Driver Dodd

The photo of 45036 in Platform 1 at Taunton (Photo: David Jones) shows a Driver doing his prep, his name was Bert Dodd and lived in Priorswood Road. I worked as second man to him many times when i was based at Taunton from 1979 to 1986 when the train crew depot closed (STEVE AWFORD)




The above photo was sent in by Steve Awford but taken by Steve Briers in 1986 when the Train crew Depot in Taunton was closed. The newspaper clipping taken from the Somerset County Gazette was also supplied by Steve Awford.It's amazing to think that Taunton used to have this amount of staff and even more in steam days operating the station and locomotives on a daily basis. It would be great to hear from anyone who may know if any of the above are still around today!

Back Row left to right: Lional Cox, Fred Mace,Mac Troup, Bob Thomas, Roy Cross, Steve Awford, Fred Blew, Ern Dingle ,Rat Hawkins.
Front Row Seated: Ted Cook, Fred Pavitt, Bert Dodd, Den Hubbard, Des Alderton, Les Jones.

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A Magical Story

This photo was passed onto Taunton Trains by David Jones. It was taken of his Dad, Mervyn Jones when he was a driver based at Taunton in the 1960's. It would be great to hear from anyone else who has photos of other Taunton based drivers. In the future it's planned to start a new page dedicated to past photos such as this and as a tribute to those who used to work at the depot.

D825 'Intrepid' Class 42. Built August 1960 Swindon (Photo: David Jones)

(Right) D1647 Class 47. Built June 1965 delivered new to Crewe. (Photo: David Jones)

However there is an added significance with one of these above photos. D1647 has had a life slightly longer than most Class 47's. She was delivered new to Crewe Depot on the 5th June 1965 in BR Two Tone Green livery. In February 1974 the locomotive was then renumber to 47197.

47197 is still operational today, although now in store at Crewe (where she started her life) 47197 has been in operation with Freightliner Heavy Haul for most of 2005.

Since 1974 the locomotive has enjoyed spells allocated to depots all over the UK. Crewe, Eastfield, Stoke, Bescot, Immingham, Cardiff, Tinsley, and Doncaster are just a few. Most of it's life has been spent hauling general freight, however with sectorisation in the 1990's the loco did enjoy a spell on Petroleum Traffic in the North East. In recent years the locomotive has been used by Freightliner to haul containers, and more recently the loco was transferred to Freightliner Heavy Haul and has proved it's worth once again working more generalised operations around the UK.

47197 is seen above passing Cogload Jn on the 11th June 2004 heading Light Engine to Totnes, where the locomotive took part in the South Devon Diesel Gala. (Photo: Brian Garrett)

Further photos of 47197 can be found via the following link: 47197