MAY 2009 NEWS :

The 30th May provided another unique event in Taunton's railway calendar. Each year seems to bring even more variety. The 30ths was the turn of 60163 'Tornado' to work it's first charter South of Bristol through to Minehead. The 'Severn Coast Express' drew huge crowds to see the newly built steam locomotive pass through Somerset and The Quantock's to the seaside town of Minehead.We will have a full selection of photos on our news pages shortly! (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Evening Freights are few and far between in the Taunton area, but with the recent light evenings it is possible to photograph the odd freight move.66170 is seen passing the WSR triangle just to the West of Norton Fiztwarren on the 28th May with the 6Z71 Stoke Cliffe Vale - St Blazey china clay. (Photo: Steve Yarde)
For those with insomnia you could have witnessed a Virgin Class 57/3 working a First Great Western service from London Paddington - Penzance on the 26th May. After a shortage of their own Class 57/6's FGW were forced to hire Virgin Thunderbird 57309 'Brains' to work their 1C99 Night Riviera to Penzance.At 02:52 in the morning the locomotive is seen paused in Platform 3 at Taunton preparing to head South to Penzance. (Photo: Steve Yarde)
Early morning shots are now possible of the little seen 4L31 06:32 Fairwater Yard - Whitemoor Yard used sleepers. The train is operated by GBRF most weekdays (as required). On the 19th May, Metronet Liveried 66719 named 'METRO-LAND' is seen departing from Fairwater Yard with it's load of used sleepers heading for Peterborough. The early morning light gives an ideal shot from 40 Steps for those who can get out of bed in the morning! (Photo: Phil Izzard)
In the last rays of evening sunshine the peaceful surroundings of Crowcombe Station were broken to the sound of D832's Maybach Enginer arriving from Williton. After much hard work by the DEPG D832 was given a test run on the 24th May (with 33048 tucked inside for good measure)This image was captured as the locomotive and coaches arrived into Crowcombe on route to Bishops Lydeard. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Class 45's were once a common sight at Taunton. This image captures two of the Class at Taunton. 45112 'Royal Army Ordnance Corps' prepares to head South to Plymouth while 45034 is seen stabled in the South side Bay Platform.45112 still exists today, although rarely works on the mainline network. Although it did visit Minehead on the 28th May 2007 on a charter from Derby. (Photo: Dave Jones)
Taunton was treated to two Class 37's passing through on the 16th May. 37401 and the incredibly tatty 37670 were used to haul Pathfinder Railtours 'Cornish Parker' charter. The 1Z37 05:30 from Crewe to Parkandillack was held at Taunton for a short period and advised to continue at caution due to an incident in Fairwater Yard involving a woman and the Police Armed Response Unit. The pair are seen making a rousing departure from Taunton. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Monday the 11th May provided a stunning day of good sunlight, resulting in an even better sunset. Taken from the safety of Hyde Lane crossing 66621 is seen powering the 6Y11 2000 Fairwater to Parsons Street HOBC set East passing under the M5. The HOBC has been working extensively between Taunton and Bristol in recent weeks. During next week the TRT will be back in action, working between Taunton and Exeter. (Photo: Mike Rowland)
DB Schenker (EWS) operated the Northern VSOE from Birmingham International to Par and return on the 6th May 2009. Supplying another of their most tatty Class 67's for the high class dining special, 67002 'Special Delivery' at least carried the 'Northern Belle' decorative headboard for the trip into Cornwall.The train is seen paused at Taunton before continuing back to Birmingham with it's recession beating price of just £285 per person! (Photo: Brian Garrett)
We have dipped into the Taunton Trains Archive for the Bank Holiday image. On the 20th June 1993, 37092, 37158 & 37197 storm through Norton Fitzwarren with a British Rail 'relief' service. The 1Z60 from Paddington to Paignton was worked by these three Class 37's throughout and was run in conjunction with the P&DSR Diesel Gala held on the same weekend. You certainly wouldn't get First Great Western doing something like this! (Photo: Dave Jones)
The 2nd of May saw the third visit of the Lafarge Self Discharge train to the Taunton area. More weekend engineering work in the Bridgwater area bought a procession of evening engineers returning to Taunton before running round their trains and heading for Westbury.Freightliner Heavy Haul's 66604 is seen passing Cogload having run round at Taunton. (Photo: Brian Garrett)