6C91 Newport ADJ - Bridgwater

Bridgwater has rarely been covered by Taunton Trains, as it's always been considered as just slightly outside of our usual Taunton Railway Coverage. However we made an exception for two such operations, which provided locomotive hauled freight trains. The Bridgwater Flask (covered via a previous LOG of workings) and the 6C91 freight from Newport. The 6C91 log of workings was a spin off from the Bridgwater Nuclear Flask log. The same bunch of dediated enthusiasts from Bridgwater who complied the Bridgwater Flask Log for Taunton Trains, also happened to mention they had a complete log of the 6C91 Newport ADJ - Bridgwater trip working, and we thought it would be a good idea to record this unique operation.

The 6C91 Newport ADJ - Bridgwater flow started in the year 2000 operated by English Welsh and Scottish Railways (EWS). The train conveyed large quanities of roofing material (sourced from Italy via the Channel Tunnel), then operated from Wembley Yard to Newport ADJ, where twice a week the wagons would be tripped to a rail connected warehouse on the same site as the Nuclear Loading Facility in Bridgwater Yard. Materials were normally conveyed in covered euorpean Cargowaggons, but on occasion single flat wagons would also be used. Once the materials were unloaded in Bridgwater they would be sent by road to Weston-super-Mare where they were used in the construction of farm buildings. Sadly the flow only operated for four years, ending on the 1st April 2004 when the operation was revised to run direct to Avonmouth from Wembley.

The flow became popular with enthusiasts as it operated around two times as week, and becuase of it's short distance it needed to travel from Newport, would often provide any locomotive type which was availible for traffic. The 'out and back' nature of the working during daylight hours would often provide a good opertunity to test locomotives from repair and would provide vaired train lengths from a single wagon up to 8 cargowaggons.


The haulage for the 6C91 Newport ADJ - Bridgwater was provided by a wide selection of EWS operated locomotives. As mentioned above the short distance nature of the trip from Newport to Bridgwater could provide any locomotive type which was avilible for traffic.

EWS: Class 37, Class 47, Class 56, Class 60, Class 66

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