The Class 45 Peaks were a regular sight at Taunton, they were built at Crewe in 1961 - 1962 and had an up rated Sulzer engine compared with their earlier class members, the Class 44's. They were out shopped with Steam Heat boilers, but were later converted to have electric train supply. Originally they were assigned to work services on the Midland Mainline from London St Pancras to Nottingham, Derby and Sheffield. Later they found work on the Cross Country Network bringing them to Taunton. Many of the Class members were found frequenting Taunton's Platforms. All were withdrawn from service by 1989.

45053 was withdrawn from service in November 1983, but survived until 1988 before being cut up at Crewe Works.In happier times 45053 (still complete with it's Steam Heat boiler) prepares to depart from Taunton on the 3rd February 1979 working one of the many Taunton - Bristol stopping services.

(Photo: Colin J Marsden)

Platform 1 at Taunton often saw a varied amount of Class 45's stabled between duties or failed awaiting a tow!

On the 19th July 1983 45022 'Lytham St Annes ' is seen stabled between duties at the South end of Taunton Station.

(Photo: Andy Hunt)

45021 departs Taunton passing under 40 Steps with a Southbound Cross Country service during the track rationalization.

Delivered as D23, 45021 lasted until November 1980 when she was removed from mainline action, it was later cut up at Swindon works in 1983.

(Photo: Dave Jones)

BR Blue liveried Class 45/1 No.45112 (D61) ' Royal Army Ordnance Corps' storms through Taunton on the 25th May 1984 with a northbound Cross Country service.

(Photo: Russell Watkins)

45128 (D113) stands at Taunton with a Southbound passenger service in 1986. Note that during this time the down Platform was numbered '1'. Where as today Platform 1 denotes the Bay Platform at the South end of Taunton Station.

45128 was withdrawn from service in April 1989, but wasn't cut up until 1992 at MC Metals in Glasgow.

(Photo: Nigel Curtis)

Split Headcode BR Blue liveried Class 45/1 No.45132 approaches Taunton on the 26th February 1977 with a north bound cross country service.

45132 was finally withdrawn from service on the 11th May 1987, but survived into preservation.

(Photo: Russell Watkins)

On an unspecified date, 45144 (D55) 'Royal Signals' stands at Taunton having arrived with one of the many evening Bristol - Taunton stopping services. (Note the length of the train!)

45144 lasted in frontline service until December 1987 when it was withdrawn, it was later cut up at Vic Berry in 1988.

(Photo: Jeff Treece)

Stephen Cole was able to confirm that the loco was withdrawn a few days later as were the last handful of 46's. It's believed that 46045 had blown up on the 1C09 0635 Bristol - Plymouth making it the last Class 46 passenger working. The loco was the pilot loco on the train (as was common practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays) it should have come off at Exeter to work a ballast from Riverside back to Bristol. This was still a regular duty for Peaks right into 1987. 45 066 working it as late as March 1987.

The Class 46 was another variation on a theme. Structurally they were the same as a Class 44 & 45, but they were fitted with different alternators and traction motors which resulted in a change of Class.

46045 is pictured on Taunton Shed on the 24th November 1984. A rare photo indeed, as it's reported by the end of 1984 all of the class had been withdrawn from frontline service!

(Photo: Gary Parsons)

BR Blue Class 46 No.46018 uses the Taunton Avoider between Taunton East and West yards on the 26th February 1977, hauling a rake of emtpy clay wagons.

(Photo: Russell Watkins)

Taken in 1972, D90 (Which later became 45008) works North through Charlton with the 1E21 heading North.

This loco was withdrawn from service 8 years later in 1980, and finally scrapped in 1983 at Swindon Works.

(Photo: Norman Hawkes)

12th September 1985 this chance meeting of three trains at Taunton East Junction provided a superb shot. BR Class 45 No.45070 enters Taunton with ballast empties for Meldon Quarry while 45033 exits with a mixed 'speedlink' freight service. Passing them both are 43177 and 43181 heading for London Paddington.

(Photo: Russell Elliot)

BR Blue Class 45 No..45133 taken on the 15th November 1986 ready to work the 08:40 Taunton to Bristol Temple Meads formed of four/ five BR Mk1 coaches. How times have changed since this image was taken. Even now just standing in this location is considered 'unsafe' with barriers restricting the use of platforms beyond the station canopies. A similar service still runs as the 08:36 to Bristol but formed of a two car First Great Western unit.

(Photo: Jeff Treece)

An Unidentifed Class 45 passes Silk Mills Yard on an unidentified date and unidentified norhtbound passenger working.

(Photo: Taunton Trains Collection)

An unidentified Class 45 uses the Taunton 'avoider' to pass between Taunton East and West yards with a mixed set of 'speedlink' wagons.

(Photo: Taunton Trains Collection)

7th September 1973 Class 46 No.193 arrives into Taunton operating a southbound cross country service.

(Photo: Modern Image Slides)



During the mid 1990's D120 spent a considerable amount of time outbased on the West Somerset Railway. The Green 'Peak' was a regualr performer at Gala Weekends on the line.

On the 6th October 1996 D120 is seen arriving into Crowcombe Heathfield with a service train to Minehead.

(Photo: Brian Garrett)


On the 12th March 2003 46035 rounds the bend at Creech St Michael hauling the 1Z66 Crewe - Newton Abbot. The loco was working a charter South to allow Nunney Castle to then work North.

46035 was owned by Pete Waterman and often appeared on Charters in the South West. Sadly this was one of the locomotives last operational runs before it was removed from mainline service pending a major overhaul.

(Photo: Brian Garrett)

There is just currently one Class 45 with a mainline operational ticket to operate on Network Rail. Sadly the loco is rarely used and often fails when it is used, due to excessive time sat outside in the UK weather.

During it's last mainline outing on the 28th May 2007, 45112 'Royal Army Ordnance Corps' is seen at Minehead ready to work a tour back to Derby.

(Photo: Brian Garrett)