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Weekend Engineers Trains

Published on 8th April 2018

With weekend engineering work taking place between Bristol and Bath, a flurry of engineers trains visited Taunton on Sunday 8th April 2018 in order to change direction and head back to Westbury.

The trains varied in length and consist which always provides some added interest for photographers.

Freightliner Class 66/5 No.66507 is pictured passing Creech St Michael while working the 6Y53 08:00 Bristol East Junction - Westbury via Taunton. The train (running 184 minutes behind schedule) was formed of lifted track to be returned to Westbury for recycling.

Freightliner powerhaul liveried Class 66/4 (formerly operated by Direct Rail Servicers) No.66420 hauls the 6Y54 10:06 Bristol East Junction - Westbury through Creech St Michael The train was conveying spoil from the engineering worksite, and being returned to Westbury via Taunton.

(Photo: Brian Garrett)

(Photo: Brian Garrett)

Network Rail NMT HST

Published on 6th April 2018

The Network Rail New Measurement Train visited Taunton three times on Friday 6th April 2018 as part of its UK track testing route which the HST is diagrammed to perform.

The New Measurement Train (NMT) operated by Network Rail first passed Taunton at arrived into Taunton at 07:46 working the 1Q18 06:10 Reading Triangle to Paignton via Penzance leg of its recording run. Having visited Paignton the set formed the 1Z18 15:46 Paington to Taunton (passing at 16:56) via Bristol Temple Meads. The set then returned to Taunton at 18:56 which is when our images of the yellow HST were captured. Powercar No. 43014 'The Railway Observer' is seen leading No.43013 into Taunton before changing direction to form its final diagram of the day working the 1Q19 18:57 Taunton - London Paddington. Upon arriving back into London the set would of covered 683 miles during the days track recording.

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(Photo: Brian Garrett)

(Photo: Brian Garrett)

Colas Cement

(Photo: Adam Snow)

Published on 5th April 2018

Colas Rail Freight continue to operate the weekly bulk cement flow from Tarmac's Aberthaw Cement plant in South Wales.

On the 5th April 2018 Class 70 No.70807 hauls the empty PCA rake through Bathpool operating the 6B36 08:16 Mooswater - Aberthaw service.

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 What's New!

Published on 4th April 2018

We are pleased to announce a new page has been added to the Taunton Trains website.

The What's New page will automatically update each time a new piece of information is uploaded onto the website, it will provide a live daily list of the updates which have taken place allowing readers to explore images, workings data and news. We have been working hard behind the scenes to bring more content to the website and we would also like to thank the team of photographers and regular contributors who have been supplying information for others to enjoy/ use in the future.
To aid navigation around the site we have also revised the website footer to also contain a smaller navigation bar, so there’s no longer a need to scroll back to the top of each page.
In the coming weeks we have further updates planned which we hope will further enhance the user experience on the website. Please keep revisiting the website and spread the word about our growing Workings Database which is now has over 19,000 workings for readers to enjoy!

(Photo: Taunton Trains)

HOBC heads to Crewe

(Photo: Eddy)

Published on 4th April 2018

The centre mechanical section of the Network Rail High Output Ballast Cleaner (the RM900RT ballast cleaning machine) departed Fairwater Yard on Easter Monday the 2nd April 2018.

Freightliner provided the transport with powerhaul liveried Class 66 No.66504 hauling the machine. The locomotive is pictured crossing the Somerset Levels at Oath working the 6Y15 12:53 Fairwater Yard - Crewe.

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 The Micky Farkas Collection - Steam

Published on 2nd April 2018

This week our front page will be changing daily to display a new image from the Micky Farkas collection.

We previously displayed a set of images from Micky's collection which featured early diesels operating in the Taunton area. This week we are pleased to say we are turning the clock back to feature steam locomotives from the early 1960s. The images have all been scanned and repaired for display on Taunton Trains. If our readers are able to help with any further identification of the possible dates and workings we would love to hear from you via the Taunton Trains Email . Previous images featured on Taunton Trains can be viewed on the link below.

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GWR 4-6-0 Hall No. 4991 'Cobham Hall' gathers speed passing Silk Mills Crossing with a west bound local passenger service passing a 28XX 2-8-0 working a mixed freight, regulated at the south end of Fairwater Yard.

(Photo: Micky Farkas)

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