Exeter Railfair was held on the 1st and 2nd of May 1994 at Exeter Riverside Yard. It was a celebration of Exeter's 150 year link with the Railways. The event was one of the biggest to be held in the South West for many years and attracted visitors from all over the UK. A large amount of locomotives were put on display for the public. During the days leading up to the event a lot of rail traffic was generated through Taunton. From photos and written records we have collated the timings of locomotive convoys and visiting railtours which operated in conjunction with the event. If you can help add further information then please do contact Taunton Trains

Visitors stand in line waiting to visit the cab of 50027 'Lion' at Exeter Riverside on Sunday 2nd May 1994 (Photo: Brian Garrett)

Wednesday 27th April 1994
47703 + Stock ? - Bishops lydeard (Norton Fitzwarren 14:05)
47703 + D7017 Bishops Lydeard - Fairwater Yard (Norton Fitzwarren 16:25)
47703 + D7017 Fairwater Yard - Bishops Lydeard (Norton Fitzwarren 17:08)
47703 + Stock Bishops Lydeard - ? (Norton Fitzwarren 17:44)

The seqence of events surrounding these two images is somewhat confusing, and seems to suggest a test run in preparation to move D7017 to Exeter Riverside on the 28th April. Athough some questions do remain we do know the following:

For some reason 47703 was on the West Somerset Railway with a rake of Mk1 coaching stock on the 27th April (perhaps on a visiting charter). At 16:25 the loco exited the line towing D7017 to Fairwater Yard, at 17:08 the same pairing returned to Bishops Lydeard. At 17:44 47703 exits the WSR with a rake of Mk1 coaching stock. Its destination is currently unknown?

Can anyone confirm the whys and wherefores of this move?

Thursday 28th April 1994
37230 Exeter Depot - Bishops Lydeard via Fairwater Yard (Norton Fitzwarren 15:25)
37230+D7017 Bishops Lydeard - Fairwater Yard (Norton Fitzwarren 16:15)
37230+D7017 Fairwater Yard - Exeter Riverside (Norton Fitzwarren 17:26)

Having worked light engine from Exeter to Bishops Lydeard, 37230 is pictured exiting the West Somerset Railway with D7017 in tow at Norton Fitzwarren heading for Fairwater Yard where the 37 ran around the WSR based Hymek before heading South to Exeter. (Photo: Dave Jones)

After a run round in Fairwater Yard 37230 heads South at Norton Fitzwarren with D7017 in tow, heading for Exeter Riverside Yard. (Photo: Dave Jones)

Friday 29th April 1994
59102 Whatley Exeter Riverside
6024 Gloucester Exeter St Davids (Taunton 13:21)
47085+90133+90128 Wembley - Exeter Riverside (Taunton 14:05)
47763 ? - Exeter St Davids (Taunton 14:44)
47763 Exeter St Davids - Gloucester (Taunton 16:18)
37010+31110+50031+D212+55001 ? - Exeter Riverside (Taunton 17:37)
60033+31422+31105+56033 Westbury Exeter Riverside (Taunton 19:40)

On the 29th April, Ex Works 47085 hauls two Class 90's No's 133 & 128 South through Cogload Jn. Class 90's run on overhead electric so never operate in the South West. All three locomotives originated from Wembley Yard. 90128 was painted in the special Belgian colour scheme. (Photo: Andy Hunt)

After a lengthy stop at Taunton, 47085 is captured for a second time departing from Taunton with the two rare Class 90's in tow. Note also the very rare occourance of a second Class 47 on the same line held at the signal behind. This loco was in fact 47763 which was heading South light engine in order to return stock from the 6024 Steam Charter. (Photo: Dave Jones)

Dutch liveried 37010 is seen at Cogload Jn hauling 31110, 50031, D212 & 55015 (Numbered as 55001) South to Exeter, it's not know where this move started, but we assume perhaps Bescot Yard stopping off at Kidderminster on route to collect the Class 50, 40 and 55? Can anyone confirm? (Photo: Andy Hunt)

Having passed through Taunton 37010 is seen passing Norton Fitzwarren with the Classes 31, 50, 40 and 55 in tow. Note at this point all the tracks to the Taunton Cider works were still in place. (Photo: Dave Jones)

Saturday 30th April 1994
59102 Whatley Exeter Riverside
37197+D120+83012+85101 Bescot - Exeter Riverside (Taunton 11:22)
47004 Old Oak Common - Exeter Riverside (Taunton 16:48)

59102 was at the time operated by ARC, it was sent light engine from Whatley Quarry to Exeter Riverside and was captured passing Cogload Jn (Photo: Brian Garrett)

On the 30th April, 37197 tows D120, 83012 & 85101 South through Cogload towards Exeter. It's thought this service was formed up at Bescot Yard (Birmingham) before being moved South by 37197. (Photo: Andy Hunt)

Further to the West of Taunton at Norton Fitzwarren, 37197 was captured again hauling the Class 45, 83 and 85 South to Exeter. (Photo: Dave Jones)

47004 was sent light engine from Old Oak Common (London) to Exeter. The locomotive was painted in BR Two Tone Green at the time. It's seen passing Norton Fitzwarren heading South. (Photo: Dave Jones)

Sunday 1st May 1994
47575 Bristol TM - Exeter ( BR Relief Service) (Taunton 10:23)
59004 1Z40 06:40 Manchester Plymouth via Mount Gould Jn (Taunton 12:15 - 12:38)
59004 1Z40 16:45 Plymouth Manchester (Taunton 12:59)
80079+80080 1Z47 Paddington - Exeter (Taunton 13:11)
47575 Exeter - Bristol TM(Formed of SRPS Stock - BR Relief Service)
47484 1Z48 Exeter - London Paddington


BR Relief Service
47575 Bristol TM - Exeter
47575 Exeter - Bristol TM
Stock: 1680, 3133, 3129, 3122, 3132, 5035, 3301, 3123, 3124, 4860, 5032, 99041

47575 was a bit of an unknown working, and it's taken some tracing to prove it ran. The locomotive hauled a rake of Ex works coahcing stock (set CL80) to the Exeter Railfair. It would seem the service was an additional working run by British Rail. Very few people seemed to know about it at the time, but tickets could be booked through the Bristol Travel Centre. It called at Taunton and picked up passengers wanting to visit the Exeter Railfair. 47575 'Sir Rowland Hill' is seen departing Taunton (Photo: Dave Jones)


The Plym Exe-Cursioner
59004 1Z40 06:40 Manchester Plymouth via Mount Gould Jn
59004 1Z40 16:45 Plymouth Manchester
Stock: 17165, 4498, 5007, 4939, 4938, 17169, 1853, 5023, 5005, 4959, 4993

Sunday 1st May saw 59004 haul 'The Ply Exe -Cursioner' South through Taunton. The destination of the tour was Plymouth, but with a stop off option to visit the Exeter Railfair. 56125 hauled the charter from Manchester to Westbury where 59004 was added. The tour also took in Laira depot and used incorporated 08648 to reverse at Mount Gould Jn. 59004 is seen above passing Taunton. Just as 59004 passes Taunton, a double headed steam charter can be seen in the background arriving into Platform 2. (Photo: Dave Jones)


The Smeper Fedelis
80098+80079 1Z47 London Paddington - Exeter
47484 1Z48 Exeter - London Paddington
Stock: 35479, 35317, 4936, 4905, 4994, 4984, 4940, 4951, 4960

Two British Railways Standard 4MT Steam Locos were used to haul a Paddington - Exeter charter, they are seen departing Taunton on the 1st May having taken water. The Steam Locomotives would remain at Exeter with the tour returning to London diesel hauled behind 47484. Later in the day the pair would work in top and tail formation on the Barnstaple Branch before returning North on the 2nd May. Note the crowds of people at the end of Taunton's platforms, entirely acceptable in 1994 but severely frowned upon by the 'Health and Safety' conscious society we live in today! (Photo: Dave Jones)

Monday 2nd May 1994
47484 Paddington - Exeter (Taunton11:54)
20118+20131 1Z20 08:33 Paddington Exeter (Taunton 12:07)
37896+37796+37799 1Z41 06:15 York Paignton (Taunton 12:22)
59004 0Zxx Whatley - Exeter Riverside
37896+37796+37799 1Z37 17:32 Exeter Paddington (Taunton 18:16)
59004+59102 0Zxx Exeter Riverside - Whatley (Taunton 18:46)
20118+20131 1Z41 17:10 Paignton York (Taunton 18:56)
80079+80080 Exeter - Paddington (Taunton 19:48)


The Big 'E'
47484 Paddington Exeter
80080+80079 Exeter Paddington
Stock: 35479, 35317, 4936, 4905, 4994, 4984, 4940, 4951, 4960

47484 'Isambard Kingdom Brunel' was used to haul the Diesel Leg of a Steam Charter. The loco hauled the 08:50 from Paddington to Exeter. Passengers would be able to visit the Exeter Railfair before returning to Paddington behind BR 4MT Tanks 80079 & 80080 (Which had been turned at Plymouth?). 47484 would return North light engine in front of the tour. (Photo: Dave Jones)

With 47484 having already run ahead light engine, 80079+80080 arrive into Taunton to take water before continuing with their charter to London Paddington. (Photo: Dave Jones)


The Big 'E'
20118+20131 1Z20 08:33 Paddington Exeter
37896+37796+37799 1Z37 17:32 Exeter Paddington
Stock: 4909+5027+4925+5037+1832+5042+4956+4959+4986+17159

20131 and 20118 leads 'The Big E' South through Taunton to Exeter. Later in the day the Class 20's would switch tours with the the three Class 37's from 'The Torbay Excursioner' to give passengers a change to experience both types of traction. The tour was booked to have 3 Class 20's, however because BRT Telecom had sent two of their Class 20's in for painting, the tour had to make do with just two Class 20's. (Photo: Dave Jones)

The Big 'E' charter returned North through Taunton with 37799 leading 37796 and 37896 returning to London Paddington from Exeter. During the day the two Class 20's and 3 Class 37's had been swapped between charters to allow each tour to return with different traction. (Photo: Dave Jones)


The Torbay Excursioner
37896+37796+37799 1Z41 06:15 York Paignton
20118+20131 1Z41 17:10 Paignton York
Stock: 17165+4998+5007+4939+4938+17169+1853+5023+5005+4959+4993

Railfreight Coal sectored 37896+37796+37799 lead the 'The Torbay Ex Cursioner' the 1Z41 06:15 York - Paignton south through Cogload Jn with a complete rake of Intercity Mk1 coaches (Photo: Brian Garrett)


59004 also ambled down to Exeter during the late afternoon, The locomotive was owned by Yeoman Aggregates at the time, and was sent light engine from Merehead Quarry to Exeter. The loco is seen passing through the centre road at Taunton heading South. It later returned with 59102 in tow returning the loco to Merehead Quarry from Exeter Riverside Yard. (Photo: Dave Jones)

47339+90133+90128 - Exeter Riverside - Wembley (Taunton13:43)
?????+50149+D7017 Exeter Riverside - Norton Fitzwarren
47085 6O92 Exeter Riverside - Dollands Moor (Taunton18:50)

47339 then returned 90128 and 90133 to Wembley, leaving 47085 to return to Dollands Moor with loaded China Clay wagons later that evening. 47339 had been stabled on Exeter Shed all weekend and was used to haul the two locos back to electrified territory it is seen passing Taunton at 13:43 heading North (Photo: Dave Jones)

By the 3rd May both 50149 and D7017 had both been returned to the West Somerset Railway by an unknown locomotive. It's possible they may have been tripped up from Exeter by 47339 before continuing forward to Wembley. They were stabled at Norton Fitzwarren pending onward movement to Bishops Lydeard. On the 3rd May 43070 and 43092 race through Norton Fitzwarren passing the two locomotives. (Photo: Dave Jones)

50149 and D7017 are seen at Norton Fizwarren having been stabled on the Taunton Cider access line pending onward movement to Bishops Lydeard (Photo: Dave Jones)

47085 was used to bring a loco convoy to the Exeter Railfair from Bescot, but was switched with a normal RFD Class 47 at Exeter. 47085 was used to haul the Exeter Riverside - Dollands Moor 'China Clay' which operated North during the evening of the 3rd May 1994. It's seen here on the relief at Taunton waiting a path. (Photo: Dave Jones)

6th May 1994
47741 'The Tamar Severn Limited' Gloucester - Plymouth
6024 'King Edward 1st' - 'The Tamar Severn Limited' Exeter - Gloucester

47741 heads Pathfinder Railtours 'Tamer Severn Limted' charter stock (possibly an ECS move) through Taunton on 6th May 1994, taking passengers to Plymouth where they would later return to Exeter, before being hauled back to Glocuester by 6024 'King Edward I' (Photo: Dave Jones)

6024 'King Edward I' leads 'The Tamar Severn Limited' through Charlton on route from Exeter to Glocuester on the 6th May 1994. (Photo: Dave Jones)

Can you help fill in any of the gaps, or offer any additional photos or information?

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