Coaching Stock does not get featured very often on Taunton Trains, however this newsworthy story was worth including. After setting off two Hot Axle detectors during the day, the 09:06 Paddington - Plymouth HST set (formed of 43005+43098) was cancelled at Taunton and then moved forward to stable on the relief line adjacent to Fairwater Yard. After closer inspection coach 42138 was found to be the offending vehicle which had a hot axle. The coach was split from the set at 6pm, and shunted into the Fairwater Yard South Headshunt by 43005 (FLHH were originally asked to help but it would appear that First were able to condut their own shunt move within Fairwater Yard). The coach will be removed by low loader in due course, but note the open ends to the Mk3 vehcile which can't be closed! This is because FGW removed the connecting doors during its refurbishment program meaning the coach will remain open to the elements with no way of sealing the coach from the outside weather conditions!
(Photo Top Left: Phil Izzard), (Photo: Bottom Left: Stuart Cowan)
Photo taken by trained and qualified personel. Please do not tresspass on Network Rail Property.
It's not every day you get a Hall, Castle and King passing through Taunton on the same day!On the 28th September 4953 'Pitchford Hall' and 5029 'Nunny Castle' worked the 5Z69 Tyseley to Bishops Lydeard in preparation for the forthcoming West Somerset Railway, Autumn Steam Gala.With the rare Hall leading the pair pass 40 Steps on route to Bishops Lydeard. (Photo: Nathan Williamson)
After completing its booked 'Torbay Express' charters on Sunday 27th September, 6024 'King Edward 1st' worked back to Taunton and onto the West Somerset Railway on Monday 28th. The loco also conveyed three additional Mk1 coaches which will be used during the forthcoming Autumn Steam Gala Weekend (October 1st - 4th). 6024 is captured departing Taunton and heading onto the relief line at 40 Steps. (Photo: Jeff Treece)
DB Schenker provided Class 66's for 'The Westcountryman' charters on the 25th, 26th 27th. 66041 worked the main tour legs passing Taunton on Friday and Sunday, with 66124 used to top and tail the train where required in Cornwall. The train visited Penzance, Newquay and Okehampton over the weekend. 66041 is seen on the 27th September returning from Okehampton to London Paddington passing 40 Steps at Taunton. (Photo: Jeff Treece)
After visiting Platform during the early hours of the 23rd September, 66725 found itself dumped back in the bay platform at Taunton on the 25th. This time the loco had failed with an oil pump problem. The loco remains stabled in Platform 1, so as the sun set on the 26th, we took the opportunity to feature the splendid nameplates which GBRF apply to their locomotives. 66725 is named 'Sunderland' and features a Steam Style nameplate offset with Sunderland Football Club shirt colours. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Colas Rail also moved 47727 'Rebecca'' from Ashford (Kent) to Okehampton (Devon). The locomotive will be used to assist The Dartmoor Railways incapacitated 'Thumper' unit on Sunday 27th, working 7 return trips during the day between Meldon and Okehampton. After helping at Dartmoor during Sunday, the locomotive returned North to Crewe on Monday light engine, not collecting 73133 from Tavistock as some had expected. (Photo: Jeff Treece)
After many months of waiting, the Germans finally advanced their new livery further South into the South West. 66153 and DB Schenker liveried 66152 were sent light engine from Newport ADJ to St Blazey. 66152 has the takes the crown as the first DB Schenker liveried locomotive to pass through Taunton's Platforms! (Photo: Jeff Treece)

The 2009 Rail Head Treatment Trains will see Colas Rail hiring DBS Class 66's, they are booked to pass Taunton at the following times:

Weekdays from 28th September - 11th December:
3S12 01:21 Par - Westbury (Taunton 07:35)
Mondays from 28th September - 7th December
3S13 08:45 Westbury - St Blazey (Taunton 11:41)
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays from 29th September - 11th December
3S13 08:45 Westbury - St Blazey (Taunton 11:41)
Saturdays 3rd October - 12th December
3S12 01:21 Par - St Blazey via Exmouth & Westbury (Taunton North 07:36, Taunton South 12:22)


First Great Western were forced to concede again on the 26th September and hire in Virgin Trains 57308 'Tin Tin' to work their Night Riviera service from Paddington to Penzance. The previous nights 1A40 to Paddington (hauled by 57604) failed at Bridgwater and was hauled to Bristol by a Freightliner Class 66. 57308 is the current hire in loco covering the lack of serviceable FGW Class 57's and will work the Northbound sleeper during the early hours of Monday 28th. (Photo: Steve Yarde)
GBRF Locomotives often visit Platform 1 overnight after their arrival from Peterborough before a change of crew overnight. On the 23rd September 66725 named 'Sunderland' is seen in Platform 1 at 05:40 in the morning, prior to migrating back into Fairwater Yard to collect it's train of used concrete sleepers. The train will then return to Peterborough around 06:30. (Photo: 50006 Neptune)
The 20th September saw 6024 'King Edward 1st' completed it's penultimate trip on the 2009 'Torbay Express' without incident. Although the locomotive is now so common that hardly anyone turns out at Taunton to view the locomotive any more. The photographer was the only person on the centre platform at Taunton with a tripod taking photos as the locomotive provided a superb display of steam. Sunday 27th September will be the final Torbay Express of the season. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Having worked light engine from Didcot to Tavistock Jn, 66186 was used to rescue 66125 (which had failed two days previously) and haul the 6O34 Tavistock Jn fuel empties back to Eastleigh Yard. The 6O34 empties normally return through Taunton at 22:45 on a Tuesday evening arriving back at Eastleigh during the small hours of a Wednesday morning. With the Autumn evenings closing in 66186 was just about catchable at 18:00 when it passed Taunton. (Photo: Phil Izzard)
This colorful combination passed Taunton on the 17th September. Having deposited 73133 at Tavistock Jn on the 16th of September, two tone green liveried 47812 was used to move the small Colas HOBC set from Tavistock Jn Yard to Rugby. The brightly colored combination of stock is seen passing Norton Fitzwarren on route North operating as 6Z47 from Tavistock Jn. (Photo: Jon Gill)
A common sight at Taunton for the past 2 years and 8 months has been the little used 73133 stabled at the South end of Fairwater Yard. Today after a substantial period out of use 73133 was collected by 47812 and towed South to Tavistock Jn. It's thought the loco will now be put to use with Colas as a route learning locomotive which will see it working all over the UK. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Two Freightliner Heavy Haul locomotives were stabled in Platform 1 at Taunton overnight on the 15th September. The pair had returned a rake of Falcon wagons to Westbury from Bishops Lydeard. The move followed the special move of loaded ballast from Westbury to Norton Fizwarren during the morning. The pair remained on the branch until 16:00 while their train was uploaded before returning to Westbury. 66585+66598 are seen stabled in Platform 1 at Taunton . (Photo: Brian Garrett)

Freightliner Heavy Haul operated two special ballast trains from Westbury to the Norton Fitzwarren triangle project on the 15th and 17th of September delivering over 1000 tonnes of stone to the site. 66585 and 66598 were used in top and tail formation while on the site. 66598 is seen beind unloaded at Norton on the 15th Sept. (Photo: Stuart Cowan)

Photo taken by trained and qualified personel. Please do not tresspass on Network Rail Property.
September 12th saw D7017 complete the 2009 booked Diesel Diagram on the West Somerset Railway. Class 35 'Hymek' D7017 was chosen to close the 2009 DEPG operational season. The use of the locomotive coincided with the Camera Real Ale event being held at Minehead Station. Sadly the WSR saw fit not to use the Hymek on any of the late night services denying rail enthusiasts the chance to sample beer and hydraulics in the dark. Trains during the day were very well loaded with Minehead station looking more like a festival with people camped out along the length of the station in just about every type of camping chair possible! D7017 performed brilliantly throughout the day and looked superb in the last of the early Autumn sun. We have assembled a selection of images taken during the day in our small gallery below:
September 11th is a date which many signify with terror, however 2009 provided a chance to view the Royal Train passing Taunton with the Prince of Wales on board. The Royal Train worked South overnight before spending the early hours in Hackney Yard (Newton Abbot). During the morning it worked back to Exeter disembarking Charles for his four royal appointments. 67005 and is seen at Norton Fitzwarren hauling HRH catching the evening glint as it passes. (Photo: Brian Garrett)

Fairwater Yard at Taunton continues to be a central point of operation for Network Rail and Freightliner Heavy Haul. On the 9th September 66599 broke new ground after arriving the previous night with it's first ever visit to Fairwater Yard since arriving in the UK. It's seen here with 66623 and 66585 at between shunting duties in the yard complex. (Photo: Kevin Wills)

Photo taken by trained and qualified personel. Please do not tresspass on Network Rail Property.
Back to Back powercar moves between First Great Western Depots are not all that common through Taunton. It seems the MTU engines have reduced the need to transfer powercars between depots. On the 3rd September 43135+43161 were coupled back to back and worked from Laira (Plymouth) to Old Oak Common (London). The pair are seen speeding through Cogload Jn on route to London. (Photo: Cameron Walker)
66709 from GB Railfreight spent Wednesday 2nd Sept stabled in Taunton's Platform 1. The locomotive would normally have departed Taunton at 06:24 with the 4L31 to Whitemoor Yard. However the service was re timed to depart at 17:55 during daylight hours. 66709 carries Medite Shipping Company colours and is pictured at the South end of Platfrom1 with Freightliner Heavy Haul's unique 66623 'Bill Bolsover' shunting on the Fairwater Yard Headshunt. (Photo: Jeff Treece)