunton Station, 44871 and 70013 were able to gain momentum once again. The pair of locomotives are seen storming through Charlton on route to Bristol Temple Meads. Sadly the rampant and uncontrolled lineside growth is fast making this safe and quiet location impossible to use in the evening. Without the urgent attention of the Network Rail saw Doctors this safe but remote location to photograph is in danger of being lost. (Photo: Cameron Walker)
After an eventful weekend on the South Devon Railway, LMS Black 5 44871 was returned to mainline working order in time to haul 'The Great Britain 3' along with 70013 'Oliver Cromwell'. The Southbound tour from Bristol to Plymouth was hauled by D1015 'Western Champion'. The Spring weather finally arrived in time to produce a glorious evening and the sight of double headed steam heading North to Bristol. 44871 and 70013 pass Beambridge descending from Whiteball. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Following 'The Great Britain 3' charter from Tiverton Loop was a Network Rail test train. 31602 'Driver Dave Green' hauled the three coach set slowly Northwards following the steam charter. The spring weather deserved a compliment of seasonal daffodils for complete this photograph as 4Z08 trundles towards Taunton. (Photo: Nathan Williamson)
'Western Champion' operated it's second trip into Devon on a week on the 7th April. The locomotive hauled the same set of matching maroon coaching stock from Bristol Temple Meads to Plymouth as part of 'The Great Britain 3' railtour. After a break in Plymouth D1015 was sent back to Bristol light engine with West Coast Railways 47760. Here another iconic scene is created at D1015 bursts out of Whiteball Tunnel with the 1Z52 to Plymouth. (Photo: Cameron Walker)


D1015 returned North to Paddington from Penzance during evening of the 3rd, she is seen here climbing Whiteball bank on route back to London Paddington. The Steam leg of the charter (Exeter - Penzance) went without any problems and the two steam locomotives made Penzance without incident. In a unique move (to conserve D1015's fuel) the locomotive was towed from Exeter to Penzance by 47760 as D1015 was reported not to have enough fuel on board to complete the round trip from Paddington to Penzance and back. (Photo: Steve Yarde)
Steam and Heritage Diesel returned to the South West on April 3rd amid squalid weather conditions. To position locos and stock for 'The Great Britain 3' tours, D1015 hauled 'The Royal Duchy' from Paddington to Exeter where steam locomotives 70013 'Oliver Cromwell' and Black 5 44871 took over for the trip to Penzance. D1015 (Running as D1009 'Western Invader') passes Burlescombe in torrential rain having just climbed Whiteball towing 11 Mk1 coaches and a dead West Coast Class 47 (No.47760). (Photo: Brian Garrett)
The steam locomotives were diagrammed to run one hour ahead of the main charter. They would be added to the train at Exeter and worked forward from Bristol Barton Hill, where they had arrived the previous day. LMS Black 5 No. 44871 & BR Britannia 70013 'Oliver Cromwell' operated the ECS move with their support coaches in tow. The pair are seen descending Whiteball Bank at Burlescombe with the wind shrouding the train in smoke as they pass by. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
44871 and 70013 were also captured passing Creech St Michael prior to working over Whiteball towards Exeter. The pair of locomotives had worked South to Bristol Barton Hill the previous day as part of another ECS movement in order to position the pair for 'The Royal Duchy'. They will return North on Wednesday 7th April with 'The Great Britain 3'. See our Workings Page for further details. (Photo: Brian Pibworth)
Each Saturday the Class 57/3 loco hauled set returns to Cardiff for servicing. Saturday 3rd April saw the addition of an extra loco in the consist. 57312 'The Hood' had been returned from hire to First Great Western back to Taunton earlier in the day. In order to get the loco to Cardiff it was attached to the 5U89 14:06 Taunton - Cardiff ECS move. 57312 is seen hauling 57302 and 57306 North through Banklands on route to Cardiff. The move was running slightly late owing to the additional shunting which needed to be done at Taunton before departure. (Photo: Brian Garrett)


Good Friday saw both First Great Western loco hauled sets operate their full daily diagrams, both sets were well loaded with enthusiasts throughout the day, making the most of haulage and routes they could not normally travel on a normal weekday. 57302 'Virgin Tracy' is the latest addition to the Class 57 diagram, and has been operating with 57306 'Jeff Tracy' for the past week. 57302 is seen at Taunton on Good Friday preparing to work the 2U24 16:16 service to Cardiff. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Having already visited Paignton, DB Schenker's 67017 'Arrow' stands at Taunton in Platform 5 hauling the 2U20 12:47 Paignton - Cardiff service. Upon arriving at Cardiff the set then formed the return 2C85 17:00 to Taunton, and finally worked the 2M68 19:18 Taunton - Bristol Temple Meads. The DB Schenker Class 67 is such a reliable locomotive that pairings now exceed many months before one of the locomotives is removed from the train. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
April Fools day is traditionally the day of practice jokes, but it was no joke for London bound passengers on the 1st April. After the failure of an earlier Penzance - Paddington HST set First Great Western provided the elegant solution of two units (4 coaches) between Newton Abbot and Bristol Temple Meads. Pioneer Class 142 No. 142001 races through Creech St Michael with Arriva Trains Wales branded 150275 on route to Bristol Temple Meads. At Bristol a replacement HST set was supplied for the remaining journey to London. (Photo: Cameron Walker)
Network Rails unique Class 150 unit has been traveling the branches of the South West recently. The departmental unit (numbered 950001) worked South through Taunton on Tuesday 30th March to Exeter before working around Devon and Cornwall during the following days. On Thursday 1st April the yellow liveried unit returned North working the 2Z08 0551 Long Rock Bristol Temple Meads. It is seen here passing Creech St Michael shortly after passing through Taunton (Photo: Cameron Walker)
The DB Schenker loco hauled operation to Taunton, Paignton and Cardiff operates without any major incident most weekdays, photos of the Class 67s movements have been covered in previous months on Taunton Trains. However, photos of them working further South than Taunton have been a little less common. On the 1st April 67022 leads 67017 'Arrow' South through Beambridge with the 2C67 08:00 Cardiff - Paignton service. (Photo: Cameron Walker)

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