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 Scotrail heads West...!?!

(Photo: Thomas Courtney)

Published on 10th August 2018

When GWR HST powercars started to migrate away from their long-term stamping ground in the South West for major refurbishment and eventual transfer to ScotRail, no one thought we would ever see Scotrail HSTs in the South West.

However, the UK railways always manage to provide variety and surprise. On the 10th August 2018, a pair of refurbished HST powercars in full ScotRail livery operated from Brush Loughborough to Laira. The move was so the powercars could be tested with the only working sliding door HST stock in the country. No.43140 leads No.43149 south at Allerford working the 0V84 12:30 Loughborough - Laira light powercar move.

Network Rail HOBC

(Photo: Phil Izzard)

Published on 8th August 2018

Freightliner Class 66/5 No.66544 exits from Fairwater Yard on Thursday 2nd August 2018 operating the 6Y15 20:30 Fairwater Yard - Newton Abbot hauling the Network Rail HOBC set away from Taunton.

Out of slight on the rear of the set was No.66517.

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Rare Type 5 Double

(Photo: S A Ginn)

Published on 7th August 2018

A rare Type 5 double header made an unusual appearance on the Exeter stones on Tuesday 7th Super powder was employed on the Exeter Riverside Aggregate turn on the 7th August 2018.

EWS liveried Class 66s No.66059 and No.66014 made an unusual appearance on the Exeter Riverside Aggregate flow, the return empties are pictured crossing the Somerset Levels at Oath working 6C28 13:44 Exeter Riverside to Whatley Quarry.

 ROG Class 37/7 heads west.

Published on 2nd August 2018

Rail Operations Group provided an old stalwart to haul two GWR HST powercars back from overhaul at Doncaster Wabtec on the 2nd August 2018.

The 0V84 10:00 Doncaster Works - Laira is pictured passing Banklands with Euphonix Class 37/7 No.37800 leads powercars No.43170 and No.43189. The Class 37 is another locomotive which has escaped the executioner's torch having spent time in both France and Spain helping built various high-speed TGV routes, its repatriation to the UK has now seen a new lease of life hauling stock movements around the UK with UK Rail Operations (ROG).

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(Photo: Paul Wilkins)

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