Taunton once had a large staff base which over the years has sadly shrunk beyond all recognition. Although in 2007 Taunton was reactivated as a driver signing on point. Over the years we have been sent a reasonable selection of photos containing former station staff and drivers formerly based at Taunton. It's about time these images had a section of their own to be enjoyed by all. If you have any in your collection then please Email Taunton Trains and we can expand this gallery to include more people!

This image featured in the Somerset County Gazzette and showed Taunton based crews during the last few months the Taunton depot was open. The photo was taken on the middle platform and is detailed as follows: Back row left to right, Lional Cox, Fred Mace,Mac Troup, Bob Thomas, Roy Cross, Steve Awford, Fred Blew, Ern Dingle ,Rat Hawkins.
Front row seated, Ted Cook, Fred Pavitt, Bert Dodd, Den Hubbard, Des Alderton, Les Jones.

(Photo supplied by Steve Awford by taken Steve Briers May 1986)

Taken on the same day as the above, a relocated photo was taken outside the booking on point on Platform 1, the same people are featured as above, but seated in revised positions.

(Photo Steve Briers)

This image was taken at a Retirement party located in Bishop's Hull, many of the faces will be instantly recognizable from the above photos

Photo Steve Briers

Very few photos seem to exist detailing the every day lives of our ex railwaymen, however this image captured drivers Douggy Samson (Left) and Fred Pavitt (Right) being entertained by Guard Colin Power (standing and entering from the right).

Photo: Steve Awford

Photographs of ex railway workers actually doing their job are even harder to come by, thankfully some of the Ex Taunton crews did carry cameras with them to record the normal events of their everyday working lives.

On the 7th November 1985 Driver Mac Troup is seen in Fairwater Yard on 47323

Photo: Steve Awford

Driver Lional Cox & Guard Fred Thresher are both photographed on 47472 at Cogload Junction. The Class 47 had been working on a local engineering train during Sunday the 16th March 1986.

Photo: Steve Awford

Driver Lional Cox & Guard Fred Thresher are both photographed on 47472 at Cogload Junction. The Class 47 had been working on a local engineering train during Sunday the 16th March 1986.

Photo: Steve Awford

Driver Lional Cox is seen on board D1712, which later became 47123.

This image was taken on the 21st April 1973. Driver Lionel A Cox, was a Taunton based man from 1942 to 1986

Photo: Steve J Cox

British Rail knew exactly how to execute engineering works. On the 27th April 1986 Driver Des Alderton shunts on 08839 while Guard Bill Longman (left) strolls up the platform to meet the train.

Notice that there are even seacows located in the bay platform, and the Class 47 on the adjacent through road. Network Rail would never think of using a Class 08 for engineering works these days. But in the British Rail era it was quite common to utilise local small shunting locomotives!

Photo: Steve Awford

The photo of 45036 in Platform 1 at Taunton shows a Driver doing his prep, his name was Bert Dodd and lived in Priorswood Road.

Steve Awford remembers working with him as second man many times when he was based at Taunton from 1979 to 1986 when the train crew depot closed.

Note the words 'Mega Peak' written above the number, obviously the Peak Army approved of this locomotive!

Photo: Dave Jones

This photo was passed onto Taunton Trains by David Jones. It was taken of his Dad, Mervyn Jones when he was a driver based at Taunton in the 1960's. It would be great to hear from anyone else who has photos of other Taunton based drivers. In the future it's planned to start a new page dedicated to past photos such as this and as a tribute to those who used to work at the depot.


On the 17th November 1985 (which at the time had been transfered to Cardiff Canton from Eastfield Depot, in Scotland) is seen shunting with Driver Mike Stone stood in the door of the locomotive.

Mike was a Taunton based driver until he transfered to Exeter when Taunton closed.

Photo: Gary Stone

Taken in the Drivers Cabin during the late 1980's this images captures 4 members of staff sat between duties at Taunton.

From left to right:

Des Alderton, Les Jones, Rodney Evered and Lional Cox.

Photo Supplied by: Steve Cox

This image shows Driver Fred Pavitt at the controls of 08840 in Taunton East Yard during October 1984 while carrying out various shunting duties in the yard.

(Photo: Pip Davey)

This image shows Pilotman Frank Davey in one of Taunton's Yards on shunting duties.

(Photo: Taunton Trains Collection)

Ivan Dalling ended his railway career as a driver at Taunton in the 1970s. He started work in the late 1930s at Barnstaple and moved around considerably,  having spells at Old Oak Common, Brimscombe, Barnstaple Junction (working mainly to Bideford and Torrington) before moving to Taunton. Among his workings were goods to Severn Tunnel Junction and passengers to Minehead. The photograph was taken in the 1950s at Swimbridge, where he was born.

(Photo: Philip Dalling)

Two former Taunton members of staff photographed with the PWM Shunter in Fairwater Yard. Note the WD (Army) Depot in the background, this was alsorail linked, and had its own shunters. Driver Les Willams is seen standing beside PWM652 in Fairwater was Les was a Shunter at Fairwater/West Yard and Blinkhorn.

(Photo: Creweboy)

Two unknown crew members posing infront of GWR Hawskworth 4-6-0 No.1002 'County of Berks' at Taunton.

(Photo: Taunton Trains Collection)

An unknown crew member posing on the footplate of GWR 4-6-0 No.5067 'St Fagans Castle' at Taunton.

Photo: Taunton Trains Collection

An unknown crew member posing on the footplate of GWR No.3440 'Cormerant'.

Photo: Taunton Trains Collection