We are sure many people remember this event. The GWR150 was one of the biggest celebration events held in the South West for many years. The return of Steam on the mainline saw people flocking to the line side to see and hear steam locomotives. Many Steam charters operated during this period, we have put together a collection of images from the period, should people wish to contribute then please contact Taunton Trains.

1st Septemer 1985 GWR 4-6-0 No.5051 'Drysllwyn Castle' is pictured paused infront of the semaphore signals at Taunton Station waiting to deaprt Taunton. (Photo: Graham Roose)

On the 1st September 1985 double headed Castle Class Locomotives steam North with 'The Great Western Limited'. 5051 'Drysllwyn Castle', and 7029 'Clun Castle' as seen approaching Cogload Jn where crowds of people had turned out to witness this unique event. (Photo: Derek Garrett)

With crowds lining the bridge at Chartlon, this had to be the largest amount of people turning out to see Steam in the Taunton area ever recorded. (Photo: Derek Garrett)

5051 'Drysllwyn Castle', and 7029 'Clun Castle' are seen paused at Taunton on their Southbound run into Devon and Cornwall. (Photo: Dave Jones)

Although not in Taunton, this spectacular GWR150 floral display was on view at Newton Abbot for all to see, it gave further publicity to event. (Photo: Dave Jones)

6000 'King George V' is seen limping out of Taunton having been removed from its steam charter on the 7th April 1985. (Photo: Derek Garrett)

GWR King 4-6-0 No.6000 'King George V' and 4-6-0 No.7819 'Hinton Manor' are pictured at Taunton prior to the removal of the King from the front of the charter. (Photo: Taunton Trains Collection)

As part of the Great Western 150, a rake of coaches was specially converted and painted as a traveling museum charting the progress which had been made on the GWR between 1935 and 1985. The were stabled in the old Minehead Bay Platform adjacent to Railway Street. Gary Stone has provided two images which shows the detail of the coaching stock. Paul Goldsworthy was able to confirm there were 8 vehicles which ran in the exhibition train, they were transferred from former departmental stock:

S99654 (Ex 4323), S99655 (Ex 4321), S99656 (Ex 4298), S99657 (Ex 4569), S99658 (Ex 4592), S99659 (Ex 4518), S99660 (Ex 21188), S99661 (Ex 80510).

(Photo: Garry Stone)

(Photo: Garry Stone)

Persons wishing to view the GWR Steam locomotive (Collet 3205 from the West Somerset Railway) were issued with a special platform ticket for the duration of the event. Ticket 99 was kindly donated by Jeff Treece who allowed us to scan it for use on this site.

3205 from the West Somerset Railway is seen situated in Platform 1 at Taunton during the GWR 150 celebrations, complete with two coaches housing displays .(Photo: Brian Aston)