66117 is pictured on the 28th February arriving into Taunton at Obridge adjacent to the River Tone, with one of the many weekend engineering trains which operated on Saturday afternoon.The 6W48 Westbury - Tavistock Jn was formed of 10 loaded Network Rail Autoballasters. Local people are seen watching the train as is passes. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
One of the rarely photographed trains which operates through Taunton is the 6Z66 Burngullow - Bow conveying 'gritstone' from Cornwall to the Olympic construction site at Bow. On the 27th February Freightliners 66623 is seen during a rare pause in its journey for a quick crew change at Taunton. Shortly after this image was taken 66623 departed Taunton and continued East hauling it's load eastwards to the capital. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Dust on the CCD? If any digital photograhers were presented with a shot like this they would have a heart attack. But in Taunton it's pefetcly fine. For the past week during the evenings a natural fenomenon known as a Murmuration has been occouring to the East of Taunton where thousands of Starlings take to the sky at dusk before settling down to roost for the night. The amazing spectical has not been seen in Taunton before but brings the busy roads to a standstill as people marvel at the changing shapes and patterns in the sky! (Photo: Brian Garrett)
February continues to provide more 'firsts' for us to feature on Taunton Trains, so here's Firstgroup's 57602 on a very rare daylight outing with 47375 passing Taunton.The Firstgroup/ Advenza Freight pairing operated light engine from Old Oak Common to Laira before returning North and stabling in Taunton's Platform 3 with 3 coaches for the night. (Photo: Jonty)
Whiteball Tunnel is having currently having an exenside makeover with new drainage channels and landscaping taking place at the Marlands side of the Whiteball Tunnel mouth. The shocking 'ground force' makeover is taking shape. Once complete some stunning scenes should be possible once gain from the top of the tunnel as all vegitation has now been removed. (Photo: Steve Yarde)
On the 15th April 1982, 50002 'Superb' passes Silk Mills on departing Taunton heading South with only of the regular services from London Paddington. Note the semaphore signals and adjacent MOD propertyWe will soon be updating our Class 50 Archive Gallery so be sure to come and have a look soon! (Photo: Alan Randle)
On February 6th 66565 arrives back into a snow covered Taunton with the regular 6C73 Westbury - Fairwater Yard loaded HOBC portion. Having worked out from Taunton around 10am in the morning the set is loaded with stone at Westbury each weekday (as required) before retuning to Taunton. This image shows 66565 slowly passing through the station towards Fairwater Yard, viewed from Railway Street (Photo: Nathan Williamson)
With a hard overnight freeze of the previous days snow fall, conditions were set to provide per longed white scenes in the Taunton area. On the 7th February 43086+43133 race North through Beam Bridge with the 08:00 from Penzance to London Paddington. We will be adding more snow photos to our news page and galleries in due course. Be sure to come back and take a look shortly. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Taunton witnessed the largest amount of snow fall for 27 years overnight on the 6th of February. People awoke to a deluge of snow which had fallen overnight. However this keen photographer was not phased by such freak weather and ploughed his way to the station in order to capture FGW's first service of the day to Cardiff. The loco hauled 2D04 0728 Taunton - Bristol Parkway, is seen at Taunton with 67016 ready to lead the way to Bristol from Taunton. (Photo: Mike Rowland)
With overnight snow having swept across the UK, Taunton was left with a picture postcard scene during the early morning. 66598 and 66608 are seen in Fairwater Yard on the 3rd February shunting wagons from the previous nights HOBC/ TRT operations. (Photo: Jeff Treece)
With snow sweeping across the region we can be sure of train cancellations and late running occurring for the next couple of days. We take a look back to the 21st December 1978 when trains seemed to operate whatever the weather. 50015 'Valiant' is seen departing Taunton with 1M22 in thick snow from the Winter of 1978! (Photo: Steve Awford)