Today we take a look back the the recent West Somerset Railway Steam Gala.This superb shot of 34028 'Eddystone' working through Leigh Woods on route to Bishops Lydeard catches the last evening glint as the Southern Region Locomotive hauls it's last train of the day on the 29th March. (Photo: Phil Izzard)
After the wagon derailment of the TRT on Saturday in Fairwater Yard the clean up operation has continued at pace during Monday 30th March in preparation for the Margam Rail Recovery Train to attend and lift the wagon. The 2Z99 from Margam arrived into Fairwater at 17:50 on the 30th in preparation to lift the wagon clear of the tracks. Some other remedial track work has already taken place with a view to getting the yard operational as quickly as possible. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Wackiest Train of the Year Award 2009 goes to the West Somerset Railway for this amazing combination during their Spring Steam Gala.60019 'Bittern' leads two EWS Class 67's (026 and 030) which had just worked a charter from Cambridge to Bishops Lydeard. Bittern was then added to the front of the charter as far as Minehead, providing this surreal sight. The 1Z28 is seen passing Waterlane, Yard Farm near Stogumber. (Photo: Phil Izzard)
Making a very rare appearance in daylight hours (just), 66602 hauls the late running 6Z21 20.55 (Tue) Hope to Moorswater passing through Creech St Michael at 07:30 on the 25th March. The Moorswater Cement Southbound operation is rarely seen because it operates overnight through Taunton. However on this occasion this early morning image was captured passing through Creech St Michael approaching Taunton. (Photo: Steve Yarde)
After an eventful journey to the West Somerset Railway 6100 'Royal Scot' finally made it to Bishops Lydeard in the early hours of the 22nd March.The previous night the road movement was halted just North of Sedgemoor Services with a trailer tire which had caught alight. Some smoke damage was visible to the locomotive buffer beam. As is visible from the two images, 6100 was clearly re-tailered before venturing further South. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
While things were getting hot and steamy on the West Somerset Railway, Taunton Trains had it's lens pointing at the mainline. After overnight problems with First Great Western's 'Night Riviera' Sleeper service, Cotswold Rail's 47818 was sent light engine from Bristol to Newton Abbot to collect the stricken 57602 and tow forward to Penznace. With passengers long since disembarked, 47818 passes Beam Bridge at 13:00 in the afternoon! (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Photographs of GBRF locos in the Taunton area are few and far between these days, but on the 19th March GBRF's 66707 worked the 5V60 Eastleigh - Bishops Lydeard with an additional rake of coaching stock for the forthcoming West Somerset Railway Steam Gala weekends.66707 passes 40 Steps, Taunton heading for Bishops Lydeard. (Photo: Rob Sherwood)
Direct Rail Services supplied 37423 for a track inspection saloon run from Reading West to Penzance on the 17th March. Looking resplendent with it's yellow ploughs and clean exterior 37423 passes Cogload Jn with the Southbound 2Z01 from Reading.Inspection Coach 975025 'Caroline' was used for the inspection run. (Photo: Steve Yarde)
'The Steam begins to gather' 4936 'Kinlet Hall' made a fine sight at Taunton today as it arrived with it's support coach onto the West Somerset Railway in preparation for the Spring Steam Gala Weekends. It's seen here taking the relief line through to the bottom end of Fairwater Yard before crossing onto the WSR. Tuesday 17th will see the arrival of 60019 'Bittern' from Alton. (Photo: John White)
The afternoon of the Saturday 14th March saw the usual appearance of engineering trains heading South to Penzance and Exeter for nocturnal track replacement. Mainline Blue liveried 60011 was booked to pass Taunton but failed near Frome, next in line was Hanson Aggregates 59104 'Village of Great Elm' operated the 6W42 1629 Westbury to Exeter St Davids. The train is seen passing Cogload Jn on route South at 17:20 in the last rays of the early spring light. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
We take a look back today to the 1st of March 2009. Often when photographing trains the impression of speed can be hard to capture. However after overnight engineering work using the HOBC (High Output Ballast Cleaner) at Cogload Jn, one of the first trains through on Sunday 1st March kicks up the loose dust caused by the clean ballast as it passes. This unique site gradually de pleated during the morning as the dust dispersed. (Photo: Steve Yarde)
Red Nose Day 2009 was supported by many railway TOC's but Cross Country went one step further by operating one of their HST sets with giant 'Red Nose' viynals on the nose of each powercar. 43303 is seen approaching Taunton on the 13th March with the 1S55 13:21 Plymouth - Edinburgh service at 40 Steps. (Photo: Jeff Treece)
After the failure of the previous nights 1A40 Penzance - Paddington 'Sleeper' service, 57605 was dispatched on the rear of the Southbound 1C99 from London Paddington. During the early evening on the 9th, 57605 is seen towing 57603 North through Beambridge near Wellington. The odd ball liveried pair making another very rare daylight outing. The 5Z70 operated to Old Oak Common in order to position stock for the same nights 23:50 departure to Penzance! (Photo: Steve Yarde)
Advenza Freight have recently returned 47237 to traffic after the triple pump failure on 47375.In order to test the locomotive 47237 and 47810 operated a test run in top and tail formation between Bristol St Phillips Marsh and Totnes and back. The Southbound run is seen at Taunton with 'The Marauder' driving complete with 'The Gloucester Globetrotters' headboard in place. The consist was as follows: 5Z80 47237+47810 + 6168, 5958, 5866, 9497(Photo: Steve Yarde)
Advenza Freight returned two barrier vehicles to First Great Western's Laira depot on the 2nd of March. Using former Freightliner 57006 the blue coloured ensemble passes Creech St Michael with barriers 6300 & 6348 in tow. The loco later returned light engine back to it's base at Gloucester. (Photo: Steve Yarde)
With overnight engineering work at Dainton complete, 66087 races North through Taunton with the 6W43 0900 Exeter St Davids to Westbury loaded spoil. Various trains returned to Westbury during 1st March in good light, which were complimented by the arrivals of various Network Rail/ Freightliner operations back to Fairwater Yard. (Photo: Brian Garrett)