33048 spent the 29th August operating the West Somerset Railway Diesel Diagram. The Crompton looked superb, having recently enjoyed the Royal 'Bath Road' treatment at Williton Depot. Complete with it's white wheels, polished bodywork and various painted pipes, the Class 33 put in a good performance on the two return trips between Bishops Lydeard and Minehead. It's pictured opposite climbing Crowcombe Bank at Nornvis Bridge. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Thursday the 27th August saw a midweek pullman charter pass through Taunton. 'The Statesman' was hauled by top and tail West Coast Class 47's. 47787 and 47760. Both locomotives are very rare visitors to the South West. The train had a range of coaching stock, from £185 Pullman Dining to £59 Standard Mk2 Virgin coaches! On a very dull Summer evening 47760 powers the 1Z94 return charter from Kingswear to Nottingham through Cogload. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
This week has seen the return of the 7C27 & 7C28 stone trains from Merehead. Although the Southbound loaded train works South around 7am, the empties return through Taunton around lunch time each day. Mendip Rail Class 59's have been employed on these services after a length absence from the Taunton area. On the first day of the as required flow, 59001 sporting 'Aggregate Industries' livery is seen approaching Norton Fitzwarren with the 7C28 empties from Exeter to Merehead. (Photo: Jon Gill)
With some of Freightliner Heavy Hauls Class 66's approaching 15 years old it's fair to say some produce a little more exhaust than others. Two of the best 66544 and 66511 have been providing spectacular scenes this week while working the 6Y33 18:58 Fairwater Yard - Whiteball via Exeter. The heavily loaded track replacement train is a real test of any locomotive. On the 25th the pair are seen heading away from Norton Fitzwarren with a trail of exhaust glimmering in the evening sunlight! (Photo: Brian Garrett)
First Great Western passengers were treated to some rare freight haulage on August 24th when 66153 was drafted in to cover for 67025. The Class 66 normally works fright services throughout the United Kingdom, and are very rare on schedule passenger services. This is thought to be only the second time it's occurred on the Loco Hauled Taunton - Cardiff diagram. 66153 is pictured at Taunton on the rear of the 19:00 from Cardiff which was lead by Royal 67005. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
The 23rd August finally saw 6024 'King Edward 1st' return to the Torbay Express. Although the day was not without incident after the water tender (normally used to fill the loco with water at Taunton) failed. Taunton Fire Brigade had to be called upon to supply water to the train. Departing nearly 40 late from Taunton, 6024 is seen taking the relief line where it was held for a further 20 minutes at Norton Fitzwarren waiting for a path South! (Photo: Steve Yarde)
The 22nd August saw D832 'Onslaught' take to the rails of the WSR once again, forming the two return diesel diagrams along the length of the line. The Class 42 Warship performed brilliantly throughout the day with only a minor horn issue hindering in one direction. Onslaught is seen at Minehead ready to form the 14:05 to Bishops Lydeard from Minehead. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
Thursday the 20th August saw an exceptionally rare visitor to Taunton. While FGW used 67005+67025 to work the Dawlish Sea Wall for the Dawlish 2009 Carnival Air Day. A Class 159 from South West Trains was drafted in to cover the absent Class 67's.159009 worked the normal Class 67 diagram throughout the day and is pictured at Taunton ready to form the 11:02 departure to Cardiff (Photo: John White)
Having failed on the return of Saturday's 'Seaside Express' 47802 was returned home to Crewe by means of a DRS 'Thunderbird' rescue mission.During the early hours 37423 was dispatched light engine from Crewe to Exeter in order to collect 47802 and return it to Crewe. At 09:00 37423 is seen passing Taunton towing 47802 north back to Crewe for attention. (Photo: Steve Yarde)
With all eyes on the mainline passenger workings, many people forgot about this treat on the West Somerset Railway. The 15th August was the turn of 33048 (D6355) to work passenger diagrams on the WSR. However the loco was also given the full 'Bath Road' treatment in order to haul a wedding part on the train with white wheels, machined silver buffers and painted pipework. Complete with 'Anne and Dicks Wedding headboard and white ribbon, 33048 powers through Leigh Woods with the 14:05 from Minehead. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
From 2009 we turn the clock back to 1991, with a shot of the first ever Class 60 to work the Fawley Tanks. 60024 was used on the 13th September 1991 to get the loco from Eastleigh to Laira in preperation for the Laira Open Day. At Taunton Trains we have followed the 6V62 flow since it's start in 1988. Countless lorry loads have been kept away from the roads of the UK in the 21 year history of this vital fuel supply. (Photo: Jeff Treece)
Today's picture features the once weekly 6V62 Fawley - Tavistock Jn fuel tanks. The train has been in decline for many years, and although the once a week load is normally around 30 wagons it's only a matter of time before this popular train will decline further!At Taunton Trains we have followed the 6V62 flow since it's start in 1988. Countless lorry loads have been kept away from the roads of the UK in the 21 year history of this vital fuel supply. (Photo: Steve Yarde)
With early morning sun just over the horizon, 66719 is seen departing Taunton with the 4L31 06:30 Fairwater Yard - Whitemoor Yard used sleepers, while 66623 shunts the HOBC on the Fairwater Yard headshunt.The 11th August 2009 also marks 10 years since the Total Eclipse of the Sun witnessed in the South West. More information has been placed on our news page inside. (Photo: Jeff Treece)
Freightliner Heavy Haul get their second front page of August with a very rare Saturday freight service into the South West. 66604 worked the 6Z60 Bow - Hackney Yard empty MJA Box Wagons South during Saturday afternoon.Having been routed via Reading, Swindon and Bristol 66604 is seen at Creech St Michael following several stopping services. The train will continue to Burngullow on Monday before returning to Bow fully loaded with sand. (Photo: Brian Garrett)
With the early summer light now drawing to a close, it's only a short amount of time before the 6Z21 Earles - Moorswater cement runs in darkness through Taunton in both directions!On the 5th August, 66547 passes Victory Crossing heading for Moorswater at 07:40 having left Earles Sidings at 20:30 the night before! (Photo: Quentin Hawkes)
With the sun setting over Taunton 60163 stands at Taunton Station on Sunday 2nd August with the return 1Z27 from Kingswear to Bristol Temple Meads.The Torbay Express has been exceptionally well filled this year and Tornado has certainly boosted passenger numbers. It remains to be seen if King Edward the 1st will continue the trend for the second half of the season. (Photo: Jamie Squibbs)
With the WSR's own DMU being used to shuttle passengers between Bishops Lydeard and Norton Fitzwarren on Sunday 2nd August, the DEPG's Class 14 was used to haul mainstream passenger services on the WSR!This image was captured at Williton on Sunday 3rd August showing the WSR DMU heading for Bishops Lydeard, D9526 departing for Minehead and DEPG Diesels, D7017, D6566, D832 and D1661 stabled on Williton Shed. (Photo: Jon Tooke)
At Taunton Trains we are always trying to find new and inventive ways of providing images from the Taunton area. On the 2nd August a First Great Western HST passes Norton Fitzwarren WSR Steam Fayre and Vintage Rally. The only thing missing was a Steam Locomotive from the WSR! In this view the Plymouth bound HST passes the event giving passengers the fleeting glimpse of the well attended event! (Photo: Brian Garrett)
While everyone's eyes were firmly fixed on the mainline charter to Penzance. Taunton Trains was covering the other loco hauled service of the weekend.D7017 operated the WSR Diesel Diagram with two return trips to Minehead from Bishops Lydeard. The Diesel Hydraulic Locomotive is seen approaching Watchet wit the 11:30 from Bishops Lydeard to Minehead. (Photo: Brian Garrett)