With the operational Class 60 fleet down to just 17 examples from an original 100 strong fleet, it's time to reflect on what was a superb Class of locomotive. Today we look back at 60010 passing Victory Crossing on the 26th March 2005 working the 6W86 Westbury - Engineers, it's hardly a taxing duty for such a loco. Several more Class 60's are due to be switched off in the coming weeks, with some destined to St Blazey for store. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Fairwater Yard had a rare daylight visitor on the 27th January. 66701 had worked the usual overnight 4V11 from Peterborough with new loaded concrete sleepers. Unfortunately the locomotive failed with a TPWS fault when it came to return. Instead the empties were cancelled and the locomotive spent the day in Fairwater Yard with the usual batch of Freightliner Locomotives. In the morning sun 66598 and 66701 are seen stabled together.
In a time when we used to look after our Royal Locomotives, 47834 'Fire Fly' is seen at Taunton after a test run from Bristol Bath Road to Taunton in June 1994. The locomotive was obviously being prepared for a Royal Duty of some kind. Having been washed, polished and painted where required the loco is certainly fit for any Royal Engagement. 47822 is believed to be the locomotive which will lead North from Taunton back to Bristol. (Photo: Dave Jones)
We turn back the clock again today to June 19th 1993 when Hertfordshire Railtours operated their 'Paignton Decorator' tour from Derby to Paignton via the Heathfield Branch in Devon.Running 45 minutes late 58020 and 58002 storm through Norton Fitzwarren on the Southbound run before handing over to 37191 & 174 at Newton Abbot for the trip along the little used Heathfield Branch. (Photo: Dave Jones)
We head further South for another 'new' photographic location which has recently been opened up by the Network Rail Saw Doctors. 43304 leads 43207 with the 1V31 Edinburgh - Plymouth Cross Country service through Burlescombe.The massive tree felling exercise has returned this shot to it's former steam days condition to reveal some amazing photographic potential. (Photo: Steve Yarde)
Former First Great Western Class 47 No.47832 made a very rare appearance hauling a Nuclear Flask service for Direct Rail Services from Crewe to Devonport. The 6Z73 from Crewe is pictured passing Victory Crossing with the unique flask wagons in tow. The Class 47 is a former resident of the South West but in recent times has found ample work hauling freight with DRS. (Photo: Steve Yarde)
Taunton Trains would like to welcome another well known local photographer onto the website. Mr Alan Randle has provided us with a multitude of Class 47 images for us to use in our Class 47 Archive Gallery and countless other sections of the website. On the 29th March 1995 47972 in Technical Services livery passed through Creech St Michael with a test train (probably heading for Derby). The locomotive was the only member of the Class to receive this unique livery but sadly now resides at Carnforth where it's days are very much numbered! (Photo: Alan Randle)
Taken from a little known vantage point near Norton Fitzwarren 66194 is pictured heading the 6C51 12:25 Westbury - Meldon empties South. The train of Network Rail 'Falcons' will be loaded with stone from Meldon Quarry before returning with the loaded portion to Westbury passing Taunton under the cover of darkness. (Photo: Adam Hiscock)
47375 from Advenza Freight became the first locomotive of 2009 to use Platform 1 at Taunton. The loco arrived light engine from Gloucester on the 13th. It's due to work light engine to Meldon onthe 15th to collect 73103 31415 and 47716 from the former Dartmoor Railway.47375 is seen stabled in Platform 1 on the 13th. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
The 12th January saw another of the Network Rail Test Trains which visit the South West from time to time pause at Taunton. 31106 still carries it's former Fragonset livery and is pictured at Taunton in Platform 3 while working the 4Z08 1217 Derby RTC to Exeter Riverside test train. The train will return on Wednesday 14th January with the DBSO Driving Trailer leading North to Derby. (Photo: Steve Yarde)
Taunton Station can often appear very busy during daylight hours, this image captured on the 5th January shows a Northbound Cross Country HST service in Platform 5, a teminating Firstgroup service waiting to return to London Paddington from Taunton in Platform 3, and a Plymouth bound service waiting to depart Platform 2. (Photo: Cameron Walker)
Steam Locomotives on the M5 don't often feature on Taunton Trains, but 3 have been seen this week alone in the Taunton area. Small Prairie 5542 heading South, Large Prairie 4160 heading North then East to Illford for tyre turning, and this example 30585 a Beattie Well tank which is pictured passing Creech St Michael heading North on the M5 on January 9th 2009. (Photo: Mike Rowland)
On just the 6th Day of 2009 we bring you a most recent photograph location which as been returned to it's former glory. 66194 is pictured at Beam Bridge passing under the A38 road bridge with the 6C51 12:25 Westbury - Meldon empties for loading at the Dartmoor Quarry. This stunning location has recently had a visit from Network Rail's saw doctors, and looks much more open for their work! (Photo: Steve Yarde)
Slightly 'off region' 43295 from National Express East Coast went for a spin to Plymouth and back from Leeds operating a Cross Country service!43295 is pictured at Taunton on January 4th 2009 ready to depart North with the 1E63 15:21 from Plymouth having already worked South during the morning. (Photo: Steve Yarde)
The 3rd January saw a special charter operate between Plymouth and Finsbury Park to transport Plymouth Argyle fans to a 3 -1 defeat away against the mighty Arsenal.67019 and Royal 67005 were turned out for the job, with a mixed rake of Ex Virgin Trains and Anglia Mk2 coaches. In splendid Winter lighting the train passes at speed through Oath on the Somerset Levels heading East for London. (Photo: Cameron Walker)
January 2nd saw the start of the Firstgroup Class 67 loco hauled diagrams between Taunton and Cardiff after the Christmas and New Year Breaks. Having just worked South ECS from Weston Super Mare, 67028 is pictured at Banklands retunring North with the 2U14 11:02 Taunton - Cardiff diagram, with 67017 trailing on the rear. (Photo: Brian Garrett)