The Diesels based on the West Somerset Railway have been an attraction for many in the South West. Over the years many locomotives have been based on the line, but a core fleet has pretty much remained intact throughout the life of the line. The Diesel & Electric Preservation Group (DEPG) based at Williton put in some sterling work to keep these machine running for the public to enjoy. Not all the locomotives have arrived onto the line in working order, many man hours have been spent repairing and refurbishing these locomotives to return them to a serviceable and operational condition!


Class 52: D1010 'Western Campaigner'

D1010 'Western Campaigner' was one of the few locomotives to arrive by Rail to the WSR. It was acquired from Foster Yeoman in 1985, and moved to Didcot for restoration.

On the 11th January 1991, D1010 was delivered to Taunton by Foster Yeoman's own locomotive 59001 'Yeoman Endeavor'. The convoy is seen here at Cogload Jn on the approach to Taunton

(Photo: Colin J Marsden)

D1010 spent some time masquerading as D1035 'Western Yeoman' and was painted in all over desert sand livery.

She was always popular with the enthusiasts and proved a big hit on the line.

on the 17th March 1991 D1010 is seen departing from Crowcombe Heathfield with a service train heading for Minehead

(Photo: Jeff Treece)

D1010 has carried many liveries during it's time on the WSR. Perhaps one of the best was 'Weathered BR Blue' the team did a great job in spraying the locomotive to look used and unwashed (as they would have been on the BR Network).

The locomotive looked the part, proving that the unique experiment worked!

D1010 is seen at Bishops Lydeard in 1997.

(Photo: Russell Walker)

After spending many years out of service under repair and restoration D1010 finally saw active service during the 2007 Mixed Traffic Weekend.

On the 17th June 2007 D1010 ca be seen climbing through Leigh Woods on route to Crowcombe Heathfield.

Sadly the locomotive developed more faults during the weekend which has seen another period of extensive maintenance. It's hoped to see her back during late 2008 early 2009.

(Photo: Brian Garrett)


Class 14's D9526 & D9551

D9526 arrived onto the West Somerset Railway on the 2nd April 1980.

With a Rover 3000 Police Car for an escort, and a Wynns Scammell Crusader for haulage. D9526 is seen near Bishops Lydeard.

The loco was acquired from Westbury Cement Works, and needed extensive restoration. She entered service on the line in 1984. For the record, the Scammell is also preserved.

(Photo: Chris Perkins)

D9526 was joined by D9551 in 1981. The latter locomotive being purchased by a consortium of DEPG and WSR members who formed 'Rail Power Services'

The pair of Class 14's were used on The Quantock Belle during the early years of the line, and both put in sterling work for the line.

D9551 departed the WSR some time after 1997 and now resides on the Royal Deeside Railway.

(Photo: Unknown, collection found on sale at South Devon Railway)

After an extensive eight year overhaul, D9526 made it's passenger debut on the 12th April 2003.

The locomotive looked and operated like new, and was an instant success on the line. Now operating without it's classmate D9551, it's operations would be limited. But it's proved very useful to the group over the years!

On the 8th May 2004, D9526 leads D7017 through Bicknoller heading for Williton.

(Photo: Brian Garrett)

D9526 is often paired up with other visiting locomotives at Gala Weekends on the WSR due to its limited haulage capabilites.

On the 16th Junw 2007 D9526 and D9520 (From the Neane Valley Railway) are seen at Minehead waiting for their next service train.

(Photo: Brian Garrett)


Class 35's D7017 & D7018

D7017 was the first DEG (then Diesel Electric Group) locomotive to be purchased. In July 1975 the loco was secured, it was then transferred to Taunton by rail and stored adjacent to the loco shed.

It was moved to the WSR on the 25th March 1976. It worked it' first train on WSR metals just one year later hauling the Quantock Belle!

(Photo: Chris Perkins)

This rare and ironic and undated shot shows D1023 'Western Fusilier' passing Norton Fitzwarren while D7017 (now preserved) is located on the Norton spur leading to Bishops Lydeard.

It's not known why D7017 was located at Norton at this time.

(Photo: Unknown, collection found on sale at South Devon Railway)

D7017 has carried many liveries since it's arrival on the line, and has put in some sterling service during it's 30 years in preservation!

During 2006 - 2008 the locomotive has been out of traffic undergoing an unexpected overhaul, this has ended up being carried out alongside that of sister locomotive D7018 & Western D1010. Hence progress hasn't been that quick! It's hope to see the loco back running again for the 2008 Mixed Traffic weekend

(Photo: Brian Garrett)

2009 saw the return of D7017 after some more mechanical problems. The loco performed on several booked diesel diagrams during the Summer Season, and took part in the Autumn Mixed Traffic weekend.

On the 12th September D7017 works through Whiskey Crossing having just departed Bishops Lydeard at 16:00 to Minehead.

(Photo: Brian Garrett)

D7018 was offered to the DEPG in 1977 but spent it's early years being worked on a Didcot.

It didn't arrive onto the WSR until June 1991. It lasted four years being failing with a catastrophic failure, which has resulted in a 13 year overhaul which is now nearing it's end!

D7018 is seen at Minehead on 'The Quantock Belle' in happier times.

(Photo: Darren Harris)

On the 14th Junw 2008, D7018 was put outside on display at the DEPG works at Williton. The locomotive is still undergoing an extensive overhaul which is taking some time to complete.

It's hoped that the locomotive will return to traffic during the 2010 season!

(Photo: Brian Garrett)


Class 33, (D6566) 33048

A sterling machine in the shape of 33048 has provided the WSR with a regular use, instant start locomotive for general freight and passenger duties on the line.

The locomotive was purchased by DEPG founder member Clive Burrows in 1997. It's used by the WSR on many non scheduled operations and has proved exceptionally reliable, economic and popular with staff on the railway. 33048 is pictured at Crowcombe Heathfield on one of the many Summer Diesel Diagrams.

(Photo: Brian Garrett)

33048 has had very little cosmetic enhancements during it's life in Preservation. It's only carried two versions of BR Blue (Blue Roof and White Roof).

Small amounts of work to keep the locomotive looking presentable are carried out on a regular basis.

33048 is seen passing Yarde Farm with a freight train heading for Minehead on the 16th June 2007.

(Photo: Brian Garrett)

During Mid 2008 33048 went through a cosmetic overhaul and was turned out in BR Green with wrap around Yellow Ends with a white roof.

The general appearance of the Class 33 was much improved and long overdue. The locomotive continues to give good service on the WSR hauling passenger and freight diagrams as required.

Ont he 13th June 2008 D9566 is captured working through Yarde Farm on route to Bishops Lydeard.

(Photo: Brian Garrett)


Class 33, 33057 'Seagull'

33057 was originally purchased as a source of spares to keep 33048 operational. The locomotive was delivered to Bishops Lydeard on the 17th September 2005 by road.

Having originally been withdrawn because of a traction motor fire 33057 spent years stored at Crewe, Barrow Hill & MOD Smalmstown before arriving at the WSR.

The 33 is seen at Bishops Lydeard on a Henor low loader having arrived by road.

(Photo : Jeff Treece)

After an initial inspection it soon became apparent there was very little wrong with 33057.

A small team of DEPG members began to spend Sundays working on the locomotive, cosmetically enhancing it's appearance, and making a list of items required to repair her.

The former named 'Seagull' is now at Williton works and was successfully started in the early part of 2008. Work continues to return the locomotive to operational condition.

(Photo: Brian Garrett)

On the 16th February 2008, 33057 burst back into life at Williton once more, after some extensive works to get the locomotive operational again.

Complete with a dead blackbird the locomotive can be seen erupting into life again at Williton after many years out of service.

The locomotive has a long way to go until it's back in fully working order but some hard work by DEPG volunteers produces some good rewards

(Photo: Steve Hodgsdon)

Work on 33057 continued throughout 2009 to bring the loco back into operational condition. Despite looking like it's had it's best days in this image, work on the locomotive is continuing each week and before long a full repaint will see the loco back working on the WSR alongside 33048.

On the 14th June 2009, 33057 is seen stabled at Williton.

Photo: Brian Garrett

5th June 2015

Fully restored Class 33 No.D6575 (No.33057) is painted in BR Green livery and can often be found operating on the West Somerset Railway. On the 5th June 2015 the locomotive is seen hauling the 17:45 from Bishops Lydeard to Minehead passing Nornvis Bridge near Crowcombe.

Photo: Brian Garrett


Class 25, D7623 'John F Kennedy'

D7523 is owned by Dr John F Kennedy and as such is named after himself. The locomotive is cared for by the DEPG and is used in the same way as 33048 working general purpose duties on the railway.

The loco arrived onto the WSR in 1996 in non operational condition. Little is known about it's life before it arrived on the WSR. On the 24th August 1996, D7523 is seen piloting 33202 & 33208 on Hertfordshire Railtours ' The Quantock Crompton' into Crowcombe.

(Photo: Brian Garrett)

D7523 finally got some much needed attention over the winter of 2005/ 2006. Receiving bodywork attention and fresh coat of paint.

The locomotive is seen on one of the many out of course operations on the WSR, returning a rake of Virgin Mk2 HST trailers from store at Minehead to Bishops Lydeard on 12th February 2006.

The loco has again proved reliable and popular with enthusiasts / crews.

(Photo: Brian Garrett)

D7523 has seen occasional use throughout 2008/2009 on the WSR. It's generally used for out of course movements and engineering work over the Winter Periods, however it does make appearances at Gala Weekends and Booked Diesel Diagrams.

On the 13th June 2008, D7523 climbs the grade at Nornvis Bridge on route to Williton with a mixed goods train.

(Photo: Brian Garrett)


Class 47, 47840/D1661 'NORTH STAR'

47840 'North Star' is an ex mainline operational celebrity and genuine Western Region locomotive. The final years of the her mainline top link operational career were spent hauling Virgin Trains passenger services. The locomotive took part in the Cross Country Locomotive Farewell tour which operated between Penzance and Birmingham, before a ceremony at Toton TMD to mark the end of locomotive haulage on the Cross Country network. On the 19th August 2002, 47840 and 47847 depart Taunton for the last time on a top link passenger diagram.

(Photo: Chris Perkins)

After such a prominent front line role 47840 transferred to Cotswold Rail where it spent some considerable time out of service.

However after some work a Loughborough the locomotive made a come back to haul many of the FGW stock moves between Laira, Derby and Ilford.

On the 26th March 2007, 47840 passes through Taunton with the 5Z71 Laira - Illford stock move for FGW.

(Photo: 50006 Neptune)

On the 28th May 2007 47840 was officially handed over to the care of the DEPG at Williton by Poterbrook Leasing. The locomotive worked a mainline railtour from Derby to Minehead where a short handover ceremony took place.

The tour was returned to Derby by Peak 45112 (which was attached to the rear of the train in this image).

47840 and 47828 are seen descending Washford Bank on route to Minehead

(Photo: Brian Garrett)

47840 now resides on the West Somerset Railway under the care of the DEPG. The change of livery and refurbishment was not popular with enthusiasts. As 47840's previous BR Blue livery had become it's trademark identification on the mainline network. Needless to say though that Brush Traction produced a superb reproduction of it's original 1960's BR Two Tone Green livery complete with working headcode box.

On the 21st July 2007 47840 arrives into Blue Anchor with a service train to Minehead.

(Photo: Brian Garrett)

47840 has put in some good work and miles on the WSR since it's arrival. The loco has been used alongside 33048 & D7523 as a general purpose locomotive.

However it's intermittent use has thrown up a few problems and has caused a couple of failures in traffic.

47840 is pictured in a classic scene at Crowcombe on the 21st July 2007 waiting to pass a Minehead bound service.

(Photo: Brian Garrett)



D3462 (08377) is owned by Dr John Kennedy and operated under the care of the DEPG.

The 08 acts at Bishops Lydeard station pilot and is often kept busy shunting stock within the station confines.

It does venture to Williton for maintenance, and often works top and tailed specials on gala weekends to Norton Fitzwarren. On the 10th March 2007, the 08 is seen at Bishops Lydeard after a recent visit to Williton where it had received a fresh coat of paint.

(Photo: Brian Garrett)

D2133 is a Class 03 and is generally based at Minehead assisting Class 04 D2271 with station shunting.

They see little use on normal passenger work, although Gala weekends often see D2133 teamed up with 03119 (Owned by Dr John Kennedy) for top and tail specials to Blue Anchor.

These shunters see little of the limelight, but provide the railway with a quick and easy method for shunting stock and locomotives at various depots.

(Photo: Bran Garrett)

DH16 is a chain driven sentinel shunter, which is owned by DEPG member Colin Girlie.

The shunter is cared for by the DEPG and has been restored from a wreck into a fully operational shunting locomotive. It's gainfully employed at Williton as the yard shunter.

It's never worked service trains on the WSR. The shunter is seen at Williton on the 30th March 2003.

(Photo: Brian Garrett)